Real Estate Expertise for Military Relocation and Housing

(Published on - 6/5/2018 12:13:09 AM)

June is a month for family, summertime, and the beginning of school vacations!


This means time outdoors, quality time, and barbecues, especially with Father's Day coming up! However, for some families, this month is also time to face military relocation. This can be a struggle for both military staff and their families, with timetables and their own individual needs to take into consideration. Let me guide you through the process! As a military relocation specialist, I know how to make this process of relocation as smooth as possible for you!



Why work with a military relocation specialist instead of any other real estate professional? Military relocation specialists like myself not only know the real estate market, but we're certified to handle the specific needs of those in the service as well. For instance, we know how to work with your time limitations, what military benefits you can take advantage of when it comes to moving and housing, and we're understanding of how the process goes. I aim to help make this transfer process as quick, smooth, and stress-free as possible during what can be a frustrating time.


Military relocation specialists are also prepared to help with relocating families of military staff no matter the stage of their career! We don't work only with relocating service members, but we know how to help your family find a fitting home to start your service, help you along with relocations or to change homes after promotions or lifestyle changes, or even after your military retirement! I'm happy to assist you with this journey, taking into account your needs, preferences, and your connection to the military.



While taking the time to consider the importance and sometimes struggle that comes with military relocation, it's also crucial to bring up the relocation that comes along with the need for medical care. Fortunately, the Fisher House Foundation is a charitable foundation that specializes in building homes for the family of military and veterans where they can stay for free while a family member is in the hospital. Tucson has a local one, the Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System on South 6th Ave! Please consider donating to this cause so they can continue their help in our community and across the country.


No matter the ties your family has to the military, as a real estate expert and a certified military relocation specialist, I'm ready to meet your needs! 


Allow me to be your

      Residential Dreammaker!