#EndAlz ~ 3rd Annual Trivia Night Fundraiser

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Are you smarter than your realtor? Bring your A-Game and tease your brain for a great cause!! Join us for a Trivia Night Fundraiser with 100% proceeds going towards further the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association Alzheimer's. All proceeds will go directly to Realty Executives Oceanside's fundraising goal which in turn will go to the Alzheimer's Association to benefit the further care, support and research efforts of this terrible disease. Together, we can make a difference! 

Doors open at 5pm, Trivia starts at 5:30. Your ticket includes Trivia, Lots of FUN & the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get knowing that you're supporting a great cause! Full Cash Bar & Special Trivia Night Appetizer Menu will be offered for purchase. 

Tickets - $20 per person
Teams  - up to 6 People

TO REGISTER contact Candy Doyle @ 386.506.8008 or email
More Information Click Below for Facebook Event Details


Trivia Night Public · Hosted by Break-Awayz at the Beach and Realty Executives Oceanside


Payments can be made via Check or Cash at our Palm Coast location. 235 NE Palm Coast Pkwy, Suite B (PNC Bank Building). Checks payable to Realty Executives Oceanside, Cash at door also accepted. 

Presented by Realty Executives Oceanside & AWT Property Management. Hosted by our favorite trivia host, Andrew Trotter from AWT! 



#FlaglerBedRace 2018 ~ Heroes of Real Estate

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9th Annual Flagler Funcoast Bed Race 2018 Heroes & Villains


 Bed Race 2018


October 27th, 2018


On Saturday October 27th, Realty Executives Oceanside & AWT Property Management joined forces to participate in the 9th Annual Flagler Funcoast Bed Race. This year’s theme was “HEROES AND VILLIANS”  and teams from local businesses & clubs built, decorated and raced beds at Veterans Park in front of City Hall. The event was sponsored by Kiwani's Flagler County, City of Flagler Beach, Wheels in Motion and Flagler Volunteers. All the proceeds went to fund a variety of youth programs in Flagler County including the "I Can Read" program.


A crucial role within our community is to support and attend all opportunities for raising awareness and funds for those in need and this event was no exception. Team Executives Leagues was Powered by and led by Co-Captains Bruce Vinnick, Realty Executives Oceanside Broker & Andrew Trotter, CEO of AWT Property Management. The Hero Bed Mobile showed up to overcome each obstacles with footage available below for your viewing pleasure!! We may not have saved the world but our dedication can be seen in the events leading up to the attempt to keep up the 3 year winning streak.



Check out Realty Executives Oceanside featured in The Palm Coast Observer! Click Below: 


Realty Executives Oceanside in action at the 2018 Flagler Funcoast Bed Race!!



Perks of Flagler County Living is Local Events for everyone! Stay tuned to our next event "Trivia Night Fundraiser " Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 5 PM – 8:30 PM at Break-a-Wayz at the Beach! 100% of proceeds go towards further the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association Alzheimer's. Together, we can make a difference! Click the link below for more event details: 

Trivia Night Fundraiser






6 Last Minute Trick or Treating Events #LivingLocal

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6 Last Minute Trick or Treating Events - Flagler County


~As parents we do our best to juggle the dozens of roles we play in a day and the responsibilities that comes with each one. If you’re the busy bee racing from work to home, home to soccer, soccer to dishes & dinner then a holiday like Halloween can be extraordinarily stressful.


~As a working mother of 4 I can sometimes (lots of time) leave things to the last minute. Well, apparently Halloween does not play nice for those of us living the last minute lifestyle!


~I learned the hard way that many Flagler County events start right away before I even have costumes ready! Not to mention I don’t love the idea of them trashing the costumes before Halloween night.


~As a result I have pulled last minute events and trunk or treats that are going on today and then actually on Halloween. I included some places that I’ve never heard of if you’re looking to switch it up!!


For those of you living last minute, you’re welcome!! The full list with links can be found below...


