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Make This Decade Your Big Win

(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:54:14 PM)

2020 is upon us.  A new year.  A new decade.  A fresh start for each and every one of us.

What will the new decade bring your way?  Where will you be in another ten years?  How will you embrace your fresh start?

We all ask these questions at the time we hang the new calendar on the wall.  But the onset of a new decade seems to bring with it a lot deeper reflection of times gone by.  Instead of just looking at the past 365 days, most of us will look back over the last ten years and see just how far we’ve come….

Considering this is foremost a real estate industry blog, from a real estate perspective, when I look back to the start of the last decade, I can see the resurgence just beginning as we came out of the Great Recession.  Most of us know the end of the previous decade was a financially different world than what we see today.  After 08/09, 2010 saw the real estate market sputtering back to life.  Like that motor that just kept turning over but wouldn’t spark had finally ignited and began to sputter.  It wasn’t running well, but we knew it just needed some time to burn off the bad gas and we’d be rolling again.

By the end of 2019, only a couple of weeks ago, the real estate market is ablaze in Sudbury.  We finished the decade with values that seemed to recover, and even surpass, those we saw in the 06/07 hot market conditions.  We’ve also witnessed the return of multiple offers, aka “bidding wars”, which is always a firm indicator that supply is lagging well behind the demand.  We’ve even seen plenty of new developments pop up throughout Greater Sudbury, yet they don’t seem to be putting a dent in the supply side of things.

Probably the biggest market adjustment across the board has been the Multi-Family and Income Property investments that have simply skyrocketed in value.  The per door value of these buildings has jumped significantly in the last decade. 

I recall getting a phone call from a fellow agent who asked me, “Caz, how did you get almost $100K per unit in that building you sold?”  It was a solid, all brick five-plex in a great rental location that we had listed for $489K that sold in a bidding war for $470K in less than a week to a cash buyer.  This was less than two months into 2010.  To be honest, a lot of us thought, “is this guy nuts?

Here I sit ten years later thinking, if the current owner listed that for $470K today, they would be buried in multiple offers.  Buried is probably a severe understatement.  I would guess their investment has jumped at least 30-40% in value – all while they’ve most likely been bringing in a positive monthly cash flow the entire time.

As we’ve seen house values return to high levels and the investment properties skyrocketing, we’ve also witnessed recreational and “camp” values making impressive gains.  More like the home ownership, though, these are more of an “emotional investment” where there is no revenue stream (unless you’re renting it out part-time on the vacation sites) and will actually have to go out of pocket annually to carry them.  But you’ll be banking some serious memories of great times at the camp while you hold for the higher future returns!  Instead of being a Camp Drifter, like i wrote about in a previous blog, it's time to be the camp owner.

Funny thing about real estate is, more often than not, people have these amazing stories about the people who bought and “flipped” something quick for a big profit and wish it could’ve been them.  Flipping places is no easy task and there is more complex taxation and investment calculations involved than just the purchase vs sales price difference that most people base these tales on.  But rarely do people tell the boring stories about the people they thought “overpaid” for something 10 years ago that are selling it for a big profit today.  Like the buyer above who would walk away with a handsome profit on something most thought they “overpaid” for.

There is no crystal ball in real estate, but our team has been in it a long time and we know it is cyclical.  There will be drops in markets and there will be high points, but over time, they always seem to increase.  No one would sell their property today for what they paid for it 30 years ago……

The current market seems to be a little groggy from the holiday season, but we know that won’t last long.  These first few months of the year are a great time to look into upgrading that family home, looking for that camp you can take possession of in time for May long weekend or finally jumping into the investment game.  Waiting till the weather clears up will only bring a lot more competition your way.

This is a new decade and a new you.  Invest in yourself, invest in your family and invest in real estate.  Who knows – in ten years I could be writing about the huge profits you’ve made this decade…..

Like a great friend of ours always says, and I've mentioned before in these blogs, "it takes the same amount of energy to dream small as it does to dream BIG".  It's your time to dream big.....

It costs nothing to look, ask questions and build a strategy that's right for you.  We're not "chatbots" that are going to harass you - we're experienced professionals that are here to help you buy, sell and invest wisely!  Whether you're thinking about a new home, finally getting that family camp or looking to start investing or continue to build your portfolio, it all starts with one click by contacting us at to see how we can help fulfill your dream.

