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How You Doing?

(Published on - 3/7/2023 12:17:07 AM)

Anyone who is a fan of Friends can hear Joey’s sly voice while attempting a pickup with that opening line.  Although we’re asking you the same thing, we’re doing it more sincerely and certainly not as a pickup attempt!

With the exception of last week, we’ve been consistent in posting weekly blogs in an effort to help everyone through this.  In some cases a blog was written almost directly to help one person who we felt needed it, but others were getting some positive benefits through them as well.  We thank you for all the great feedback we've been getting from these.

These blogs ranged in topics related to Covid-19 and bluntly approached some issues in a tough, but fair way.  You can check out the entire blog train from the onset of Covid-19 which starts with the “We’re All Doomed” blog posted back in the days when toilet paper was flying off the shelves and people seemed in both panic and denial of what was about to happen.

As things continued to evolve, so did our blogs in an effort to help people during the weekly moments in the isolation periods.  We all went through an abundance of emotions through this – fear, anxiety, boredom, frustration, etc. – and we know these emotions aren’t going to change overnight.  We’ve all seen the changes on social media, as discussed in our Covid-19 Human Behaviour blog, go from playfulness with funny memes turning to frustration of having to maintain isolation and even into anger while attacking others views or opinions.  Honestly, it’s no fun watching our fellow Canadians turn on each other in such a stressful time for all of us.  So unCanadian.

We understand the frustrations and wanting to get on with life, but the numbers just aren’t there yet and we’ll take some to get there.  As we said in our last blog post, we shouldn’t be so numb to the numbers that are still showing deaths occurring on a daily basis.  There is still a health crisis upon us, and each one of those numbers is a person, a fellow Canadian, who likely died scared and alone and left behind a family having to mourn without saying their final goodbyes.  And their frustration is completely the opposite of those that want the restrictions loosened so they can get to camp - their frustration is why more wasn’t done to save their loved one.  Think about that next time you turn on the news and they aren’t giving you the green light to pack up the car to head to camp, launch the boat and light a campfire.  Or even consider how shitty some people's Mother's Day will now be this year while you're video chatting with your mom.

That being said, and as we said In The Face of Adversity blog, life will go on.  We can all see the health crisis is slowly subsiding and the focus is now shifting to what is shaping up to be a very serious financial crisis.  With our most recent Covid-19 Weekly Update that we sent out to clients, we’ve done the same focus shift by asking them to complete a survey so we can find out what their general feelings are throughout Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas to get a consensus of what the “new normal” might look for all of us.  The results we’ve seen are nothing short of amazing.

The survey we’ve created asks questions about your current thoughts regarding health, financial and real estate changes we’re seeing related to Covid-19, and we’ve even tried to lighten the mood at the end with a few fun questions for you to reflect back on your own isolation period.  And now we’re opening this up to you – anyone – to help us get an overall feel outside of our Caswell Team family.

If you can spare a few minutes, while you wait for the green light to get to go to the cottage camp, head out to the park or even book that dinner reservation you’ve been hankering for, we’d love to hear your responses to our survey to get more of a provincial and even national perspective.  There are a couple of questions where it requests responses regarding Greater Sudbury, but simply use your own location for your responses to those.

The survey is 100% anonymous and no identifiable information of any kind is provided.  The responses are simply used in aggregate form for us to gauge what everyone is collectively thinking and hopefully provide a bit of a ‘crystal ball” we can all use to work on a game plan to help everyone we can get through the upcoming tough financial times.

But, before we provide you with the survey link, as incentive, and as we mentioned in the FB post, we want to buy you dinner!  If you’re the lucky one, we’re going to contact your favourite restaurant, no matter where it is, and put $50 towards your next to-go order or eat-in dinner.  We’ll randomly select one name from everyone who shares the survey link post or this blog post directly from our Caswell Team Facebook page and, if you’re chosen, we’ll message you to find out where you want us to buy you dinner!  Even if you've already completed the survey through a different message, hit that "share" button for a chance at some free dinner!

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to help us help everyone we can by completing the survey below. 

Just click the picture to open the survey and tell us, “How You Doing?”

Wishing all moms out there an awesome Mother's Day!

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