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How to Use Color to Add Curb Appeal

(Published on - 5/20/2021 4:20:05 PM)

How To Use Color To Add Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to sell your home, or even just give it a much needed lift, curb appeal is a good place to start. Adding a porch or landscaping the front yard are great ideas, but what many homeowners often don’t consider is the effectiveness of color. A new color to your home’s exterior can completely transform your home from bland and outdated, to attention grabbing and on-trend. Yet you must take some things into consideration before embarking on this project, after all, it could be a worthwhile investment. So, how can you use color to add to your home’s curb appeal?


Tie in color with your home’s architecture

It would be counterproductive to decide on a color without taking into consideration the architectural design and structure of your home. Some styles and colors simply may not work. If the color of your home doesn’t match its original design, it may attract attention for the wrong reasons. There’s always a color palette that works best on each style (usually we wouldn’t use the same colors for a Victorian house as on a ranch). Also, some homes tend to combine two or more colors, while others look a lot better with one single color or just small accents on shutters or trims.

Color can bring out modern features on a contemporary home, similarly the right accents can highlight historical design features on a colonial house. More traditional style homes tend to work well with white, whereas modern or contemporary homes allow for darker colors such as grays or even black. 


You can’t go wrong with white

White is the most recommended choice as the color for painting the exterior of a house, and a safe one at that, as it works well with almost all home designs. White allows for other color options to be used alongside it effectively for things like window frames, front and garage doors. 

White also works as a nice backdrop for well-maintained front yards. If you have an outstanding garden with blooming flowers bursting with color, the last thing you want is for it all to be overpowered by the color of your home. White, being completely neutral, will not alienate potential buyers, and gives them the choice to add the colors they prefer later. 


Cohesion with the interior and other features

From a buyer’s perspective, you want to see a home that is both welcoming and comfortable. There is something quite off-putting about a stark contrast between the exterior and interior. So, when it comes to painting the exterior of your home, be sure to take into consideration what lies behind the front door. 

Keep to a similar palette, making the transition from outside to inside seamless. To the same end, the tour around the home starts in the front yard or driveway. Don’t neglect the garage door or fencing when painting, which will in turn create a complete identity for your home. The same goes for if you have a porch. Highlighting this feature with a well-matched color to the exterior could really convince homebuyers to want to make an offer. 


Be aware of your surroundings

Color preferences tend to vary depending on regions. What may be popular in the north, may not necessarily be liked as much in the south. For example, the Midwest opts for neutral colors and the south for darker tones. In New England you’ll find coastal tones like blue and white, yet in the west coast deeper colors like green, gray, red or gold are often the preferred choice. Taking on board what works well in the area you live will result in heightened curb appeal as it’ll attract buyers with similar tastes. On the same note, keeping in mind the local neighborhood’s general style will also gain the same result. 


Know which paint is right 

Once you’ve decided which color you would like, you should then turn your attention to which type of exterior paint is the right one for your home. Houses have different sidings which can dictate which paint type is best.
As well as this, the paint which has previously been used may affect the type of paint you should cover it with. Paint can also have different finishes, affecting the overall appearance of a home. Having a glossy finish may not end up doing justice to the color you have chosen, making paint types just as important as color when transforming your home’s exterior. 


Color can go a long way

The color you use, whether it’s in your garden, your exterior features, or on the house itself, can have a huge impact. Taking on board how color works with architectural design, and the way its perceived by others will ultimately aid in being able to add curb appeal. When done well, color can rejuvenate a house, adding value in the process. Decide which upgrades are most important, and make the right color choices. 



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