If you're not looking just yet, you can always check out all our great, ongoing blog topics by clicking here or even just browse our website for tons of great info on buying and selling in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Together, let's make this the decade you make it happen! 

Contributed by:

Steve Caswell

Cell - 705.561.8767


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other salespersons, staff or affiliates of Realty Executives of Sudbury LTD. Brokerage, Realty Executives International, the Sudbury Real Estate Board, Ontario Real Estate Association, Canadian Real Estate Association or any of their subsidiaries.  For any concerns pertaining to the content herein, please contact us immediately at

The Infamous New Year's Resolution

(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:53:33 PM)

As we head into the final weekend of the year, and even the decade, I can feel the communal anxiety starting to kick in.  No, it’s not the holiday overspending and added credit card debt that people are worried about.  It’s not the extra five pounds they’ve gained over the holiday season.  It’s not the feeling that the holiday is soon over and it’ll be back to the grind with work.  But the anxiety is certainly there and it’s self-created……

I’m talking about the infamous act of creating a New Year’s Resolution. 

Who was this cruel, demented person that started this long standing tradition of having to convince yourself that at least one piece of your life requires you to take a complete 180 and turn your life around?  Bad enough that you’re supposed to shine a light on what you’re doing wrong, you’ve also got to a create a brand new daily ritual that must be started when the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight – often when we’re inebriated with a ridiculous hat on and blowing some form of party horn from the dollar store.

Add to that the profound evidence that we often create absurd and unrealistic resolutions pretty much sentences us to failure.  Quitting smoking is far from “flicking a switch” easy, going to the gym every day takes tons of determination and then there's the proverbial "I'm going on a strict diet" falsehood we impose on ourselves.  And we force these changes on ourselves cause of tradition at a time when we’re eating gigantic holiday suppers, having that extra bit of dessert, pouring ourselves the proverbial “ok, one more” and all the while skipping our daily work and workout routines “because it’s the holidays”.

Wikipedia states that 88% of people fail and only 52% are confident of their success at the onset.  Think about that – 48 out of a 100 of us know before we even start that we’re not going to follow through.  And only 12 out of that 100 are actually going to succeed.  If you were asked to change your life and you only had a 12% of it working out, would you do it? 

Yet, here we are, forcing these undeserved and, more than likely, unachievable life altering changes upon ourselves in hopes we “really turn our lives around” because we’re flipping a calendar page.

I hate to break it to ya but January 1st, 2020, is just another day in our lives.  A lot of us will be suffering from the prior night’s shenanigans and we’ll order pizza while watching a movie marathon on TV.  So, our resolutions become “ok, I’m going to start tomorrow!”.  More often than not, Day 1 has always been a complete misfire for me in terms of my resolution.

But, for those of you that have followed that same path of creating a lofty goal that we’re “going to stick to in the New Year” only to feel brutal about ourselves by February, or even mid/early January sometimes, it’s time to stop the cycle of setting ourselves up for this self-deprecation.  And I believe I've found a way to save us all the anxiety and guarantee we can’t fail! 

Sure, some of you are saying “just don’t make a resolution” and that, of course, would work.  Lot’s of people sing the tagline “my New Year’s Resolution this year is no more resolutions!”  But I think we can do better.  And that’s my New Year’s Resolution moving forward.

My resolution is going to be better today than I was yesterday and I’m going to treat every day throughout the year as January 1st.  Every morning I’m going to wake up and think about how I did yesterday and what I can do today to be better, even if it’s just a little.  Maybe it’s as simple as hiking a little higher up the mountain than yesterday, maybe it’s finishing that little project I put aside or maybe it’s just spending a few minutes longer with someone who wants to talk instead of thinking I need to be somewhere else.

Regardless, I can’t fail.  I don’t have to follow through on something for 366 days this year (Leap Year!) and then feel as though I somehow failed cause I only made it 40 days.  Sure, there will be days I look back on and say, “I don’t think I was better than the day before”, but now I get to reset and only focus on being better than yesterday.

The term Resolution is described as being a “firm decision to do or not to do something”.  Firm is the part that creates the anxiety.  Firm is the piece that causes such high failure rates in New Year’s Resolution attempters.  Firm leaves no margin of error and no objectivity.  Firm only returns a value of pass or fail.

