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(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:25:38 PM)

Welcome to the New Caswell Team Blog!

As we move our way into 2019, the Caswell Team continues our efforts to provide maximum value for our past, present and future clients with a focus on an even stronger online and social media presence.  We all know the “web” hosts mass amounts of information and buyers and sellers have become much more tech savvy in the way they approach the biggest financial decisions of their lives.  And we want to be a source for that information!

So, welcome to the newest addition to our team – The Caswell Team Blog – where we’re going to share our expertise, provide some profound (and not so profound) insights and talk about our experiences.  If you’re looking for something dry and mind-numbing, this probably isn’t the place to look.  If you’re looking for interesting information on Greater Sudbury real estate, you want to read entertaining stories from the daily life of real estate agents or just want to understand who we are a little more, then this is the spot!

This blog will have no set structure.  These will not be “copy and pasted” boiler plate stuff that some firm in Toronto did for us and regurgitated it on our site.  This will be original commentary straight from the team members themselves.  If Amanda wants to share a funny story from the art of balancing the life of being a super mom to two little ones and still book her showings for the next day, there’s probably tons of moms that can relate!  Gary might want to share the story they went through with the kids growing up and leaving the nest and the process they took to downsize to that perfect place on Long Lake.  Michelle might want to tell the tale of the Caswell Team Ladies Slo Pitch team we sponsor and how it brings the girls together once a week.  And I might have a concept for determining whether you want to by a camp in the French River versus a cottage in Muskoka.  And there will be plenty of informative discussion around real estate, market conditions, statistics, investment analysis, legalities, tips and tricks to owning a property in Greater Sudbury and so on.

This is your place to meet us, get to know us and to stay informed.  Continue to check back frequently for new posts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss the new ones as they are published!

As a starting point for this first post, we’d be remiss if we didn’t introduce you to us.  Beside each of our names is a link to our full bios that will give you more of an insight into our real estate and personal lives.

Steve Caswell (aka Caz) – CLICK HERE to check out Caz’s bio


Michelle Caswell (aka Mishe, Mimi) – CLICK HERE to check out Michelle’s bio.


Gary Doyle (aka Doyler) – CLICK HERE to check out Gary’s bio.


Amanda Gervais (Gerv) – CLICK HERE to check out Amanda’s bio.


Never hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments and suggestions, including any topics you’d like to see us discuss on here.  You can reach us anytime through our team email account – – and keep coming back to see what’s new and exciting in Greater Sudbury!



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