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Defining Why: Aaron Fowler

(Published on - 8/16/2022 1:47:43 PM)




Defining Why with Aaron Fowler- Realty Executives Maryville 


Welcome to this month's edition of our Defining Why blog, where we peel back the layers of our top agents and learn more about why drives them. This month, we sat down with Aaron Fowler, team lead of the Fowler Hall Group at REA Maryville.


1. How did you get into real estate? What motivated you to choose this as a career?
Various interests and networks in my life created a great opportunity for me to jump into this business.  I started to dabble in real estate shortly after graduating college by investing in rental property with a business partner.  I ended up working in a role for the county government as a Property Assessor for several years and learned a tremendous amount about market trends and the valuation of real estate in our area. The motivation to get my license came after countless requests from friends to help keep an eye out on real estate opportunities while working in the field as an assessor. Running my own business was something I had ambition and drive to do. The timing and experience created a unique opportunity for me to transition into this business and grow rapidly
2. What is your "why" for waking up everyday? 
My why is most certainly my family and having the freedom to enjoy life.  Fortunately I was able to make sacrifices and invest in myself and my business prior to having little ones.  My focus has shifted as our family has grown and it makes me grateful for the timing of the opportunities I have had. 
3. How do you define success?
A successful person is someone who has sincere humility and recognizes the things that matter.  A successful person makes something of themselves through the pursuit of knowledge, hard work, and integrity. Someone who has experienced it is a good listener, they share credit, they remember their roots, they help others acheive goals, they show the janitor the same respect as the CEO.  In my eyes, success is truly a mindset. A person who has very little but is grateful is far more successful than a person who has a lot but lacks humility.  
4. How do you challenge yourself? 
I challenge myself to become more efficient with my time in all aspects of my life. In business, I can be a perfectionist to a fault and am in constant competition with myself. The end goal is to provide a top notch service to clients and help those who work alongside me to achieve goals that would not have been possible without working together. It is a constant challenge to create and fine tune processes within our business so that we can operate efficiently and these goals can be met at a higher level.
5. What advice would you give to another Realtor that is juggling family and a large work-load?
Find the balance.  Ambition and strong work ethic are key attributes for a productive agent. Of course sacrifices are inevitable especially early on.  When a bit of good fortune is mixed in, this business can easily consume your mind.  However, work/life balance should be at the top of the list of priorities.  I would advise any agent with a large work load to let go of some control.  There will never be another person you can hire who does it the "exact" way you do.  Step out of your comfort zone and teach someone, support them, help them problem solve.  Challenges will always be present.  Life will become far more enjoyable long term when all of the pressure is not on your shoulders.  Getting caught in the rat race and not devoting attention to yourself or your family will cost you time that you will never get back.  



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