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Denise van den Bossche


2005 Bubble vs. 2022 Potential Correction

(Published on - 5/31/2022 12:51:26 AM)

2005 Bubble vs 2022 Housing Market
2005 Too Many Homes ...  2022 Not Enough Homes.

  • 2005 Zero Down Loans Freely Available ...  2022 Borrowers must have "Skin in the Game." 
  • 2005 was dominated by Investors ...  2022 Buyers are Homeowners, or those wanting badly to be homeowners.
  • So what is the Worst Case: A Crash. However, there is nothing in the math that supports a crash.
  • Best Case: No Effect.
  • Most Likely: A short term market shift or correction. Interest rates could go back to 5% as early as this Fall.   

Interested in the increased number of listings and lower market demand here in the Valley of the Sun? Watch my 3 minute June Market Re-cap Video Here

June 2022 Market Update



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