Nichole McCarthy

Nichole McCarthy

Realty Executives Integrity (East Troy)

2887 Main Street

East Troy , WI 53120

Direct Phone: 608-628-5783

Mobile Phone: 608-628-5783

Languages Spoken: English

Nichole McCarthy - Biography

From a young age I was known as a "social butterfly" by everyone who knew me. I would talk to everyone and anyone about everything and anything. I'm not sure that it was meant as a compliment at the time, but I think being a social butterfly has gotten me many great places and makes me who I am.  


Throughout my childhood, I moved several times with my Mom and several times with my Dad before they each purchased their homes separately. I lived on beautiful Okauchee Lake, downtown Waukesha, out in the country, and right in the heart of some smaller towns too. Looking back on it now, I found my passion for homes from all of the different places I have lived.  Each new home, meant a new adventure... and oh boy, did I love a good adventure.  


No matter where I ended up in Southern Wisconsin, summers were always spent in East Troy, at Grandma's house! Grandma's house was the best! We would go to the airplane show (face painting was a must), spend our Saturdays looking at classic cars at the drive in, and we even went to the old pharmacy on very special occasions to eat what seemed like the largest banana splits ever (the nickel candy for sale was also a must)! Grandma's town had it all!


Fast forward to right now, I am still finding all of the positives this world has to offer. I found myself loving the service industry.  Being a waitress has taught me patience, multi-tasking and unconditional kindness towards others. To me it was never enough to just take someone's order. I needed to WOW people - to truly go above and beyond. One of my favorite parts was watching first-time customers become regulars and regulars soon becoming friends. I loved this.


One of those regulars that turned into friends suggested getting into Real Estate. He recommended that I talk about it with a friend of his. Not long after meeting with the recruiter from Realty Executives Integrity in East Troy, I realized that this brokerage was going to be my new home - in my favorite town! Within the first 15 minutes, I felt all of the warmth and charisma I try to bring to my waitressing job, sitting right across the table from me. With zero hesitation, I knew this was the place for me! I found my soulmates in this company. 


So here I am: social butterfly, lover of adventures, and Hospitality Goddess (a title I wear proudly given to me by Rachael Stanley, owner of Dotty Dumplings Dowry). My entire life has led me to Real Estate. I want to help people with one of the biggest adventures of their life. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have helped someone in any way, even if it's just by making their life a little easier.  




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