So, maybe what I have is not a ‘resolution”, per se, but rather just a feeling of trying to do better no matter what way my life takes me while leaving the pass or fail mentality on the curb.  All I have to do is beat yesterday’s performance and, if I don’t, I get another chance tomorrow to try and be better than I will be today.

Don’t paint yourself into a corner for 2020 with some wildly unattainable measure against yourself.  Leave the pressure you’re considering putting on yourself in the last decade and the New Years’ of past.  Life sometimes can be tough enough and none of us need to place stress, through some nonsensical tradtion, on a portion of our lives that firmly defines whether we pass or fail.

Instead, just make today a great day by trying to be a little better than you were yesterday.  And we'll work on being better than today when we wake up tomorrow.

The Caswell Team hopes you are having a great holiday season and look forward to helping you make your 2020 even better.  Never hestitate to contact us at to see how we can help for all your real estate needs.  You can always start your MLS™ search by clicking heredon't forget to check out all our other informative and entertaining blog topics here or just browse our site for tons of great info on buying and selling in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Contributed by:

Steve Caswell

Cell - 705.561.8767


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other salespersons, staff or affiliates of Realty Executives of Sudbury LTD. Brokerage, Realty Executives International, the Sudbury Real Estate Board, Ontario Real Estate Association, Canadian Real Estate Association or any of their subsidiaries.  For any concerns pertaining to the content herein, please contact us immediately at

Get Out of My House!

(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:53:00 PM)

The holiday season is here! 

As we know,  this is a time to gather with friends and family and celebrate everything to be grateful for and ring in the New Year with some cheer.  This week, I thought I would share some little tips/reminders with you before you head out to all the festivities!

Take It “Ease”….

This time of year can be quite stressful for some and those family gatherings can occasionally turn a little tense.  Always remember to relax and enjoy each other’s company and not sweat the small stuff.  Keep the conversations light, positive and joyful.  For some, this might be the only time you get to see that person, so kindness and sincerity will go a long way.  You may not always agree on something, but really…. who cares!  Just enjoy all that we have to be thankful for and these times we have together as not everyone is as fortunate as us.

Showing Up Empty Handed

You have been invited to a dinner or a party and you MUST bring something.  Even if the host has said for you to not bring anything, they don’t necessarily mean it.  Showing up empty handed – well - just isn’t cool!  You can make an appetizer, bring a case of beer, bottle of wine, a desert item, etc. – something to add to the delicious spread that you know the host has been preparing for over the past few days.

Token of Appreciation

This can also be a time to bring a host gift.  Always a nice gesture and will show how much you appreciate the invite!  Again, wine is always nice, but you can add some flowers, a small gift like a nice scented candle (very important YouTube link below for some scented ideas), a thoughtful ornament for their tree, some goodies for the kids or even a toy for the pet.

Be A Santa’s Little Helper

Once you have arrived, say “Hi” to everyone, grab a drink, try the snacks and get into the festive spirit.  But, don’t forget to offer to help!  Chances are the host is going to say “don’t worry, I’m good”, but even just the act of asking or spending time to talk with them while they’re hunkered down in the kitchen preparing is very much appreciated.

Don’t Feed the Dog!

This has always been a big one for me and I make sure everyone knows the moment they walk in our door.  If the host has a pet, DO NOT feed it unless you ask first.  When I say ask, I mean asking the owner, not the pet!  We all know the pet is 100% willing and excited to eat what you have to offer.  But feeding a pet can make them sick, or worse, can be very dangerous as many items are unknowingly toxic to a pet.  Better to be safe and stick to lots of pets and cuddles to show them you care as they’re probably already stressed enough with all the new faces barging through the door.

Dinner Is Ready!

At a big family dinner, complement how amazing everything is!  Even if the turkey is a little dry or the cranberry sauce is a little runny, that meal was prepared with lots of love over many, many hours – even days in some cases.  And it is usually scarfed down within minutes, so make sure to show some appreciation for all the work they have gone through and even provide a nice toast to the host! 

Once everyone is done, again, offer to help.  Better yet, just help in the cleanup without having to ask!  If the host sincerely doesn’t want your help, they will let you know.  But, by this point, they are usually quite exhausted and would probably love the extra hands.  Even telling them to get out of the kitchen and go enjoy all the company time they missed before dinner while you and a couple of others take over could be the best Christmas present a person can give!

