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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

(Published on - 4/4/2019 5:56:13 PM)

Our Northwest Indiana weather is finally warming. As you get outside to enjoy the weather, it's also a good time to take a look at the exterior of your home. Here are 5 things to check for and maintain this spring that will help provent potential costly damage to your home. 


1.  ROOF- Take a good look at your roof.  Look for missing or damaged shingles that could have been caused by high winds.  Missing shingles can lead to moitsure damage and potential roof leaks leading to more costly repairs if not corrected.  Have a tall roof that you can't visually inspect? Most roofing companies or Home inspectors will come out and take a good look at your roof for you for a small fee.



2.  TREES- While your looking for any roof damage, make sure tree branches are cut back away from the roof. Not only can they cause damage to your roof during high winds, they are a highway for critters to access your roof looking to getting into the attic and nest. 



3. GUTTERS- Make sure your gutters are clean.  Gutters full of leaves and sticks can cause water to back up and flow behind the gutter causing fascia and soffits to rot. 



4.  DOWNSPOUTS-  Make sure your downspouts are connected and moving water away from the home.  Down spouts that are not connected can lead to seepage in your basement or crawl space and potential foundation issues in the long term. 


5.  GRADING-  Make sure the grading near your foundation slopes away from the home.  Over time,  flower beds and lanscpaped areas can erode leading to water pooling near the foundation which can eventually lead to issues.  Back fill flower beds and landscaped areas as needed to keep water flowing away from your home. 


Taking care of spring maintenance now will help prevent issues throughout the year. Now get outside and enjoy the warm weather!





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