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Valley Events Attract Homebuyers & Job Seekers: January 2022

(Published on - 1/18/2022 8:00:18 PM)

It is PEAK SEASON IN SCOTTSDALE. The upcoming world-renown collector car auctions are followed by the PGA’s rowdiest and most popular week-long golf tournament. This is followed in February by some of the most well attended horse shows in the world. Families begin arriving in early March for spring break, filling resorts and vacation rentals to peak capacity. Lastly, the entire month of April is booked for Spring Training: 15 of the 30 MLB teams host in stadiums throughout the Valley. The Arizona Cardinals will not make it to the Super Bowl this year. However, next year they will be hosting it. Super Bowl LVII is scheduled for February 12, 2023 here in Cardinal Stadium!

Phoenix metro builds resilancy to negate any future housing market declines

Raining Jobs in Phoenix

Semiconductor 'Mecca'

Another U.S. semiconductor company is considering Arizona for a fab plant that could have a capital investment of $40 billion and 10,000 jobs at full buildout. The project is on an accelerated timeline as the world reacts to the global chip shortage that is causing supply chain disruption.  According to the Phoenix Business Journal on January 4, the company has not been disclosed, but has been confirmed as a U.S. Company.

Phoenix metro is already considered a tech mecca which Forbes labeled last March as “Semiconductor Central.”

  • Intel broke ground last summer on two new chip factories in the Valley in a $20 billion expansion in Chandler, expected to create 3,000 jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs.  Intel is the largest American chipmaker. An Intel executive was featured on a panel for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council last fall, stating that the facility is on track and on schedule.
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in constructing its $12 billion semiconductor fab in north Phoenix. Taiwan is the world’s largest producer of computer chips. The announcement in 2021 was the largest foreign direct investment in Arizona’s history. The plant is expected to create a total of 4,296 jobs over 10 years. The first phase is estimated to have an economic impact of $382 billion over 20 years.
  • On January 11, EMD Electronics, a chemical supplier in the semiconductor industry, was featured in another Phoenix Business Journal article as intending to build a $28 million factory in Chandler. EMD expects to start operations at the end of 2022 and employ at least 100 people.


The January 6 Business Journal featured story on Switzerland-based manufacturing facility to employ 500 in Litchfield in the SW Phoenix Valley. Meyer Burger Technology AG will produce solar modules at Goodyear Airport 85, a new speculative building located near the Phoenix Goodyear Airport.


ASU President Michael Crow was quoted in the January 6 edition that ASU’s partnership with the Mayo Clinic has been finalized. Crow stated that the resulting north Phoenix biotech corridor will be “one of the most important sites on the planet – literally on the planet.” This huge project could eventually brig tens of thousands of jobs to the area. Joan Koerber-Walker, president and CEO of the Arizona Bioindustry Association summarizes this exciting news as follows, “As Arizona’s biomedical sector continues to grow, there is a need to expand beyond the lab and engage with partners to move discoveries into development so that they can ultimately benefit patients.”

No, the Sky is Not Going to Fall

According to a recent Forbes article, quoting from the most well respected experts, we expect prices to rise another 2.9%, and sales to increase another 6.6%. Read the full article here


One thing remains constant and is even more true than ever: Your Home Equity is a significant asset in your portfolio and you deserve expert guidance.  Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home? Call Denise 602-980-0737, celebrating a 36 year career in Arizona Real Estate. 


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How to Predict when Home Values Will Fall: December 2021

(Published on - 12/7/2021 4:51:01 AM)

Upside Down Contract Ratio DeniseVDB.comContract Ratio: A Clear Predictor of When Home Values Will Fall. December 2021

How do you know that if you buy a home now, you will still be taking advantage of today's amazing home appreciation? Take a look at Contract-to-Active-Listing-Ratio, a firm indicator of SuppLy and Demand. Here in Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro) as of December 1 we had 6,157 listings, but another 11,014 homes under contract. That is completely upside down. It indicates that there is no possibility of prices going down in the near future. The graph below shows this ratio dating back to 2014. The Supply and Demand chart below that shows how totally different today's HIGH Demand and LOW Supply differs from the same snapshot in 2005.


Contract Ratio Maricopa County Dec 1 2021


Supply & Demand 2005 - 2021


Why You Should be Moving To ArizonaIt's the Most Beautiful Time of the Year in AZ

You have more options than ever before on where to live, work and play. If you are considering affordability, with a great lifestyle and realiability, look no further than Phoenix Metro. It is no secret, according to the Maricopa Association of Governments, as the County is adding more residents consistantly than any other in the nation. Arizona is business tax-friendly. Weather is mostly perfect, and very reliable. The state is blessed with low instances of natural disasters. And in just a two hour drive you can be in 7,000-12,000 elevations with Pine Trees and Golf Courses.

One thing remains constant and is even more true than ever: Your Home Equity is a significant asset in your portfolio and you deserve expert guidance.  Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home? Call Denise 602-980-0737, celebrating a 36 year career in Arizona Real Estate.

Still A Good Time to Buy a Home: November 2021

(Published on - 11/8/2021 2:59:03 AM)

Consistent with last month, the markets continue at a slower appreciation than earlier in the year, but continue the steady climb. Click HERE for this month’s 3 minute housing market update

In Phoenix, annual appreciation declined to 25% (from 39%) and Days On Market up to 10 days (from last month's 5). That's still pretty terrific and buyers from 6 or 8 or more months ago are loving the appreciation they have already seen on their homes. Will they eventually lose value? According to the experts, that is doubtful. 


Below are snapshots from this month's business press.


