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Defining Why: Dylan Martin

(Published on - 2/28/2023 8:08:25 PM)


Defining Why with Dylan Martin- Realty Executives West Hillls 


Welcome to this month's edition of our Defining Why blog, where we peel back the layers of our top agents and learn more about why drives them. This month, we sat down with Dylan Martin, a team leader and REA top producer.


1. How did you get into real estate? What motivated you to choose this as a career?

I have a number of great friends and a couple of family members who are agents - they planted the seed. But, ultimately, I decided to jump into this career after selling my family home. It was a pretty tough decision and a very difficult process for our family at the time, and I realized how important and impactful this work can be. We intersect families just like mine at their highest points (like adding a new family member or getting a promotion at work) and at their lowest points (like a death or divorce), and I felt a calling to be the realtor in the living room during moments like that.

2. What is your "why" for waking up everyday? 
The most obvious answer is my family. They really do motivate me to give my best at work, at home, and in the community.
For me, another layer to this question is to make the biggest possible impact on our industry and the people within our industry. I just want to be a part of creating the most kind and people-focused industry in history. I don't say that as if I came up with that idea, there are already so many kind and people-focused realtors who are crushing it - but I'm inspired by those who embody this, and I want to do my part in making sure the public think of us in this way - I think that's more valuable than one's market knowledge and/or production.


3. How do you challenge yourself? 

I jump into endeavors that I'm not 100% ready for. Don't get me wrong, I try to be at least 50% ready, maybe a little more, but the temptation for me is to try and forecast the outcome of any endeavor out to 100% certainty, and then I get discouraged before I even start. So, to challenge myself, I just go for it. It's a little bit like turning right at a red light. You have to just commit and GO - you don't have to wait on the green light.  

4. What advice would you give another Realtor that is juggling a large work-load and family?

Set boundaries. Don't let real estate become your most important role in life. It's just one of the roles that you have in life, so don't let it overshadow all the other roles that are arguably way more important. At my dad's funeral, literally no one brought up his career accolades, they all talked about what type of friend and father he was. Make sure you set aggressive and challenging goals in those roles as well - what are you doing to become a better spouse, parent, friend, neighbor, community-member, etc. Your behaviors will follow your values every time, so if you want balance in your life, work on allocating value to all of the roles you play in life, not just your career... Balance will just sort of happen after that. 


Dylan Martin | Feb. 2023 | | 124 N Winston Road Knoxville, TN 37919





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