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Marana Lake / El Rio Preserve

(Published on - 7/13/2017 12:23:53 AM)

Marana Lake / El Rio Preserve

Marana’s plans for the lake are exciting. Located at 10190 N Coachline Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85743 Already the area is home to 226 bird species there is a picnic spot and parking lot. El Rio is one of the links in the chain of preserved riparian habitat along the Lower Santa Cruz River, including sites such as Sweetwater Wetlands and Kino Environmental Restoration Project


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Marana and Pima County plan to create bank protection, clear the underbrush, lining 2 ponds and adding recirculation. They will take out the invasive species of plants. They have been in communication with the AZ Game and fish to introduce native fish. They are trying to make it a nature park with a low impact use.


Birdwatchers should be thrilled to know that there are almost as many species of birds as have been identified at the Sweetwater Wetlands.  


I asked about kayaking but like most of AZ, we just look at the water. You can’t touch it. The disc golf course should be moved to the SE Corner closer to the river.


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