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Changes are coming in July in how Real Estate is bought and sold

(Published on - 4/2/2024 7:24:02 PM)

After the DOJ settlement with NAR (National Association of Realtors) we will see large changes in July.The Department of Justice has decided to go after an industry where the average income of an agent is $40,000.  The DOJ has mandated changes will happen in mid-July. There is no infrastructure set up for Lenders, Title Company, the VA or Realtors to facilitate these changes. Many different industries need to make changes. Without Federal changes to VA and FHA loans, this new mandate would leave VA Buyers without representation.  Most of you know we find joy in creating those success stories for Buyers. This will mean we have to navigate the new world for our Buyers. If you are thinking of Buying or Selling this year, avoid the chaos and do it before July. We have been through many ups and downs in the 32 years we have been performing Real Estate. This is the biggest abyss of facts and information.   


Currently the Real Estate Sales have been set up in a manner to make the transactions successful. Fees were always put into the price of the house.

  • Buyer’s no longer need 20% down like my Dad did back in the day. Private mortgage insurance was invented. Now PMI is a prepaid or monthly fee.
  • Many of the fees involved in closing a house are now handled by the Escrow Company. I remember in the 1990s rapidly driving a check to the insurance company to get a receipt so we could close. Other fees were probably handled outside Escrow in past times.
  • Title Companies purchase Title Insurance, Pay the Seller’s Property Taxes off to $0, Pay the balance of the Seller’s Mortgage, Pay the Buyer and Seller’s Real Estate agents the amount the Seller and Listing Agent agreed to at the time of the listing, sometimes pay the repair bills on behalf of the Seller.
  • Buyer’s pay their down payment. 3 ½% and up
  • Buyer’s closing costs in general usually amount to about 3% of the Sales Price.
  • For the Buyer Title collects and prepay a few months taxes, pay all the fees from the Buyer’s Lender, pay Private Mortgage Insurance, pay the Appraiser, prepay 14 months of Hazzard Insurance, home inspection, termite inspection, sewer inspection.

The Department of Justice now wants the Buyers to pay their own Agent fees. If in mid July the ruling stands the Buyer will be paying their down payment, closing costs, and the Buyer’s agents’ fees. Does that mean the Seller makes more money or that the house price is reduced by the amount the Buyer’s Agent is now being paid by the Buyer? It is a new world to navigate.

VA and probably FHA Buyers will be harmed the most. A VA buyer is not allowed to pay certain fees which include a Real Estate agents fee.

Lenders, Title Companies and Realtors cannot move forward with how they are going to operate under the new rules that have not come out yet but will be in effect mid July. It takes time to have attorney’s write new contracts, IT companies to upload and distribute.

Our ratio of Buyers is always over 50% In all price ranges over the past year it has been common for a Buyer to ask for a Seller’s Contribution of 3 or 4%. Interest rates have been high and this allows for a Buyer to get a rate buy down for 1 to 2 years or replace flooring or help with the closing costs.

Patti equates it to the handling of Afghanistan. Decide to do the pull out and after the fact worry about the equipment and interpreters left behind.

Daily we are following the latest info on the impact of the changes. We will continue to attend classes and stay updated on the different changes that will affect the home buying and selling industry. We will continue to keep you updated as things progress in our newsletter, and you are always welcome to call us. We are always here for you.

If you are a fact checker, go to the link at the bottom of this newsletter for details. The article by National Association of Real Estate explains to members why they settled. “Ultimately, while NAR continues to believe that it is not liable for the home seller claims related to broker commissions and that we have strong arguments challenging the Sitzer-Burnett verdict, we decided to reach this settlement to put claims to rest for over one million NAR members and other parties who would be released under the agreement.” The bond needed for an appeal would have bankrupted the Association.

Monday 4-1-2024 we were in Brian Buffini’s class. Brian is a national trainer for the US and Canada. Brian was in the courtroom where this case was being heard and was on the stand for many hours. Brian has been in the business for 38 years. He does not know how this case ever got as far as it did. NAR Settled for $480 million dollars. The attorneys will receive. 33%. Or $158,400,000. 


National Association of Realtors information to the membership.*h6nixz*_gcl_au*MTc4MzEwMTUyNi4xNzExNTcwNDEz

Half your mortgage could be paid with this home with a guest house

(Published on - 11/20/2020 2:43:41 PM)

Thurber Kitchen

Imagine living in a 3 bedroom home and having the guest house pay 1/2 your mortgage. 

