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Popular Patio Surfaces

(Published on - 11/11/2015 6:12:03 PM)

Comparing the most popular patio surfaces:

        * Composite Decking is made from Recycled Plastic and Re-Claimed Wood, is splinter-free, resists insects and does not rot. It needs no staining because the color is manufactured into the product. It is easy to maintain by cleaning with soap, water and a stiff bristle brush or broom.  The material can feel hot to bare feet and the sun can cause it to expand and the color to fade.  The cost is about $4 to $5.50 per square foot for the material. If you choose to hire it to be installed you are looking at $35 per square foot installed by a professional.

          *  Western Red Cedar and Redwood are choices that have been around for a long time.  This is due to the fact that these choices of wood are long-lasting and they naturally resist decay.  Under the sun the wood can turn gray unless it is re-sealed every few years with a water repellent preservative. The cost for Cedar is around $4.25 per square foot for the wood only and can run $14 to $20 per square foot installed by a professional. Redwood on the other hand can be up to $10 per square foot for the wood only and installed professionally can run $15 to $22 per square foot.

          *  You can bring the look and feel of "Old Mexico" to your patio by using Saltillo Tiles.  These are Clay Tiles that are highly porous and require re-sealing because of the scuffing and staining that will occur. This tile performs well in dry weather or a covered shady area. The cost for the Tiles for materials only is $1.20 to $2 per square foot (12" square tile).  The tiles can be inexpensive to purchase the materials, but can be expensive to install. To install professionally, you are looking at $6 to $7 per square foot (or per tile).

          *  Another popular do-it-yourself material is Concrete Pavers or Paving Stones. They aren't set in a mortar, so this makes them a popular choice for a project. These pre-formed concrete pavers get hot in full sun, but perform well in Arizona's Hot Dry Climate. You can expect weeds to grow between the stones if you don't maintain them with an herbicide. The cost of the Pavers is $2 to $8 per square foot, materials only. To have them installed professionally you can expect to pay $8 to $22 per square foot.

          *  For an inexpensive do-it-yourself project, you can use Poured Concrete. This can be Colored to mimic real stone or wood and can be stamped to look like individual stones. Concrete expands in the heat and cold, so it can crack. You can clean this very easily with soap and a garden hose or brush off with a broom. The Poured Concrete can cost about $1.25 per square foot for the materials and to install professionally you are looking at $4 per square foot.

           *  Flagstone is another Durable Product that can be used for Patio Surface. The size of the Flagstone can make it difficult to work with due to their weight. Flagstone can get hot under bare feet and can be slippery when they get wet. They are very easy to maintain by sweeping them clean. The cost for Flagstone is $3 to $10 per square foot for the materials.  To install professionally you are looking at $12 to $20 per square foot.

           *  Ancient Stone is an ivory-colored tile that is Cast Concrete that is set in sand or over a concrete base. These are made from a cement base but can have color added to make them look like natural stone. Pits in the tiles help it to stay cooler than other alternative choices of Patio Surfaces.  The cost for materials is $5 to $9 per square foot. Professionally installed this can run up to $14.50 per square foot.

When considering installing or replacing an outdoor patio, there are several things for you to think about: price, level of difficulty in installation, maintenance and style as well as surface temperature. Ancient Stone stays about the same temperature as the outdoor air; Slate and Wood are Cooler Choices but, the plastic/wood composite is nearly as hot as a street. The gray troweled concrete is about the coolest at 128 degrees on 112 degree day.  It's all a matter of choice for your area and needs. 


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