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(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:26:11 PM)

Although it may not seem like it now with winter being in full force, spring is just around the corner and many homes will be coming to market in Greater Sudbury….  And hopefully with the Caswell Team!

If you are one of those people that is waiting for the spring market to list so that you can show off that beautifully landscaped yard, lockstone driveway, super green and manicured lawn or that oasis inground pool… this tidbit is definitely for you.

Although curb appeal is an eye catcher for listing your home, it is very important to make sure that the interior of your home is show ready as well…. And now is the time to work on that.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to prepare your home for market is by decluttering!  I cannot stress this enough.  You are going to be moving, so why not start packing it up,

There is a way that most people live and then there is a way on how people should sell.  All of those personal pictures, keepsakes and all those knick knacks that everyone collects over the years, believe it or not, are ultimately hurting the sale of your house.   Buyers are trying to picture themselves living there when they are viewing homes…. not moving in with you!

We work with many buyers and pay a lot of attention to their first reaction when walking into a home.  The “less is more” saying really shines true in this situation.

When getting started, I typically visualize three piles.  Items to keep, Items to donate/yard sale and Items to toss.

Here are a few tips on what you can be doing in preparation:

  • Personal Pictures. Always nice to have frames on the walls or on a table, but better to stick to less personal pictures.
  • Kids toys. Do they really play with all of them?  Stick to a toy box of their favourites, keep them in there for each showing and always keep them out of “formal” living spaces.
  • Refrigerator clutter. All the kid’s art, your magnet collection from the past decade, photographs, memos, etc…. remove.    
  • Night stand items. Stick to only a table lamp, your book and if you are one of the few who still uses one, an alarm clock.
  • Kitchen Counter clutter. Only keep out the small frequently used appliances to show off more counter space.
  • Kitchen Cupboards. Keep them organized…. especially the Tupperware one!
  • Kitchen Pantry. Toss the expired items and keep it neat. 
  • Remove that piece of furniture that is never used.  The room will look larger.
  • Donate some of your clothes if they are never worn and keep everything folded or hung neatly.
  • Decorative bins/baskets and hooks on the wall in entry ways for coats/dog leashes/shoes etc., are great for keeping things looking tidy. 
  • Storage/crawl space area. Keep items in bins, will be easy on the eyes and easier when moving.

This is just a small list of things you can do to improve the first impression that Buyers will have when they walk through the door.  Once you get started you will feel a sense of pride of ownership and it will benefit in the sale of your house, I promise!

Part of our business is helping you from the start.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to come over and discuss these items or even to see how you’re making out with all the recommendations above.  That’s what we’re here for!  Pop us an email at and let’s set up an appt to get your home into the decluttered category and ready for that spring listing!

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