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Pantry Organization for Preppers

(Published on - 11/23/2020 6:15:22 PM)

By HomeKeepr


With more people staying at home and avoiding crowds, a lot of homeowners are turning to home prepping as a way to cut back on trips to the store and avoid shortages. Unfortunately, many people find themselves overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to stock up on. And once the pantry is fully stocked and prepped, maintaining it, and finding what you need among all the other things, can be difficult. Organization is a key part of successful prepping, so if you want to have an effective pantry, here are a few organizational tips to keep in mind.


What Should You Store?


First things first: What should you store in your pantry? Obviously, you want things that are shelf-stable and will last a while. Pick up or prepare staples like canned vegetables, canned fruits, crushed tomatoes and dry goods like pasta, rice and beans. Add cooking supplies like cooking oil, flour and cornmeal, plus sweeteners like sugar and honey. Beyond that, round things out according to your family’s tastes. This is where you add your taco shells, your pasta sauces, cereals, popcorn, condiments and dressings, canned meats and anything else that you know your family uses regularly. If you have pets, you can also set aside a section of your pantry for pet food as well.


Organizing for Easy Access


When you start organizing your pantry, don’t just stick things wherever you can find a space for it. Take everything out, clean the area so that you’re starting fresh, then put things back in a reasonable and organized way. Group similar items, like different types of canned vegetables, together so that everything is easy to find. Avoid just shoving a bunch of things together to make more room, since that will cause confusion and make some of your items a lot harder to find when you’re looking for them.


Need a Professional?


HomeKeepr is the only platform where homeowners can discover home service pros powered entirely by real referrals from real people – not reviews.


Label Everything


Place labels on your shelves once you have everything organized so you’ll know what goes in any particular space in the pantry. That doesn’t mean that you have to micromanage and label each individual type of item, of course; create categories like “Jelly” and “Vegetables” to simply mark the general area where those items go. If you want to be really efficient with your labeling, take the time (or recruit family members to help) and place an easy-to-read sticker or label on the top or front of each item, and write the expiration date on it for reference.


Remember FIFO


Where a lot of people run into problems is rotating stocked items as new items are bought or made. Keep the FIFO principle in mind as you restock your pantry: First In, First Out. New items should always go to the back, allowing the older items in the front to be used first. As you take items out of the pantry, move up the items behind them so that they’re closer to the front and you have room to place things behind them later.


Are you Moving


Moving is hard but I'm here to help! Use my FREE concierge service to help you get up and running faster in your new home. It’s quick and easy.


Shelving and Storage Additions


If you need to add shelving or other storage types to your pantry area, try to do so in a way that makes stocking and access easier. Standalone shelves that you can walk behind or rollout shelves that you can pull toward you make it a lot easier to place new items at the back, while sliding shelves or rotating units make it easy to reach stored items that otherwise might be hard to get to.


Emergency Storage


In general, your pantry should be filled with items that you’re actually going to use and that will be rotated out over time. If you really want to make sure that you’re good in case of a disaster, though, you can set aside a space for some additional emergency storage as well. Consider this sort of a “backup pantry” and focus on items with very long shelf lives such as freeze-dried rations, vacuum-sealed grains and bottled water. You should check expiration dates at least once or twice a year and move items about to expire to your main pantry, or use them for activities such as camping trips, hiking excursions or other adventures.


Building Out Your Pantry


Building a new pantry or adding onto an existing one can be tricky. Fortunately, HomeKeepr is here to help. Sign up for a free account today and to find pros based on recommendations from people you trust so that you can find the right person to give you the pantry of your dreams.


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Keeping It Local for December 4th through 6th

(Published on - 11/23/2020 6:05:06 PM)

Hello Neighbors! 

And welcome back to our blog!


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and are excited for the upcoming holidays!  2020 seems to need extra holiday cheer and that's what we'll be bringing you locally this week!


Let's start off with the numerous light shows that have already begun in our area!