The Over The Top Yawn

Once everything is cleaned up, the full bellies are settling in and the after-dinner cocktails are being had, know when it is time to leave!  Nothing could possibly ever explain this better than the Saturday Night Live commercial here.  Watch for these signs!!!!   


The most important thing to remember this holiday season is DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!  There are many options out there – taxis, public transit, ride sharing, etc.  There are no excuses to drive while under the influence – none, zero, nada.

As the host, remember you have a responsibility and can be held legally responsible for your guests through Social Host Liability.  When you decided to have everyone over, you also made the decision that you’re responsible for them to get home safely.  Not a bad idea to have taxi phone numbers, bus schedules or even pay the sober teenager in the family to drive everyone home!


Don’t let the last paragraph dampen your spirits.  Get out and have an incredible Holiday season while cherishing every moment and everyone you see!

The Caswell Team wishes you and yours a fantastic holiday season!  But, even over the holidays, we're always here to help with anything you need.  Never hesitate to reach out to us at, check out all the Sudbury area MLS™ listings hereread our other informative and entertaing blog topics here or just browse our website over the holidays for tons of great info on buying and selling in the Greater Sudbury area.

Contributed by:

Michelle Caswell

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other salespersons, staff or affiliates of Realty Executives of Sudbury LTD. Brokerage, Realty Executives International, the Sudbury Real Estate Board, Ontario Real Estate Association, Canadian Real Estate Association or any of their subsidiaries.  For any concerns pertaining to the content herein, please contact us immediately at

Good or Bad, Change is Coming

(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:51:49 PM)


It was announced this week that significant changes are coming to the Ontario Real Estate Industry from Queen’s Park.  The consequences of the changes themselves are different from both the customer and the Realtor® perspectives, but they are substantial even though the majority may not be directly noticeable to the client.  But one big one sure will.

The first of the changes, that is somewhat inconsequential to the general public, is our ability as Realtors® to incorporate.  Forever, we’ve been handcuffed by having to remain self-employed entities.  This change will now bring us in line with other professional designations like doctors, accountants, lawyers, etc.  Not every Realtor® will deem this change as worthy to their particular circumstances, but finally giving us the option to explore what’s best for our business with our own accountants, instead of government determining what’s best for us, is a welcome change.

The second change is coming to enforcement through the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).  This is the professional standards body that is supposed to be in charge of protecting the consumer and taking errant behaving Realtors® to task for their poor or unethical performances.  Until these changes, RECO really didn’t have any teeth.  A lot of bark, but not much bite as they say.  When we would see unethical behaviour, we were told we had to discuss it with the other Realtor® first, then their Broker of Record and then we could inform RECO of the issue that wasn’t being remedied.  In all honesty, nothing ever happened unless it fit in the parameters of “extreme”.

Now, RECO will have the ability to smack down some severe penalties to both Realtors® and their brokerages, they will have broader investigative powers and will also have the ability to hit Realtors® with more administrative type penalties.  These penalties will be similar to non-criminal type driving infractions – improper record keeping, failing to fulfill timelines, etc. – but they will hit us in the pocketbooks as a reminder to make sure we’re colouring within the lines.  Personally, as I know our team operates with the utmost professionalism and maintains the highest ethical standards, I look forward to the implementation of RECO’s new powers to make sure the entire profession is playing along in the sandbox and following the rules.

The third change will have an enormous impact on both the clients and Realtors® themselves in the case of Multiple Offers – aka. Bidding Wars.  This change allows the seller to authorize their Realtor® to release the details of all other offers to all the parties in an ongoing basis.

This is a HUGE change as, currently, we’re legally bound to not provide details of any other offer to any other party.  This is why Escalation Clauses were deemed illegal as, once enacted, provided the important detail of what price the next highest offer was. 

For those who don’t know, Escalation Clauses came in for a brief period of time.  This clause would state something along these lines - “notwithstanding the buyer’s offer price of $425,000 herein, the buyer is willing to pay $1000 more than the highest offer up to a maximum of $500,000”.  So, if this buyer won the bidding war and the final purchase price was $478,000, they knew the next highest offer was $477,000, therefore illegally releasing the details of another offer to another party.

So, after retracting the Escalation Clause because it released pertinent details illegally, they’re now suggesting we blow the doors wide open and let everyone know what everyone else is up to.

