Borrow And Share Seed Program

(Published on - 7/19/2018 8:21:16 PM)

Did you know that you can "borrow" seeds from various Pima County Public Libraries around town??? You can also save and share seeds as well!! Pima County Public Libraries (PCPL) started the Seed Library in January of 2012, and currently there are over 400 types of available seeds.
According to PCPL, the Seed Library was created "to encourage the Tucson community to dig in and garden, connect the community to traditions of growing tasty, healthy food, educate the community about growing, harvesting, and saving seeds, to create a community sustained seed collection at the library, and nurture a culture of sharing and abundance."
The Libraries have the option of choosing "Easy" or "Advanced" seeds (interestingly, this categorization refers to how easy or difficult it is to save the seeds, not to grow them) and all you need is a current library card. The seed packets contain enough seeds to grow at least five to ten plants, and you can check out up to six packets every month. Seeds in the Library's collection are open-pollinated or heirloom varieties, meaning that seeds saved from the plants will produce fruit the next season, and will be the same plant as the parent plant.
Once you develop that Green Thumb, collect seeds from your healthiest or tastiest plants, and return a portion of the seeds for others to borrow and plant as part of the Share Seeds Program.
To learn more about the Borrow and Share Seed program, visit this Pima County Library page. Or check out this video that explains the program in detail.