Is Buying or Selling Your Home Your New Year's Resolution?  

(Published on - 1/11/2018 5:27:28 PM)

The new year is here! 

For many this means setting resolutions and becoming the best version of themselves. 2018 is the opportunity to be a newer, better you-- so what have you been putting off or always wanted to do? If your goals include bettering your financial status by owning rather than renting or refinancing your current home, then you should know when it comes to real estate, January is a big month. Many people wait until the new year to start thinking about buying or selling their homes, so if this includes you, look no further! Read on for information to help guide you through the process of considering whether now is the time.


what have you always wanted to do?


If you currently own a home, a great place to start is by checking the current value through a market analysis.

  • What are the homes in your neighborhood selling for?
  • What did you buy your home for, and what is it worth now in comparison?
  • Furthermore, how much do you owe on it?

You'll want to find the right agent to not only provide you with the current market analysis but to guide you through this process as it can get overwhelming without an expert on your side. I'm your expert! Call me at 520-975-4459 

If you're currently renting your home or considering buying it's crucial to make the decision between these two very different options.

  • Do you want to work with a landlord, or would you prefer the freedom of having your own land and property?
  • Are you tired of your rental agreement and ready to make a place entirely your own?

One major benefit of home buying is the freedom it allows and the investment value it can bring later down the road. A home is a commitment, but it's one many find worthwhile in the long run, especially at tax time.


Of course, making the choice on where to live once you decide to buy a home is an altogether different and more involved task. 

  • Consider your budget-- what have you been paying and what can you afford to do? Moreover, consider what sort of lifestyle you live or want to live and how home payments will be working into these choices. If you find yourself enjoying some wiggle room with spending money, it may be a good idea to go for a lower price than you can afford. 
  • Consider your location- you may want to live near family and loved ones, or closer to where you work. Everyone has different tastes and needs for both style and location, especially when it comes to Tucson where the variety is vast.
  • Are you a parent- your choice in schools is also a crucial aspect to this process. National School Choice week runs from January 21st-27th, so there will actually be a lot of information available concerning how to pick the right school district for your kids, among Tucson's many. Of course, for those soon to attend college, this is also an important month for students to start making their final choices and for you to consider if downsizing is the best route! Whether you're starting out fresh in Tucson, have lived here your whole life and love the local options for furthered education, or are new parents looking to settle down, take the time to make your school choice a part of you and your family's home buying process. 


Let's put those New Year's resolutions into motion! Whether you're hoping to leave the area, planning to settle, or are just curious about your options I'm here to make the process as easy as possible in finding the perfect home or selling your current one. 


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