4 Costs of NOT Being a Homeowner

(Published on - 10/16/2018 5:41:58 PM)

4 Costs of Not Being Homeowner by Shawna Leah McDowell


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Extreme Weather ~ Stay Safe Year Round!!

(Published on - 10/8/2018 2:50:02 PM)


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Whether or not Flagler County is in immediate danger from extreme weather, it's good idea to check on your safety preparedeness year round. The National Weather Service has laid out best practices and a social media campaign to help us stay safe year-round. Knowledge is power and Realty Executives Oceanside encourages everyone to read and share!


Hashtag Safe Place Selfie Campaign

safe place selfie


It’s a safety campaign brought on by National Weather Service & the steps are easy:


1. At work or at home...STOP and consider where your safe place is in the event of severe weather. 


2. Take a selfie of yourself to share on social media using #SafePlaceSelfie to promote the message of preparation. 


3. Encourage others by tagging them in your post asking “Where is your safe place from extreme weather?”



4. Expand the #SafePlaceSelfie conversation by surrounding yourself with your emergency kit, a NOAA Weather Radio, and a print out of your family communication plan.




Become a Ceritified Force of Nature

Be a Force of Nature by knowing your risk, taking action and being an example in your community.  Kids, teens and parents can all check out the NOAA ways to become a Young Meteorologist and get certified in becoming a force of prepared nature!!


Be a Force of Nature by letting your friends and family know what you did to become weather-ready. 



In Flagler County thunderstorms and lightning are common. My kids often complain about having to leave the beach or get out of the pool. Use the following resources to help give your kids an idea of how serious a threat lightning is and maybe they'll argue less! 

1.The second greatest cause for lightning fatalities are beach activities!


2. Fishing is the leading cause of lightning fatalities: fishermen are on piers, large rocks and sandy beaches as well in boats.


These are a number of reasons why beach activities contribute to so many fatalities:


1. The sound of thunder is hidden by the sounds of the surf and people having fun.

2. Safety, typically a car or other vehicle, may be some distance away.

3. Along the U.S. East Coast, people are generally facing to the ocean in the east but many storms come from the west.

Beach lightning

Enjoy your time at the beach but keep these recommendations in mind:


  • Keep a watchful eye to the sky IN ALL DIRECTIONS and head to a safe place immediately at any sign of an approaching or developing storm
  • Monitor the forecast and radar on a phone or other electronic media and get to a safe place, such a vehicle or large, fully enclosed building (not a picnic shelter or other opensided structure).
  • When camping on the beach, have a hard-topped metal vehicle nearby and head into it at the first sign of a thunderstorm.


Find out more about Lightning Safety                                         Teachers & Parents:


Thunder Safety


Click for extensive learning resources including:


1. Coloring Books, Slideshows, Posters & more refor

2. Slideshows & Classroom activities

3. Careers in weather & Meteorology 

4. NASA Kid Club

4. Trading Cards



HotSeat Warning Simulator

Try the new HotSeat experience to simulate extreme weather in your community:  NSSL’s HotSeat Warning Simulator is an educational tool for all ages. 






More you can do:

  1. Visit to teach kids about weather & science with Owlie Skywarn.
  2. Share that you’re prepared with the hashtag #BeAForce
  3. List your preparedness story on Facebook.
  4. Make sure you have a Family Emergency Plan.
  5. #WhenThunderRoarsGoIndoors 


Family Safety Plan



Realty Executives Oceanside wants you to have the tips, tools and knowledge to Protect yourself, your family, your pets & home!!   






What is a Seller’s Market? 5 Tips to Conquer Low Inventory

(Published on - 10/3/2018 2:35:46 PM)


What is a Seller’s Market? 5 Tips to Conquer Low Inventory


In real estate we use the term “Sellers Market” to define a low amount of homes for sale when there are plenty of people trying to buy one. It can lead to multiple offers and situations that benefit the seller since the buyer’s lack the luxury to waste time with low inventory options. Check out these 5 ways to house hunt, no matter what market:




1. Treat your hunt seriously

2. Bring paperwork not promises

3. Consider waiving what-if’s

4. Don’t play hardball

5. Widen your search


Regardless of your current local area market, understand that timing and trust will increase the quality of your home buying or selling experience.



