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Finding Your Core Values, Your True North, Your WHY

(Published on - 11/14/2019 9:39:54 PM)


Right now my generation, Gen X, is hovering around that Big 5-0 Birthday milestone. Many of us are contemplating our lives, where we are going, what’s next, am I fulfilled, is this it, am I being the best version of myself? A lot of us are burned out, stressed out, having trouble seeing how we got here…


Many business and life coaches will tell you to find your WHY. It will give you the motivation to get up every day and be excited to make a difference.  When I was contemplating my WHY, I started to think about who I am, what I’ve done in my life that made me the person I am today. What are my Core Values?

I had a pretty big lightbulb go off when I thought about being a kid growing up in rural Missouri. My sister and I were active members of the local 4-H club and our Mom was our club leader.


4-H Pic of Ellen & Bizzy- cutest pig contest


We elected officers, held monthly meetings put on with parliamentary procedure. We had regular classes and activities.  We participated in local, district and state competitions as well as fairs for public speaking, personal appearance, fashion review. Some kids raised animals. I took whittling, ceramics, sewing, cake decorating, leather work.  If there was a class we wanted to take, Mom would find a local teacher, or she would figure out how to teach us these classes herself. She is one resourceful woman and I’m grateful for her every day!


We said the 4-H Pledge and Motto at every meeting—both of which I can still recite by memory. I looked up 4-H to find out some history of the organization. At the first National 4-H Camp in Washington, DC in 1927, the present 4-H Pledge was officially adopted (in 1973 they added “and my world”). The Pledge and Motto have stood the test of time and still ring true today.


4-H Pledge:

I pledge my Head for Clear Thinking,

My Heart for Greater Loyalty,

My Hands for Larger Service,

And My Health for Better Living,

For my Club, my Community, my Country and my World.


4-H Motto:

To make the best better.


These are my Core Values still today, my True North, my WHY. This is how I want to live my life-making the best better and having clear thinking, greater loyalty, larger service & better living.


Have you found your WHY?







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