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(Published on - 11/3/2023 1:44:17 PM)

To optimize managing the change in seasons, the majority of homeowners have weather-stripped their doors and replaced their incandescent lightbulbs with more environmentally friendly CFL ones. What additional reasonably priced home renovations, besides adding double-paned windows, can you do to make your house "greener" without breaking the bank?

Replace filters frequently. To maintain optimal system operation, replace the air conditioning filters once a month.

Dry Larger Loads. You underestimate the capacity of your dryer. To help the dryer cool down and heat up less frequently, try drying two or more loads at once. And be sure to clean out the lint trap frequently.

Test the refrigerator seal. To ensure the seal is in good shape, feel for cold air around the closed refrigerator door.

Adjust how you cook on your stovetop. Make sure your pan or pot fits the burner size to avoid wasting heat.

Switch off battery chargers. After charging, disconnect your charger because many of them still use electricity even when they are not attached to a device.

Switch to  a laptop. When possible, use a laptop instead of your desktop computer because they consume less energy.

Lower the amount of hot water used. Install shower heads and faucets with low flow and aeration. Choose a shower head that uses less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Select plants that can withstand drought. Many plants and ground covers, such as clover, some grass varieties like Bermuda and Zoysia, and edible plants like herbs and strawberries, can give greenery to a yard without using a lot of water. (Note: To keep plants or groundcovers in the area you want them to remain in, you might wish to install a brick or wood border.)

These are small simple steps that you can take that are Eco-Friendly and can help you save some money!



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