Magic of Lights Logo

Magic of Lights on the Daytona Speedway is an annual classic that continues to impress visitors as they add more to their display! You can drive through twice on Wednesdays with only one ticket purchase! For ticket purchasing and more details, check out their website


Image may contain: text that says 'Starry Nights FLAGLER BEACH Free Holiday Event NIGHTLY, DECEMBER JANUARY-31 Start a new family tradition this year! ................... Drive-Thru Holiday Light Displays Along A1A Festive Specials at Select Flagler Beach Businesses M Christmas Display in Veteran's Park NORE FOLLOW.US@ @VISITFLAGLER FOR UPDATES f WWW.VISITFLAGLER.COM'

Starry Nights in Flagler Beach will be kicking off December 4th through January 31st!  They are featuring a drive-thru holiday light display, Christmas lights at Veteran's Park, and festive food specials in surrounding restaurants! Check out their Facebook event page for more details!


The Rotary Club of Flagler County will be putting on their 15th Annual Fantasy Lights Festival at Central Park in Town Center!  The lights are up now through December 30th and admission is free!! Check out more information here



 The Hard Rock Cafe in Daytona is hosting the Rockin Country Christmas concert featuring Hayfire on Saturday, Dec. 5th with music starting at 8:30 pm! This is a FREE event and will benefit Toys for Tots! For registration and more information, visit here!


Finally, enjoy the cooler weather while putting and pub crawling your way through Daytona's Main Street! Go by yourself or create a team and win lots of prizes! Proceeds will benefit the Chase Academy of Autism of Daytona Beach. For mor information and registration, visit here



For more information, please reach out to us!

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7 Things To Do This Black Friday Besides Shop

(Published on - 11/20/2020 2:35:18 PM)

7 Things to do This Black Friday Besides Shop



1.) Visit a State Park! Since we're lucky enough to have sunny skies and moderate temperatures, spend the day outside and work off that second helping of mashed potatoes. Social distancing is easy outdoors! 


2.) Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree! Create a new holiday tradition when you cut down your own live Christmas tree.


3.) Enjoy the First Lights of the Season! Check our calendar to find out what displays are already lit or will have their lighting ceremonies over Thanksgiving weekend.  Drive through holiday lights are in abundance this year in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, and Daytona!


4.) Decorate Your House! Now that Thanksgiving has passed, crank up the Christmas music and begin the process of decorating your house. Starting the process now will make the holiday season feel longer, and you can take the whole day to enjoy it and get everything just so.  2020 needs more Christmas cheer!



5.) Purge Outgrown Toys and Books! Between Santa, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and friends, many kids get a LOT of new things coming in. Sort through the toys and books in your kids' bedrooms and playroom to clear out whatever is broken, outgrown, or just isn't played with anymore. Donate what you can and throw away the rest ... no regrets!


6.) Sign Up to Adopt a Family! Give your children the gift of compassion in a very tangible way and make another family's holiday wishes come true too. You can adopt an entire family or simply donate one new, unwrapped toy.


7.) Plan Your Elf on the Shelf Adventures!Make your plan for your elf's grand entrance on the first day, and then come up with a loose plan for the remaining days or find a guide online that you can follow for the month.


(Editor's Note: If you haven't started Elf on a Shelf in your house, you should know that it is a LOT of fun but also a LOT of work. DH and I have used most of our brain power coming up with or copying new ideas. We've been doing it for 6 or 7 years and, since it is our boys' favorite tradition of the holiday season, we think we'll be doing it till they go off to college!)



For more information, please reach out to us!

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Five Reasons You Should Sell Now

(Published on - 11/19/2020 6:45:18 PM)

By Realty Executives International


With the global pandemic causing many home sellers to put their listing on hold or to take it off the market completely, right now is actually a great time to put your house up for sale. Although, COVID-19. caused weariness, it has actually not affected the market in a negative way like many thought was possible. Here are five reasons to pull the trigger and sell your home now.


Demand is High


The market has more demand than ever right now with not less people selling and more people looking to buy. With the pandemic, many people have resisted listing their home, making it more of a challenge for those looking for their dream place. Plus as more millennials join the market looking to buy for a growing family or a young professional purchasing their first home, there is a growing demand that is just going to continue into the upcoming months.


Lastly, as people transition to working or learning remote, their current homes may not be working in obvious ways that they didn’t see before, increasing the likelihood they look elsewhere.


Less Competition


Just as less people willing to list their home has increased demand, it has also made the market have less competition. There are still buyers looking to buy and with fewer options to look at, your home has less competition to worry about and a better chance to be seen. Fewer homes on your local MLS means the chances of your home being seen online increases. Plus it also helps your real estate agent  market your home and identify what your home may have that is missing in the limited inventory and increase your chances of quick sale or bidding war.