10 Trick or treat goals Flagler County by Shawna McDowell



CLICK HERE FOR --->  Bull Creek Fish Camp Truck Or Treat - 10/29 


CLICK HERE FOR ---> First United Methodist Bunnell - TRUNK OR TREAT 


CLICK HERE FOR ---> The Golden Lion Cafe - Annual Kids Halloween Party 


CLICK HERE FOR ---> Palm Coast Fire Station - Halloween “Hall of Terror XIV”+ 


CLICK HERE FOR ---> Coastal Family Church - Trunk of Treat



4 Costs of NOT Being a Homeowner

(Published on - 10/16/2018 5:41:58 PM)

4 Costs of Not Being Homeowner by Shawna Leah McDowell


Contact Us For Ways Realty Executives Oceanside Can Help!

Extreme Weather ~ Stay Safe Year Round!!

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Whether or not Flagler County is in immediate danger from extreme weather, it's good idea to check on your safety preparedeness year round. The National Weather Service has laid out best practices and a social media campaign to help us stay safe year-round. Knowledge is power and Realty Executives Oceanside encourages everyone to read and share!


Hashtag Safe Place Selfie Campaign

safe place selfie


It’s a safety campaign brought on by National Weather Service & the steps are easy:


1. At work or at home...STOP and consider where your safe place is in the event of severe weather. 


2. Take a selfie of yourself to share on social media using #SafePlaceSelfie to promote the message of preparation. 


3. Encourage others by tagging them in your post asking “Where is your safe place from extreme weather?”



4. Expand the #SafePlaceSelfie conversation by surrounding yourself with your emergency kit, a NOAA Weather Radio, and a print out of your family communication plan.




Become a Ceritified Force of Nature

Be a Force of Nature by knowing your risk, taking action and being an example in your community.  Kids, teens and parents can all check out the NOAA ways to become a Young Meteorologist and get certified in becoming a force of prepared nature!!


Be a Force of Nature by letting your friends and family know what you did to become weather-ready. 



In Flagler County thunderstorms and lightning are common. My kids often complain about having to leave the beach or get out of the pool. Use the following resources to help give your kids an idea of how serious a threat lightning is and maybe they'll argue less! 

1.The second greatest cause for lightning fatalities are beach activities!


2. Fishing is the leading cause of lightning fatalities: fishermen are on piers, large rocks and sandy beaches as well in boats.


These are a number of reasons why beach activities contribute to so many fatalities:


1. The sound of thunder is hidden by the sounds of the surf and people having fun.

2. Safety, typically a car or other vehicle, may be some distance away.

3. Along the U.S. East Coast, people are generally facing to the ocean in the east but many storms come from the west.

Beach lightning

Enjoy your time at the beach but keep these recommendations in mind:


  • Keep a watchful eye to the sky IN ALL DIRECTIONS and head to a safe place immediately at any sign of an approaching or developing storm
  • Monitor the forecast and radar on a phone or other electronic media and get to a safe place, such a vehicle or large, fully enclosed building (not a picnic shelter or other opensided structure).
  • When camping on the beach, have a hard-topped metal vehicle nearby and head into it at the first sign of a thunderstorm.


Find out more about Lightning Safety                                         Teachers & Parents:


Thunder Safety


Click for extensive learning resources including:


1. Coloring Books, Slideshows, Posters & more refor

2. Slideshows & Classroom activities

3. Careers in weather & Meteorology 

4. NASA Kid Club

4. Trading Cards



HotSeat Warning Simulator

Try the new HotSeat experience to simulate extreme weather in your community:  NSSL’s HotSeat Warning Simulator is an educational tool for all ages. 






More you can do:

  1. Visit to teach kids about weather & science with Owlie Skywarn.
  2. Share that you’re prepared with the hashtag #BeAForce
  3. List your preparedness story on Facebook.
  4. Make sure you have a Family Emergency Plan.
  5. #WhenThunderRoarsGoIndoors 


Family Safety Plan



Realty Executives Oceanside wants you to have the tips, tools and knowledge to Protect yourself, your family, your pets & home!!