 Updated single family home plus a guest house on a fenced half acre. NO HOA! R-3 Zoning. Room for more units. The 3-bedroom main house has been updated with a brand-new roof, newer AC, new flooring, new kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sink, faucet, and 5 burner gas stove / oven, newer water heater, paint. The laundry room has new cabinets & countertop and tile floor. Featuring an inviting wrap around covered porch. Enjoy a courtyard style private covered ramada with a brick BBQ. There is also 2 storage sheds & a fenced front yard. The guest house is 1 bedroom, LR with potbelly stove, kitchen, screened in porch and a garage. Rents for $630 mo. Main house could rent for $1300 mo. Or live in main house and rent out the guest. Past the guest house is another lg fenced area with trees. Property continues to block wall at the back. This listing is also listed as a Multi-Family 2 Plex MLS. Close to shopping, dining & bus lines

Greene and Greene Style Fix Up home that is a Time Capsule in Tucson

(Published on - 7/14/2020 10:36:18 PM)

 Estate Sale July 16,17 & 18th 

Teal Door


This is a Time Capsule of a 1908 Greene & Greene style, is an excellent example of an Arts & Crafts home. Designed by the acclaimed Pasadena, CA architect, Arthur Heineman. He used the drama of space, massive volcanic stone foundation and fireplace, leaded glass, built in cabinets & wood shingles. The handcrafted house was built to promote the use of redwood. Craftsmen from Pasadena hand milled the window sashing, columns, open beams and distinctive built-ins w/ leaded glass like the Gamble House.  Traditional items for the Craftsman Era define this house. Time stopped & almost everything is original & a vision of the past. The grand space of the living room with the massive fireplace flows into the large dining room with a fireplace. The main house has 2 bedrooms that each access the sleeping porch. Porches would be ideal space for creating ensuites. Additional built in storage is thru the home. .42 acre corner lot w/ basalt lava rock walls, a detached garage w/ living quarters & BA. HR-3 Zoning. Close to the U of A, downtown & light rail. Significant restoration needed.  Historically and Architecturally significant property.

Marana Lake / El Rio Preserve

(Published on - 7/13/2017 12:23:53 AM)

Marana Lake / El Rio Preserve

Marana’s plans for the lake are exciting. Located at 10190 N Coachline Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85743 Already the area is home to 226 bird species there is a picnic spot and parking lot. El Rio is one of the links in the chain of preserved riparian habitat along the Lower Santa Cruz River, including sites such as Sweetwater Wetlands and Kino Environmental Restoration Project


More info is available at


Marana and Pima County plan to create bank protection, clear the underbrush, lining 2 ponds and adding recirculation. They will take out the invasive species of plants. They have been in communication with the AZ Game and fish to introduce native fish. They are trying to make it a nature park with a low impact use.


Birdwatchers should be thrilled to know that there are almost as many species of birds as have been identified at the Sweetwater Wetlands.  


I asked about kayaking but like most of AZ, we just look at the water. You can’t touch it. The disc golf course should be moved to the SE Corner closer to the river.

Magic experience finding Thai food in LA at Thai Nakorn.

(Published on - 6/29/2017 7:42:27 PM)

Patti’s experience in LA. Of all the joints in all the towns in all the world



I drove to LA to attend a high frequency Real Estate training conference. I followed the GPS to the hotel somewhere in the LA area. I was heading out for a late dinner. I REALLY wanted Thai food. The parking lot of 1st restaurant was a bit sketchy. Back to google. I went into a newer restaurant. Out of the 60 plus diners I was the only non-Asian. Pretty much a good indicator the food is authentic. I was a bit conspicuous. After looking at the vaguely familiar menu I asked the waiter is this Sam's place? He excitedly said Yes, Yes, Sam is in the kitchen. I made it 1/ 2 way across the restaurant before Sam looked up and said OH MY GOSH. I went from being a freak to a celebrity. Years ago, he was in a different city and fire closed them down. They built this new building in a new City. We 1st went there maybe 25 years ago. Of all restaurants in LA I could have walked into it was Sam's Thai Nakorn. I knew it was going to be a magical weekend.





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