Great ROI


As mentioned above, times when the market is low in inventory can cause buyers to go into bidding wars on the home they like. If a buyer has been struggling to find the right place for themselves or their family, and they finally do, oftentimes they are willing to pay above asking price and engage in a bidding war to ensure they get the sale.


Listing your home now can give you a return on investment that not all home sellers are lucky enough to get. Many major markets and the smaller markets as well have seen lots of listings go for above asking price because buyers are struggling to find options. You can then take your earnings from the sale and reinvest, making an upgrade to your living situation.


Low Mortgage Rates


One positive thing that has come with the pandemic is low mortgage rates. Banks and other lenders are offering better deals in order to compete in the market. Low rates encourage homeowners to think about taking advantage of the deal and buying a home while the economy is still in their favor. Overall, there is no better time to receive a mortgage loan.


Virtual Tours


Many times homeowners aren’t sure they have the time to get their home ready for a sale, with the possibility of renovations or the constant upkeep needed for showings. With COVID-19 making virtual tours and virtual home buying much more accessible, you don’t have to worry about having your home spic span 24/7 in case your real estate agent wants to come over with potential buyers.


Virtual tours also give you more time to do the photos and video all at once, and then start fixing any small renovations to the home that you can highlight if buyers decide to come for a socially distanced in-person tour after seeing it online.



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How to Change from Fall to Winter Decor

(Published on - 11/12/2020 7:11:40 PM)

By Realty Executives International


Looking to winterize your fall decor for the changing season? Here are a few tips to help you keep your personal style while adding some holiday cheer around the home!


Add Coziness


We all love to cozy up during the winter months whether it’s in the living room, den or your own bedroom. A great way to transition different rooms from summer to fall to winter is to add some layers for each season it gets a little colder. Quilted blankets and fluffy pillows give the room a cozy look and are great for chilly nights. Plus there are tons of fun holiday pillows that can add color and cheer to the furniture.


Block Chilly Windows


During the summer and early fall seasons, many of us like to open up the windows and fill our home with fresh air. But when winter hits, our windows become a main contributor to cold air in the home. A great way to not only help keep the inside of the home warm but also add some winter decor to your rooms is adding window treatments. Heavy duty curtains can be a bit expensive but they are an investment that can last years if taken care of. You can also find plenty of discount retail stores that have a wide variety of options at a good price.


They are also an easy thing to switch out once spring comes around and you want to have lighter or more transparent treatments. Remember, deeper or darker colors look great for winter but can age rooms if you keep them up all year round. Try nude or white treatments for warmer seasons.


Change up Arrangements


As you might have had pumpkins and apples in your centerpieces or table arrangements to celebrate fall, you will want to rearrange and integrate some new features into those, once winter comes. Garland is always a great asset to include when decorating tables or shelving throughout the home. It gives a winter wonderland feel and adds some color. Some other things you may want to consider: frosted pinecones, red berries, twinkling lights, rustic pieces, etc. 


Arrangements are meant to show off your personal style and creativity so have some fun with it! You can make a lot of unique items or find ready-to-use products at your local craft store.


Light Up the Room


Once fall arrives, people go crazy for candles. The soft light mixed with delicious scents are great for adding an extra layer of decor to your home. As you move into winter though, candles can have a whole new use. You can still use the real ones to make your home smell like gingerbread or fresh pine, but using fake candles to add to the cozy feeling of the holidays is a beautiful and modern way to decorate for winter too! Place the candle in a partly see-through silver, gold or red holder to incorporate holiday colors. Using multiple stands of varying heights to create a lovely centerpiece or place single ones in different parts of the home to add soft light and warmth.


Warm Colors


All of these tips above can be combined with this simple and common tip. Burgundys, golds, dark greens and vibrant reds are all great compliments against the winter landscape. You can incorporate these using the blankets and pillows mentioned, centerpieces or window treatments. But you can also easily add them through small decor pieces throughout the home as well. Of course, you don’t want every room to look dark and dreary so make sure you add these warm colors in with whites or nudes to compliment. Silvers or metallic pieces are also a great way to add some light and modern looks.


Whichever way you decide to create your winter wonderland home, have fun and remember, the decor is not nearly as important as the memories you make during the holiday season.



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