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DIY - Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

(Published on - 8/26/2020 2:09:56 PM)


If you are on a tight budget after moving in your new home, there are plenty of ways to decorate on the cheap. How many bags of trash do you accumulate within a week? 1? 2? Maybe more?

As climate change accelerates, global movements have pushed people to reduce waste and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. People may think that recycling their garbage and buying eco-friendly products is more than enough, but the truth is that it isn’t.

What everyone should be doing is reducing the number of products they’re throwing away. One way to do this is by purchasing reusable items, but if someone has non-reusable items that they don’t need anymore, what do they do?

This is where DIY comes in! There are a bunch of great DIY products that anyone can make using their trash. Some popular DIYs are listed down below. These will help reduce waste and create excellent items that can be used around the house.

1. Tin Can Plants

Tin cans are found in pretty much every house; some people will have old cans of paints while others will have empty tinned vegetable cans. All these tins can be repurposed as plant holders! Here’s how.

First, empty and wash the tins. After that, spray paint the tins a bright color. Once the paint is dry, some patterns could be created. Some people may draw geometrical designs; others may decorate the tins with colorful abstract drawings. Once the tin is painted, wait for it to dry and then fill it up with a lovely plant.

This DIY ‘tinned’ plant can be a nice piece of décor for both inside and outside the house. These tin-can plants can also complement the furniture if painted and designed accordingly!

2. Bottle Cap Map

Bottles are often repurposed as vases or item holders. However, what ends up in the trash are bottle caps. These small items are thought of as useless and often thrown away, but that’s not true! Bottle caps can be repurposed to create beautiful art pieces that will serve as a wonderful decoration for your house.

A bottle cap map is one such piece. To make a bottle cap map, one has to store any bottle caps that may otherwise be thrown out. Once a considerable amount of bottle caps have been collected, decide what map you’d like to make. A common one most people do is the US map.

Create a rough outline of the map and then begin to fill it with bottle caps. Most people use a wooden canvas and hot glue to create bottle cap maps. A pro tip is to use bottle caps of different colors and designs to make the map stand out.

3. Tic Tac Spice Containers

Anyone with many old tic tac containers lying around can use them to create spice containers. They’re very simple to make too. All one has to do is clean the containers thoroughly and fill them with your desired spice.

Ensure that the containers are labeled. One can do this by merely using some colored paper and marker! This is a great DIY product, and can be made with other small containers too – not just tic tac boxes!

These are just a few simple and easy ways to DIY in your new home when you are on a tight budget.


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