You have to trust your real estate agent and their expertise, not Zillow. The market changes from season to season and month to


Enlisting a Realty Executive Agent so you can ** Schedule showings ASAP  **  Bring up-to-date preapproval letters  **  Offer the seller delayed buyer possession.



Contact Realty Executives Oceanside today & experience the Executive Advantage at


(386) 503-1971!!  



What's Happening ~ Flagler County Area Events

(Published on - 9/19/2018 6:09:22 PM)


The Realty Executives Oceanside team has comprised the following list of Flagler County special events and fundraisers for the rest of the week and into the weekend. Local activies include Puppy Bup Crawls, Beach Olympics, Family Fitness and more! 



                         Wednesday - September 19th                        



Fall 2018 Florida College Fair 


WHAT: Later today students and parents can get kick start the higher education search by attending the Fall 2018 Florida College               Fair at Flagler Palm Coast High School.

WHEN:        5:00pm – 7:00pm

WHERE:      Flagler Palm Coast High School

5500 FL-100

Palm Coast, FL 32164





                           Thursday - September 20th                           




Florida Agricultural Museum Farmer's Market


WHAT:  Come out and experience how to make eating healthy fun! While you load up on local, fresh fruits, veggies, honey and more there are musicians jamming along the entire time! There’s also local artisans, ready to eat food items, arts and crafts and a list of reasons to support a healthy diet and healthy local economy!


WHEN:        8:00am - 12:00pm (Every Thursday)

WHERE:      Florida Agricultural Museum

                     7900 N Old Kings Rd

                     Palm Coast, FL 32137 Florida Agricultural Museum Farmer's Market





                           Friday - September 21st                             



Florida REFIT Revolution Family Fitness


WHAT:  An awesome opportunity to beat the heat and share the experience of getting fit and being active as a family! Dance, exercise and bond with your kids to positive music you can all enjoy for FREE!

WHEN:       5:00 – 6:00pm - Every Friday

WHERE:     Palm Coast Community Center

                    305 Palm Coast Pkwy NE

Palm Coast, FL 32137

Link for more details:



Cooking is Science (Ages 11-14)


WHAT: Palm Coast Parks & Recreation has taken on the challenge of keeping Flagler County teenagers active and one of the solutions is learning the science behind cooking! They can make new friends  face to face, acquire cooking skills and find proof there are ways to be entertained without their nose to an electornic device!

WHEN:        Every Friday  3-4:15 p.m.

WHERE:      Palm Coast Community Center

305 Palm Coast Pkwy NE

Palm Coast, FL 32137

Link for more details:

                             Saturday - September 22nd                         

 YPG Olympics

YPG Inaugural Beach Olympic


WHAT: Join the YPG for its Inaugural Beach Olympics!  The competition, in Teams of 4, will compete in team activities for a chance to win the grand prize while on the beach across from Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill!  There will be mimosas, laughter, competition and lots of fun! Stay for the After Party, Awards and Appetizers at Oceanside!

$10/person or $40/four person team!

WHEN:         9:00am - 1:00pm

WHERE:       Beach directly across from

 Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill.

 1848 S Oceanshore Blvd

 Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Link for more details:




Flagler School of Dance Car Wash & Bake Sale





WHAT: Pull up for a car wash and enjoy a baked good while you wait ALL for a good cause! The 2018-2019 Season has begun and they are raising funds to support Flagler local kids on the competition team. You can show your support in helping them reach their goal with 100% of proceeds benefit the dancers with their competition related fees.


