Going Green!

(Published on - 2/9/2018 7:29:02 PM)

Team Member Sara White recently received her NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) Green designation. What does this exactly mean? Most might think of a building or home that is “green” will have big ticket items such as solar panels and/or a rain harvesting system. While solar and water harvesting help make a home more environmentally friendly, there are many more aspects to a ‘Green” home.

Sara admitted that she went into the class, like many others, thinking “solar and rain harvesting” were the most important items to a home being “green”, but quickly learned that it goes way beyond major items, such as those. Sara was quick to point out that smart home technology is a huge part of whether a home should, or can be considered “green”. Have you heard of a Nest Thermostat? Sara explained that Nest Thermostats keep you comfortable when you’re at home and turn themselves down when you’re away. Add the app to your favorite device and you can control your thermostat remotely. It automatically adapts as your lifestyle and the seasons change. An easy way to save money on your heating and cooling bill!

Some people make green choices without a conscious thought. Motion detector lights? LED bulbs? Low-flow water faucets? Air sealing? Efficient insulation? Triple pane windows? These are all examples of cost efficient ways that homeowners can make their home more environmentally friendly and save money on utilities at the same time.

How can a realtor who has NAR Green Certification help you? From the moment Sara looks at a home, whether she is helping you buy or sell, the aspects of “going green” will be on her radar. She will assess items and systems that add value to the home. Rest assured that Sara is current and up to date with all trends and green features that make a home a SMART home! It’s a new way of living that is becoming more standard and expected as time passes!