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Answering Your 5 Most Googled Questions about Palm Coast

(Published on - 1/21/2021 2:50:16 PM)

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Palm Coast in Flagler County, Florida is a beautiful and quiet hidden gem with so many options!  This up-and-coming city has much to offer and is only expanding.  If you're reading this and are currently living out of the area or even out-of-state, we answered the 5 most commonly asked questions about Palm Coast for you!


Where is Palm Coast located?

Palm Coast is located on the Northeast coast of Florida, between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, in Flagler County.  Palm Coast is pretty large and has beach access in some areas.


What is it like to live in Palm Coast?

As stated above, Palm Coast is a city but with a small town feel.  Palm Coast is the 28th largest city in the Florida, with a population of 91,940.  More people are moving here because of it's quiet neighborhoods that are close to shopping anywhere you are.  What started as a 55 and older community has quickly grown to a family-oriented neighborhood where you can raise your children!  Grandparents are able to stay connected to their families since this is both a great place to retire and raise a family.


Palm Coast is a more affordable option as far as housing than it's surrounding areas, since it is up-and-coming and taxes are low. You can choose between a bustling neighborhood or a more rural, quiet area to live.  Palm Coast has so many options as far as recreation - various parks with woodsy trails, multiple beach accesses, new restaurants to try, year-round farmer's markets and craft fairs, the list can go on!  Palm Coast isn't far from big city areas for even better shopping and entertainment. Which brings us to the next question...


How close is Palm Coast to Orlando, Daytona Beach, etc.?

Palm Coast is an hour and a half away from Orlando; an hour to an hour and a half away from Jacksonville; 30 minutes away from Daytona Beach; and about 45 minutes away from St. Augustine. All of these times depend on where you are in Palm Coast.


What is hurricane season like in Palm Coast?

Depending on how close you are to the ocean, you could be untouched or you could be asked to evacuate for your safety.  Palm Coast has excellent resources when it comes to hurricane prevention for your home and storm forcasts as well as evacuation routes to follow if necessary.  If you are located inland and not in a flood zone, the worst you could experience are high wind speeds and lots of rain.  Our local electric company, Florida Power & Light (FPL), communicates with their customers efficiently, preps well for potential storm threats, and works quickly to get power back when it goes out.  


What is the current housing market for Palm Coast (as of Jan. 2021)?

For sellers, this is an excellent time to put your home on the market, since inventory is low and people from out-of-state are looking to move to Florida.  As a seller, you have more leverage to get the best price for you home.


For buyers, this means that if you love a house, you have to come prepared with a preapproval and a willingness to make a great offer quickly.  You could be fighting with other buyers who are offering full price! Preparation is key to ensuring you get the home you want.


Newly constructed homes are growing in popularity in this area as well!  Palm Coast hosts numerous builders to choose from that vary in what they offer. From affordable housing to beach mansions, there is something for everyone.  Pricing for new builds are currently rivaling already standing homes, but that isn't expected to stay the same for too long.  If you're looking to build your own home, now is the time to get started!


If you have any questions about living in or moving to Palm Coast, reach out to us!  As your local experts, we'd love to help you.  Connect with us today!


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