My personal opinion, I’m torn.  As the listing agent, this is highly beneficial for my seller as it will, more than likely, drive the price up higher for them as it basically becomes a live auction.  But, on the flip side, only the seller has the right to instigate the release of the information contained in the offers and I think this infringes on the rights of the buyers.  They don’t have an option anymore to submit an offer and ensure their privacy is retained.  I have to question the legality of this on it’s face as it places the rights of one party above the other parties in the transaction.

On another side of it, I do look forward to the transparency of this change as, lately, I’ve recognized a disturbing trend with the infamous “double-ender”.  When a listing agent sells their own property, it’s called a “double-ender” as the agent gets both “ends” of the transaction. 

But what we’re seeing lately is the amazingly high percentages of just how often the listing agent is winning bidding wars on their own listing.  Why would this percentage be so high for this?  My guess - because they have all the offers in their hands before they present them to the seller, but we have no way of knowing when their own offer was submitted. 

I’ll be blunt – there is no way the listing agent’s buyers are coming up with these "miraculously, a hair higher than the second highest" numbers on their own.  Yet, according to Multiple Representation rules (when a Realtor® works for both parties), the agent is not allowed to discuss price with either party and must supply comparable sales data for them to make informed decisions on their own.

Now, I’ve never felt that the Multiple Representation rules were fair to the listing agent and their buyer in a Multiple Offer scenario.  The other agents get to discuss strategy and price on what to offer and the listing agent is supposed to say to their buyer, “I can’t provide you with advice.  Here’s some past sales, now tell me your number”.

But, when it comes to transparency, I always play on the overly transparent side of the fence.  When I have an offer on my own listing in a bidding war, I bring in one of the other agents in the bidding war to witness my presentation to my sellers so I’m not pulling any “tricks” behind closed doors.  No other agent has been this transparent in my experience – not saying they aren’t, just personally haven’t seen it.

But, circling back, I was also being illegal as much as I was being transparent as I was divulging details of an offer to another party.  How can you be transparent without breaking the rules the way they’re currently written?  Such a gnarly web these bidding wars weave…..

Gary wrote about bidding wars in a past blog about “just jumping in” and I agree with this sentiment.  You can’t win if you don’t play, so buy a ticket and get in the game.  But this tricky game of multiple offers is changing, once again, and navigating through the changes will be interesting to say the least. 

Will they finally get it right or will this be another change full of legal challenges?  Will all parties feel they had a fair shake, or will some feel their rights were infringed upon?  Will the high percentage of listing agents winning their own bidding wars drop now that their offers have to be revealed for all to see or will it make it less likely that any other buyer has a chance when the listing agent is the only one behind the closed door with the seller who holds all the power?  As a very technical and self-proclaimed “legal mind”, I’m anxious to see the language surrounding these new rules.

Change is good.  Evolution has to happen to create the ideal conditions.  Will this be another meteorite, like the one that hit the Sudbury basin almost two billion years ago, that completely wiped things out and made us restart?  Or will this be a big step in the evolution of bidding wars in creating a level playing field?  Only time will tell.

No matter what, it will be entertaining.

As always, real estate is an everchanging process and it's imperative that you have professionals on your team that are up-to-speed on the current landscape.  We are those professionals.  Never hesitate to contact us at to discuss your real estate needs.  If you're looking for listings, you can search all MLS™listings here.  Don't forget to check out all our other great blog topics and browse our website for great info on buying and selling in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Contributed by:

Steve Caswell

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other salespersons, staff or affiliates of Realty Executives of Sudbury LTD. Brokerage, Realty Executives International, the Sudbury Real Estate Board, Ontario Real Estate Association, Canadian Real Estate Association or any of their subsidiaries.  For any concerns pertaining to the content herein, please contact us immediately at

That Realtor® Sells a Lot!

(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:50:50 PM)

There is no doubt, in every industry, there are some that do better than others.  Real estate is no different.  We see the stats everyday about how other Realtors® in our area are doing, including what areas and price points they’re successful with.  But, to the general public, this may not be so obvious.

We often hear the line “that agent sells a lot” or “you guys are selling a lot”.  In both cases, often the answer is “yes”, but these comments are based on the visual signage that you drive by or the online and print ads showing “SOLD!”  So, yes, the agent you see on that sign did in fact have a part in selling that listing.  But this creates a false reflection of the field of Realtors® out there as it only tells one side of the story.