Phoenix Tops Nation in Appreciation October 2021Population Growth data from 2020 Census

 Interest Rates Continue to Climb

One thing remains constant and is even more true than ever: Your Home Equity is a significant asset in your portfolio and you deserve expert guidance.  Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home? Call Denise 602-980-0737, celebrating a 36 year career in Arizona Real Estate.


It's a Great Time to be a Buyer or a Seller. October 2021

(Published on - 10/5/2021 3:58:19 AM)

Although there is slightly less buyer competition, the experts are still expecting home prices to appreciate, but at a more sustainable rate than the past 18 months. Happy Halloween Click here for a 3 mimute demonstration on why it is still a great time to be a Buyer or a Seller.


Realtor Transparency

DeniseVDB Sold HomeLast May, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) created a Clear Cooperation policy to address the growing use of off-MLS listings. The NAR concluded that leaving listings outside of the broader marketplace excludes consumers, undermining REALTORS®' commitment to providing equal opportunity to all. The policy states:

Within one (1) business day of marketing a property to the public, the listing broker must submit the listing to the MLS for cooperation with other MLS participants. Public marketing includes, but is not limited to, flyers displayed in windows, yard signs, digital marketing on public-facing websites, brokerage website displays (including IDX and VOW), digital communications marketing (email blasts), multi-brokerage listing sharing networks, and applications available to the general public.

The policy however, has an Office Exclusive Exemption which allows me as a Realty Executive, to promote to all other Realty Executive agents locally and worldwide. "In an office exclusive listing, direct promotion of the listing between the brokers and licensees affiliated with the listing brokerage, and one-to-one promotion between these licensees and their clients, is not considered public advertising," according to the NAR. It benefits my clients that I am a part of a large true peer-to-peer network of REALTORS®.


Supply and Demand

Balanced MarketThe below chart shows Supply and Demand in the current housing market. In the months leading up to the crash of 2008, we saw a drastic increase in housing supply (red), and a sharp decline in demand (green) as investors were offered easy money with little-to-no skin in the game.  We would need a similar surge in supply to reduce the demand in order to see a drop in housing prices today. And we would be able to see this happen statistically over a period of several months.

 Sept18 2021 vs 2008 Supply Demand Chart

Maricopa County Continues to Top the Nation in Population and Job Growth

Maricopa County added more residents than any other county in the nation again last month according to Maricopa Association of Governments. We have 100 new "Zonies" relocating to the Valley of the Sun every day.


One thing remains constant and is even more true than ever: Your Home Equity is a significant asset in your portfolio and you deserve expert guidance.  Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home? Call Denise 602-980-0737, celebrating a 36 year career in Arizona Real Estate.


Why the Housing Market will Not Crash. September 2021

(Published on - 9/7/2021 8:57:43 PM)

Buyer Beware!

Caveat Emptor Businessman with ulterior motives

Caveat emptor; Latin for "let the buyer beware," more true than ever. In this 3 minute video we look at some of the hyped up marketing campaigns that are starting to feel reminiscent of the days leading up to the crash of 2008. 


The Housing Market is Cooling Down this Fall

Is this Housing Market Sustainable? DeniseVDB

According to, experts are expecting the housing market to shift to something closer to normal this fall, anticipating more homes going on the market to slow down the price increases and bidding wars we have seen this past year. CNN posted on 8/23, "There has been a turn in the market from super heated to still very strong," said Lawrence Yun, NAR's chief economist. Fox quotes George Ratiu, manager of Economic Research in an article 8/25 noting that the "pandemic-trend" towards new homes had softened. According to Ratiu, demand had been fueled by "a historically-low inventory of existing homes and shifting preferences for larger homes, backyards and suburban neighborhoods." However, he claims that now home buyers are seeking a more affordable option, "especially as prices of new homes remain elevated due to lumber costs."  In summary, although experts agree the market is "cooling," there is no anticipation of home values dropping. With the exception, of course, of price reductions on those new listings fueled by not-too-serious sellers and new real estate agents working to profit from this great real estate market ;).


Phoenix Leads Job Growth in Technology Sector

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Phoenix is one of the leaders in Tech job growth. Overall, Phoenix ranked #15, beating out well-known tech hub San Jose. Amazon was the top posting employer, followed by several defense firms. Top cities ranked by overall job posting volume, according to the article, ranking above Phoenix were, in order of Tech Job Postings: New York; Atlanta; Chicago; San Francisco; Washington; Austin; Seattle; Dallas; Los Angeles; Boston; Charlotte; Houston; Denver and San Diego. Full Article


The Latest & Greatest on Luxury Demand

DeniseVDB shrugging her shoulders in a Luxury Home

According to this month's Luxury Home Marketing Institute, “A combination of government intervention to manage economies and assist businesses, the unexpected and significant amount of new wealth generated since the onset of COVID-19 – from both industry and the stock market, and fewer options available for travel, vacations, recreation, and other social activities has all contributed to an increase, as well as a reallocation, of disposable income.” Download full report HEREADU Accessory Dwelling Unit from BHG Article

 Is Your Neighbor Planning to Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to the Yard?

Cities need a lot more affordable living spaces and owners want more out of their lots. That's why ADUs have become a major trend in housing nationwide. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a residential unit located on the same lot as a single-family home. Download Full Article HERE.

The Principal Residence Gain Exclusion Break

The $250,000 ($500,000, if married*) home sale gain exclusion break is one of the great tax-saving opportunities. Certain exceptions: only if neither you nor your spouse took advantage of the exclusion for an earlier sale within the two-year period.  Click for details from the Bradford Tax Institute August Tax Reduction Letter.


One thing remains constant and is even more true than ever: Your Home Equity is a significant asset in your portfolio and you deserve expert guidance.  Is Now a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home? Call Denise 602-980-0737, celebrating a 36 year career in Arizona Real Estate. 




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