WHEN: 9:00am -- 1:00pm

WHERE: Marvin Garden’s Business Complex

4601 E. Moody Blvd, Suite 16

Bunnell, FL 32110

Link for more details:



Puppy Pub Crawl Finale Party


WHAT: Dog Friendly Flagler is wrapping up their Puppy Pub Crawl with a Finale Party with dog-related vendors, entertainment, raffle prizes, and more!  Anyone, with or without a dog, can be a part of the fun that doubles as a contribution to supporting Flagler County local education! If you are interested in donating raffle items or have any questions, please contact Travis Thomas at or call (407) 489-9328.


WHEN: 4:00pm-8:00pm

WHERE: European Village

101 Palm Harbor Pkwy

Palm Coast, Florida 32137

Link for more details:


                          Sunday - September 23rd                            


Reggae Sunday's at the Lion


WHAT: "Reggae Sunday" at the Lion is a perfect combination of oceanfront eating, drinking and dancing with Jamaican roots reggae by Zebbhi Niyah Band. Bring your family and friends for what is always sure to be a great time!!


WHEN: Every Sunday -- 1:00pm -- 8:00pm

WHERE: Golden Lion Cafe

501 N Oceanshore Blvd

Flagler Beach, Florida 32136

Link for more details:




Labor Day and Working Smart the Realty Executives Oceanside Way!!

(Published on - 9/4/2018 8:51:41 PM)


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As we approach Labor Day weekend it seems only right that I offer the highlights of my digital marketing subscriptions related to how we work. It was a perfect combo of new skills, tools and tips to help real estate agents and the overall quality of a real estate transaction experience in 2018.


Google Tasks

First on the list is my current favorite which is Google Tasks. Working as a Certified Digital Marketing Executive & mother of four means I survive on implementation of task management. Over the last 3 years I’ve tried, Asana, Airtable, Basecamp and Wrike. As an avid camper I do highly recommend Basecamp but it can overcomplicate workflow.

Instead I’ve been turning email requests for work directly into a new to-do in a matter of seconds. Google Tasks is scaled down, simple and streamlined while still fostering a feeling of organization for our staff, agents and clientele. Whether you are buying a home or selling your home there are important milestones you can easily track to ensure a smooth, smart transaction.


For more on Google Tasks click here:  Google Learning Center - Keep Track of Tasks


Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

 Speaking of smart, the most enlightening highlight was easily the concept of cognitive computing. I wouldn’t be too quick to write it off or ignore it hoping it will just go away. Although you won’t be sitting across from a robot at closing quite yet, the use of cognitive computing has the potential to make a significant impact on the real estate industry via disruption or  enhancing evolution. A key threat comes from the idea that all of an agent's experience  and insight can be programed into a digital database.

This has major appeal for our consumers who are putting more intelligent real estate transactions in demand. With almost 2 decades of experience in the real estate workforce I’ve seen many a silly realtor. When merged with an Interactive Media Production degree, I like the idea of AI Mode. It will boost realty services & value by one of two ways. It’ll either compliment an agent or brokerages portfolio as a supplement or weed out those who aren’t dedicated to their craft of providing the highest quality real estate assistance from prospect to 10th anniversary of a client closing. An Executive Agent knows no amount of digital data can replace the emotional support provided by a true real estate expert.


Skill & Tips - For Agents, Buyers, Sellers

For the agents saying, “Bring it on!!” to the digital challenge it’s a great time to assess your current qualifications. This overview is also for anyone trying to find their local area expert. In order to deliver a brilliant real estate experience an Intelligent Executive Agent lives by a recurring theme of “Can’t Stop,” or, “Won’t Stop.” They thrive on refusing to stop educating themselves or to stop campaigning for their community. A really great agent will read this post and immediately sign up for a webinar to learn additional ways to advocate for others benefit. Good karma and relentless work ethic is non-negotiable.


This recap is courtesy Realty Executives Oceanside in Flagler County, Florida...Where the experts are!! Give us a call at (386) 503-1971 to discuss:


  • Your specific real estate goals
  • Ways we can work smart for you
  • Joining our team
  • All the above!!

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