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How to Switch from Renting to Owning and Why

(Published on - 6/29/2018 5:34:57 PM)

RENT IS DUE....Renting may be a good choice to go with when starting out on your own,

but once you're on your feet and ready to make decisions for your financial future, there are many massive benefits to switching from renting to buying. The process may seem daunting to consider, but it's a worthwhile option that can help lead you to better financial decisions and the steps can be manageable at any point in your life. Let's discuss both why to switch from renting to owning as well as how to start this process


The benefits of owning compared to renting are numerous! Renting is not only more affordable in most locations, but this rings true especially in communities dominated by millennials. While the most hesitant to switch into home ownership are often millennials trying to get up on their feet financially, they can actually be the ones who would benefit most from it. College towns and areas known for being popular with youth are also tied to much higher rent prices, which can dominate someone's income. 

Ownership allows you more control over your property. You get to enjoy the freedom of having a home that is truly yours to do with what you want, from painting to expanding, to major renovations. Home buying is also a wonderful investment. When you rent, you're choosing to spend continuously, but with home ownership, you're investing in an asset that can be paid off. If you're going to be paying monthly for a home, wouldn't you rather know your payment is going towards a dream of paying off housing completely as opposed to simply being your next monthly installment? 


Home buying may seem like a steep cliff to scale, but there are steps of the process to focus on one at a time. You can start this process long before you even think to start it by saving up. Saving for a downpayment and closing costs is a must, so no matter how far your ideal home ownership journey is away, starting with this step is crucial. Especially if you're a millennial or college student entering this process, a financial planner may be the key to ensuring you can properly save up and prepare for it. The next step once you've saved some money is to look into loan pre-qualification! This is important to let you know how much money you can borrow in order to make a home purchase. Getting attached to the home search before knowing your limits may become a disappointment! Don't start seriously looking at options before you've achieved pre-qualification. 

No matter your stage in life, considering the switch from renting to homeownership is one that can have a huge impact on your finances and lifestyle. I am here to help you through the process, starting with weighing your options.


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Real Estate Expertise for Military Relocation and Housing

(Published on - 6/5/2018 12:13:09 AM)

June is a month for family, summertime, and the beginning of school vacations!


This means time outdoors, quality time, and barbecues, especially with Father's Day coming up! However, for some families, this month is also time to face military relocation. This can be a struggle for both military staff and their families, with timetables and their own individual needs to take into consideration. Let me guide you through the process! As a military relocation specialist, I know how to make this process of relocation as smooth as possible for you!



Why work with a military relocation specialist instead of any other real estate professional? Military relocation specialists like myself not only know the real estate market, but we're certified to handle the specific needs of those in the service as well. For instance, we know how to work with your time limitations, what military benefits you can take advantage of when it comes to moving and housing, and we're understanding of how the process goes. I aim to help make this transfer process as quick, smooth, and stress-free as possible during what can be a frustrating time.


Military relocation specialists are also prepared to help with relocating families of military staff no matter the stage of their career! We don't work only with relocating service members, but we know how to help your family find a fitting home to start your service, help you along with relocations or to change homes after promotions or lifestyle changes, or even after your military retirement! I'm happy to assist you with this journey, taking into account your needs, preferences, and your connection to the military.



While taking the time to consider the importance and sometimes struggle that comes with military relocation, it's also crucial to bring up the relocation that comes along with the need for medical care. Fortunately, the Fisher House Foundation is a charitable foundation that specializes in building homes for the family of military and veterans where they can stay for free while a family member is in the hospital. Tucson has a local one, the Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System on South 6th Ave! Please consider donating to this cause so they can continue their help in our community and across the country.


No matter the ties your family has to the military, as a real estate expert and a certified military relocation specialist, I'm ready to meet your needs! 


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Hiring Help for Mother's Day

(Published on - 5/3/2018 12:02:28 AM)

Mother's Day is almost here–

what special gift do you have prepared to show appreciation to yours? While traditional gifts such as flowers, jewelry, and chocolate may always be welcome, a great idea to really 'wow' and help out may be something you haven't yet considered: hiring handiwork! Help around the house is the perfect gift to please anyone and it's a great season to consider it. Take a look out at this list of local professionals to consider hiring for the occasion:

- Jennifer Gooch - Paint It! - 520-603-0766 - Jennifer can help in updating cabinets from the 80-90's, freshening up the space to bring life back into kitchens. If your mom, grandmother, or wife enjoy spending time in the kitchen, then helping to spruce their kitchen up can make a great present! 


- Jared Smith - general handyman - 520-260-3719 - Does your wife have a Honey-Do List for you? Give yourself a break and her some great results by hiring Jared to get your random work around the house done and done well! 

- Daniel Reed - Choice HVAC - 520-498-2432 - Spring is a great time to get your HVAC checked, before the hottest temperatures of the year set in! Why not take that stress off of your mom's shoulders by scheduling a check for hers? 

