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(Published on - 12/14/2023 4:36:32 PM)

The majority of us spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. We frequently spend so much time in our comfortable kitchen area that we don't give it much thought in terms of appearance.

However, the tendencies are shifting. Modern kitchens are functional and stylish. Seven kitchen styles that are rapidly going out of style are listed by design experts:

Shorter Backsplashes: Up to six or eight inches above the countertop, backsplashes are a thing of the past. If you're willing to remodel, you can create a larger, cleaner kitchen by extending the backsplash all the way up to the upper cabinets.

Wood Cabinets that are distressed: Natural wood or white finishes are replacing the bulky distressed wood of the past, which was once the epitome of country-style kitchen design.

Microwaves over the stove: In order to save counter space, people installed microwaves over stoves when they first became popular. However, modern families demand that essentials be available to the whole family. Some people are remodeling cabinets so that smaller family members can reach the microwave in an under-counter nook. 

Décor on top of cabinets: The days of using dusty accents like fake flowers or greenery to cover the gap between the tops of your cabinets and the ceiling are long gone. The space feels more airy when they are taken down from above the cabinets.

Pots and pans hanging from the ceiling:There there was a large, exquisite hanging rack in every kitchen featured in a magazine, full of pots and pans made of stainless steel or copper. Today's kitchen designers are swapping out the outmoded country style for cleaner, more minimalist lines and making space for them in cabinets or drawers. 

Colored Appliances: Kitchen appliances have changed color over time, going from white to copper to avocado green and back again. However, the sleek, contemporary appearance of stainless steel is fashionable right now.

Workstations in the kitchen: Every posh kitchen used to have a desk area, a small alcove where you could check your mail, make payments, etc. However, those hoarders of mess are now old news. You can increase the amount of space and storage possibilities in your kitchen by relocating desk tasks to another room.



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