Penny Kander
About Penny Kander
Realty Executives Alberta Elite
Phone: 403-342-2911
Languages Spoken: English

Penny Kander - Biography

Penny has been active in real estate sales and investing for 38 years… She started at 18 years old! Penny has owned over 40 properties with her latest acquisition being an oceanfront condo in Kauai. She has consistently been a top producer in Canada and internationally. For the last seven years she has teamed up with her son, Bryce, who has shared her passion since he bought his first house at the age of 13. TeamKander has continued the tradition of being a top producer. Penny loves to inspire both young and old with a vision and a path to a better future. She has a charitable heart and a great desire to feed orphans and empower families in impoverished countries. Being a Realtor is not a job to Penny,
it is her passion. In her spare time she looks at open houses and watches home shows on TV. Penny has brought her unique perspective to her business and was doing creative financing such as rent-to-owns before it was cool. She puts the create in creative financing.
With Penny you will get honest, authentic, and entertaining insight from someone who truly cares about your success and receive instruction on how to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.