Why to Make Your Down Payment Now

(Published on - 4/8/2018 2:00:39 PM)

Why Not Make Your Downpayment Now?

Taking the step from looking at homes to buying can be difficult to overcome, but April is a wonderful time to take advantage and make that down payment on the property of your dreams! While getting the motivation and means to do so may feel difficult, it's an opportune time of the year to consider it. Spring is a fast-paced time for the real estate market, meaning there may be no easier time for you to sell your current home and get settled into a new place by the time the next school year comes around. For a little inspiration, take a look at these three main reasons to consider making a down payment this month:



1. Spring is best the season for quick real estate sales! This means not only will it alleviate your fears of your current home sitting on the market for long, but you're at a peak time to make an easy sale at list price! This will help you get the most out of your home's worth, with the possibility for multiple offers within a short time and ease with getting a price fitting for your home's appraisal.


2. Late spring and the start of summer are a great part of the year to dedicate to your move! To start, kids headed for college or summer programs are leaving the nest and giving you the ability to make these changes without worrying! It also allows plenty of time for your family to settle into your new home before the school year starts, meaning you can get used to the new flow before life becomes more hectic. You also have the warmer weather to help you enjoy any new outside spaces, community pools, or otherwise after moving!


3. You can get into your new home for only 1% down! That's right-- you can pay as little as 1% of your new home's price. This alleviates the struggle of saving up over years, skimping on vacations and fun, and budgeting hard for your new home. Instead, enjoy the perks of homeownership and instead focus on your upcoming mortgage payments while we take care of the rest.


To learn more, give me a call! I'll be happy to start guiding you on your way to make the home of your dreams a reality. Spring will end before we know it, so don't hesitate to start taking advantage of the opportunity you and your family have now.  


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