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House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

(Published on - 8/12/2020 6:29:33 PM)

Keeping the house clean has never been more relevant, as good hygiene (and regular hand washing!) is more important than ever. Nobody likes a dirty house, but keeping your house clean can be a lot of work. Doing all the cleaning alone can be a tough job, especially if the person cleaning doesn't know how to clean. Here are five simple and effective tips that'll make cleaning the house much easier.

Avoid Zone Cleaning

Zone cleaning refers to completely cleaning a single part of the house, before moving onto another. A lot of people can get caught up in trying to make sure one area of the house is as presentable as possible. After putting all their efforts into making sure one area is clean, they lose motivation and do not have enough energy for the other rooms.

The pros recommend the habit of task cleaning. This means completing one chore around the entire house, such as sweeping or dusting, and then moving on to another chore. It will make cleaning go by much faster, and the extra steps makes this approach a better workout.

Arrange Cleaning Tools

One of the biggest mistakes that amateurs make is not keeping their cleaning tools together. It might seem like an over exaggeration, but knowing all your cleaning supplies are in one convenient location when you need them can be a blessing. Cleaners centralize all the supplies in a bucket or a tote bag for extra portability.

It would be terrible if you are starting to clean a room and you don’t have the right supplies. It'll be a waste of time, and gathering all the supplies from various closets and cupboards will make cleaning the house seem like a much tougher job. A well-arranged set of cleaning supplies can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Clearing out all clutter

The first priority when cleaning your house is to first clear out all the clutter - this is one of the most crucial tips. Go through the entire house and pick up any clutter that is visible, especially from surfaces you will later need to wipe down. While you’re at it, clear out all the garbage cans as well and it'll make the job much easier.

Vacuum basics

Ideally, before vacuuming the house, all fans should be turned off. This will stop dust from flying around everywhere while you are vacuuming. If there aren't a lot of carpets in the house, using a vacuum isn't necessary and isn't as effective as a broom or a mop. When vacuuming, make sure to vacuum in a grid pattern and cover all the nooks and crannies in the house.


Disinfecting the house is important now more than ever. Pour the disinfectant in a spray bottle, spray all the surfaces, and wipe down everything. Make sure to read the label on your disinfectants and rinse surfaces with a damp cloth if necessary. There are different recipes for home-made disinfectants online, but it's best to stay away from these. Buying a store-bought and approved disinfectant is the way to go to kill bacteria and protect against illness!


Everyone loves having a clean house but cleaning can be a drag. Following these various tips and tricks for household cleaning can make this dreaded chore go by much faster.

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