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Put Down The Phone!

(Published on - 3/6/2023 11:45:28 PM)


I’m confident you’ve felt the difference over the years.  Since we have all been introduced to some sort of smartphone, apps, social media, streaming, etc., life has certainly gotten more hectic and demanding.  Having a device attached to you has basically become another limb and, in turn, has made us easier to reach, way busier and, sadly, distracted.

Ironically, you’re probably reading this as you’ve clicked through a Facebook post on your phone!

Although it is very important, especially in our industry and for many others, to respond quickly to our clients, it is equally important to take a break from our devices from time to time, even if just for an hour or so.  I am still learning this, as I know that I am the worst for obsessing over looking at my phone.  My husband tells me all the time “you’re allowed to take a dinner break and not look at your phone for 20 minutes”.

One of the things that I have incorporated into my life five years ago is Pilates.  I do it three times a week for an hour and, during that hour, I have no phone attached to me and I try to turn the brain off for a little “me” time.  It has been a game changer in my life in so many ways and I would highly recommend it!

I also fit some time in for other sports like softball, pickleball and golf.   I have been playing sports since I was a little girl and, to me, there is nothing better than the camaraderie of playing on a team, the competitiveness and, of course, sharing a cold beer afterwards.  But even during these sports, and the beer after, I catch myself constantly checking my phone for updates.  

If Pilates or sports are simply not your thing, there are many other things that you could be doing to try and clear your brain and simply just take a break from the hectic things our world throws at us.  Doing crafts with your kids, gardening, meeting a friend for a visit, or simply going for a walk.  

The point is, put the phone down, engage with others or take some time to yourself!

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