- Sasha Jabro - Connect Security - 520-209-2523 - Security is a priceless gift– why not share it with those you love? Giving the gift of home security will not only give you peace of mind, but it will let your loved ones rest better at ease. 

- Chris Edwards - Tucson Appliance - 520-979-1377 - New appliances are a luxury few think to splurge on until the ones they have fail. Consider surpassing standards by gifting a new appliance and 'wow' with its beauty and new features! 


There is an endless variety of home repair, cleaning, and other work to be done– make the moms in your life amazed by gifting it to them this Mother's Day! Housework getting done is always a pleasant relief, but there are plenty of other local professionals around to help you celebrate not only it but other occasions this season. Not only does it feel great to have your to-do list accomplished and your house feeling fresh and new, but this is also a great way to ready your house to sell! Prepare your family's home for its upcoming sale or help a loved one with theirs by taking this season to spruce it up, then contact me for help in selling!  


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Why to Make Your Down Payment Now

(Published on - 4/8/2018 2:00:39 PM)

Why Not Make Your Downpayment Now?

Taking the step from looking at homes to buying can be difficult to overcome, but April is a wonderful time to take advantage and make that down payment on the property of your dreams! While getting the motivation and means to do so may feel difficult, it's an opportune time of the year to consider it. Spring is a fast-paced time for the real estate market, meaning there may be no easier time for you to sell your current home and get settled into a new place by the time the next school year comes around. For a little inspiration, take a look at these three main reasons to consider making a down payment this month:



1. Spring is best the season for quick real estate sales! This means not only will it alleviate your fears of your current home sitting on the market for long, but you're at a peak time to make an easy sale at list price! This will help you get the most out of your home's worth, with the possibility for multiple offers within a short time and ease with getting a price fitting for your home's appraisal.


2. Late spring and the start of summer are a great part of the year to dedicate to your move! To start, kids headed for college or summer programs are leaving the nest and giving you the ability to make these changes without worrying! It also allows plenty of time for your family to settle into your new home before the school year starts, meaning you can get used to the new flow before life becomes more hectic. You also have the warmer weather to help you enjoy any new outside spaces, community pools, or otherwise after moving!


3. You can get into your new home for only 1% down! That's right-- you can pay as little as 1% of your new home's price. This alleviates the struggle of saving up over years, skimping on vacations and fun, and budgeting hard for your new home. Instead, enjoy the perks of homeownership and instead focus on your upcoming mortgage payments while we take care of the rest.


To learn more, give me a call! I'll be happy to start guiding you on your way to make the home of your dreams a reality. Spring will end before we know it, so don't hesitate to start taking advantage of the opportunity you and your family have now.  


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March Madness for Real Estate

(Published on - 3/24/2018 1:32:27 PM)

The Madness is Here!

March Madness is HERE? A flurry of basketball teams are all facing off in quick plays, with their ranks being decided for the elite eight. This fierce competition is not only high-stakes, but it's full of fast decisions that could become game-changing. As it turns out, this competition isn't unlike the spring real estate market! In the spring, this industry picks up its pace and really starts to move at a faster speed, with much more enthusiasm than the other parts of the year.



What does this mean for buying and selling? For buyers, this pace change means that they'll have to make their purchasing decisions fast and plan to pay a listing's full price to avoid bidding wars. As for those looking to sell their homes, this market is perfect for taking the leap and listing your home, so let's get prepared for that sale!


If you're looking for your dream home, the good news is that homes are coming fresh onto the market this season! Spring is the time when many people make life-changing decisions, with kids moving out to college, starting families, getting married-- no matter what part of your life you're in, there are a lot of reasons people choose to move this season. However, with this increase of interest comes an increase to the number of home buyers. When you're looking for your home this season, it's important to keep in mind that this is a time when other buyers are also on the move.



Expect to make your purchasing decisions quickly, hopefully meaning you can plan to look at multiple options within a short amount of time so you don't miss out. This will also most likely mean buying a home at its list price since other buyers also have higher activity this season. Plan to pick property choices at or below your budget range to avoid relying on haggling or negotiating the price, as this isn't the season to expect it!


When it comes to selling your home, now is the time to do so! Make sure you're truly prepared for a sale when you're listing because a fast-moving market means you might have an offer before you're actually ready.


Plan to:

  • know where you're going to live next or find a place to stay in-between homes if you need to
  • start to pack your belongings
  • consider some home-staging to help capture interest more quickly
  • make sure you list your home at an appropriate price that is not only fair but one that you're comfortable with
  • consider an appraisal for your best bet at making sure you set the bar at the right height for the market


Regardless of what part of this process you're ready to jump into, let me be your coach during this real estate frenzy! Count on me to be in your corner for strategy, market play-by-plays, and the expertise to guide you through with the success you're looking for this season! Whether it's March Madness or the perfect home that you're looking for, this season is full of motion and it's a great time to take advantage of it!


Allow me to be your 

 Residential Dream Maker!


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