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SPRING BREAK, Can I Bring Kids House Hunting?

(Published on - 3/29/2016 2:59:47 PM)

If you need more room for your growing family, or you’re simply relocating to a new town during Spring Break, you may be wondering if bringing your kids along on the house hunting journey is a good idea.


Children House Hunting

In my experience, there are pros and cons to having kids with you as you try and find the next family home. Here’s what you’ll want to consider before you bring everyone along to open houses and showings.

  1. Liability matters. If you have a newborn strapped to your chest, it might not be much of an issue to walk through a prospective home, but toddlers are a different story. Your home may be kid safe, but not all homes on the market have been prepared to show with a free-range child in mind. Kids don’t necessarily understand this new home isn’t a playground, and there may be areas which are not explicitly safe for your little ones.


  1. Is it an open house or a private showing? Open houses are often group affairs, and you’ll need to check your comfort level bringing your child along in these social settings. Kids can also get bored at these grown-up moments. Will you be able to focus on the home if your attention is split between the home and your kid? Kids are certainly allowed at open houses, but in general it is easier to maximize an open house kid free.


  1. Is it important to have your child with you? Sometimes, when you have an older child you want to help adjust to the idea of moving, it can be useful to lay the ground rules with your kid and make them feel as though they are important in the process. Teens can also provide valuable perspective on a new home, especially when it comes to checking out home amenities and the bedroom situation. Getting teen buy-in can ease the transition, especially when they’re leaving friends and familiarity behind.


  1. Sometimes you have no other option. If a babysitter is out of the question, or your schedule is such that having your child with you is a must, you should know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having your kid along for the ride. It can be useful to let your agent know, provided your agent is the one taking you on a tour of the property. This will help the agent remain alert for potential safety and liability issues, and may even help them tailor the time it takes to move through the homes.


I want your whole family to be safe during the home hunt and happy when you’ve found a place you like.

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Shannon Vinnick, REALTOR


EXIT 293: New I-95 interchange opens at Matanzas Woods Parkway

(Published on - 3/29/2016 1:42:44 PM)

Matanzas Woods Parkway — Exit 293, #PalmCoast #I95 

.....County Commissioner Barbara Revels traced the history of the project for the crowd: The county realized the need for the interchange after the wildfire of 1998, which destroyed 71 houses, led to a mandatory evacuation of the county's then-35,000 residents. Now, there are about 105,000 residents in Flagler County. 


"Transportation is like the arteries in our body, and if they're clogged, we don't function very well," Rep. Paul Renner said. "The same is true of our transportation."


See the full story below by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor


Barbara R

Ready to sell? I can help!

(Published on - 3/24/2016 7:36:56 PM)

Power Of NOW!

(Published on - 3/22/2016 6:25:06 PM)


The Power of Now

There are many factors that come into play when deciding the best time to sell your home. I can show you the precise current market conditions in your area, from the listing count, to the number of traditional sales, distressed sales and new home sales in your area, as well as builder permits and inventory supply data. Examining how this information fits in with your unique timeline, financial goals and your property equity will help you answer the question, "Is now the right time for me to sell?"

Jan 2016 STATS




(Published on - 3/7/2016 4:44:42 PM) prediction: Strong spring housing market


Spring Basket Fence


CHICAGO – March 4, 2016 – Recent housing and economic reports predict solid spring home sales, says Jonathan Smoke,®'s chief economist. Smoke notes the following signs that suggest an upswing:

  • Jobs: "Job creation – arguably the most important factor in housing demand – is moving apace," Smoke says. In January, the U.S. created 151,000 jobs; in February, it created 242,000. Unemployment is near 10-year lows. Smoke predicts that the latest employment growth should translate into a 3 percent boost to home sales this year.
  • Home sales: Existing-home sales from January 2015 to January 2016 grew 11 percent. Sales are taking longer close due to new truth-in-lending mortgage rules that took effect last fall, but the pace of sales is growing. New-home sales have also grown solidly year-over-year, and the median price of new homes is declining as more builders offer affordable homes rather than catering only to the luxury market.
  • Home prices: Prices are moving up and most of that has been attributed to the limited number of homes for sale. At the current pace, there's a four-month supply of homes on the market – much lower than the norms of six to seven months. "This is driving prices higher and encouraging consumers who hope to buy this year to get started as soon as possible," Smoke says.
  • Mortgage rates: Low mortgage rates are improving homebuyer affordability – for now anyway. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged under 3.7 percent in the latest week, which offers buyers nearly 5 percent more buying power than they had at the end of 2015, Smoke notes.

But as Smoke notes: "not everything is rainbows and unicorns. The biggest negative trend impacting potential demand relates to the January and February declines in stock values, which have taken a toll on consumer confidence."

Also, a tight inventory of for-sale homes could also limit sales in the spring season. But for buyers who qualify, the low mortgage rates may prove a stronger motivator than too-few homes to consider.

Source: "The Numbers Are In: Yup, 2016 Is Off to a Good Start in Home Sales,"® (Feb. 26, 2016)The Numbers Are In

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