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Easy Ways to Help Secure Your Home

(Published on - 8/2/2019 1:06:57 PM)


Feeling safe in your home is always the number one priority. Whether you are preparing to be on vacation, don’t want to worry while your out of the home or just want to deter visitors from snooping through personal belongings, there are plenty of easy ways to secure your home for when you aren’t around. Check out these tips below and let the worry disappear.

  1. Alarm Cabinet

Maybe you’re having a party or company is staying with you from out of town. We all have those nosey houseguests that may go through cabinets or drawers, but an easy way to deter them is having cabinet alarms. This way the spaces will be locked and only accessible to the homeowner. This is also a great way to keep kids away from anything dangerous under sinks or in bathroom vanities. 

  1. Break Down Cardboard

In the days of online ordering, many entryways are filled with large boxes. Although some may be small, these boxes can draw attention and advertise that you have brand new items in your home like TVs or technology systems. If you break down the boxes and place them in the back of your vehicle or a covered bin, potential burglars will be less inclined to visit your home because there isn’t an obvious sign of anything new or expensive.

  1. Beware of Dog

You don’t need a dog to put out a “beware of dog” sign. These signs could simply be used to make intruders think twice before entering the home. A home with a dog is a much higher risk for burglars as they will be easily detected and could be attacked.

  1. Reinforce Your Window Locks

Making sure your windows are locked is essential if traveling out of town but also in everyday life. Windows on the first floor are especially easy access points for breaking and entering. Check your locks and to further prevent break-ins, put a dowel rod on the inside of the window slide. This helps ensure that if anyone would try to enter through the window, it won’t be able to open no matter if the lock is latched or not.

Overall, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your home. Expensive security alarms or cameras are always an option but if you are looking for more affordable, faster and easier ways, try out these methods.





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