Free Money, Really?

(Published on - 2/29/2016 9:26:56 PM)

Free Money!!  Yes, I said it, Free Money!! Did you know there are grant money (don't have to pay back) programs offered to assist with and provide you the down payment and closing costs for your home purchase? I have had 3 closings in the last year where the buyer's came in with no money and bought themselves a home. The mortgage payment was less than the rent they were paying and now they are homeowners with the tax advantages. There is a program designed also for First Responders, Teachers, Military, Firefighters, EMT's, Peace Officers. Income limits are higher than you expect.  Please share this information if you know of anyone that is possibly looking to buy.

The number one reason buyer's don't buy is they don't have the money saved for the down payment. This helps solve that problem. A lot of millennials haven't stepped into the real estate market due to the past market downturn. They saw friends and family lose their homes and investments, so needless to say, they are hesitant on making the move to invest in real estate. I am telling you, take advantage of these programs!! They are fabulous!! They are designed to assist buyer's in home ownership.  Please call, text or email if you would like more information. I will connect you with a competent loan officer that will help you with the process.