Think of sports for a moment.  Would Wayne Gretzky have been as successful without guys like Paul Coffey feeding him the breakout pass?  Would Michael Jordan been as free to drive the lanes if teams weren’t worried about the dish to Scottie Pippen?  As a Colts fan, I’m not sure Peyton Manning could’ve broken so many records without having Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne making epic catches down field.

What about music – do you know who Paul Stanley and Charlie Watts are?  I’m very familiar with Kiss and most know who Gene Simmons is.  But I’m not a Rolling Stones fan, so I had to look up the drummer’s name.  But if someone had said to me “Mick Jagger”, I wouldn’t have needed Google to recognize what band was being talked about.

In real estate, the listing agent is the Neil Armstrong of the transaction while the buying agent is Buzz Aldrin.  They both had to work hard to complete their mission, but Armstrong is the legend while Buzz is more commonly known as “who was that other guy?

In most transactions, there is a Buyer’s Agent on the selling side of the transaction.  Before they even got to the listing or ad you see with the “Sold” sign, the buying agent has put in long hours preparing tours and viewing properties, teaching buyers what to look for during the property visits, sending the buyers new listings daily, farming for properties that aren’t listed but may fit the bill for the buyer, completing thorough investment analysis packages and even providing feedback to listing agents after the touring is done.

After the buyer finds the right property, the buyer’s agent is working with the financers, setting up and attending inspections, working with insurance companies, accountants, lawyers and so many more third parties – all the industry teammates Gary discusses in his blog here.  Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, these offers don’t come together, and the buying agent is pushed back to the starting line.

Meanwhile, the listing agent, for the most part, got the listing signed, put their sign in the ground, posted the listing to the MLS™ database, did some social media promotion and confirms the showings.  In some cases, this is actually admin handling these tasks, not the listing agent.  But, once the offer is in place and accepted, the listing agent is basically lying in wait for the buying agent to do the heavy lifting to work through all the processes and satisfy the conditions of the offer.

Once the buyers’ agent’s work is handled and conditions are fulfilled, the listing agent heads over and flips their sign to “Sold” and blasts out tons of marketing about “Sold another listing!” - 99% of the time with zero mention of that buying agent that worked so hard on the other end to make it all come together and was the actual agent who "sold" the property the listing agent is taking 100% credit for.  Even sellers often get it wrong saying the listing agent sold their house – in most cases, they didn’t.  There’s a reason our system calls the buyer’s agent the “Selling Agent”.

Back in the day, so I've been told, when a listing sold, the buying agent would actually get to put their sold sign on the front lawn alongside the listing agent’s.  This, to me, was a fair way of allowing the buying agent to get the recognition for all their hard work.  But this was overturned back in the day and, I can only assume, by a few that were predominantly listing agents that didn’t want to share the spotlight anymore and possibly saw it as a way to suppress their competition.  It is my position that this decision should be reversed.  Maybe even something the Competition Tribunal should weigh in on.

Our team is extremely well balanced – we work both sides of the coin consistently near 50/50 levels.  We understand what it takes as both listing agents and buying agents in the transaction while some focus primarily on listing and others are exclusive buyer reps.  Sure, we love when our “Sold” sign is on display for all to see as it’s great promotion.  But I believe our team would have no issues making sure the buyers’ representatives are also equally recognized for all their hard work in completing the mission alongside us.  I would go as far as saying it should be mandatory to acknowledge the Selling Agent if the listing agent wants to promote the sale.  After all, we owe fairness and honesty to the general public at all times and telling a half truth isn't being honest.

Goals are rarely scored without an assist, a touchdown takes all 11 players on the field working together and a singer without a band is just karaoke.  There is no “I” in team and there is often no “Sold” without the hard work of a buyer representative.  These agents are the unsung heroes of the sale and should be brought out of the shadows to get the credit they deserve for all their hard work.

After all, Buyer Agents are people too.

As mentioned, we have the experience and expertise on both sides of the process.  Whether you're a buyer or seller, contact us at to see how we can handle your side of the transaction.  If you're a buyer, you can start your MLS™ search here.  Buyers and sellers can access our website for more great info about buying and selling in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.  And don't forget to check out our other great blog topics here!

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Steve Caswell

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