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Budget Friendly Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

(Published on - 6/19/2019 11:02:50 PM)

Living comfortably during summer doesn’t have to be expensive. There are various ways to protect yourself from high temperatures without having to break the bank. Read below for tips that will help you cool your home and save money while doing it.

1. Keep the sun away from your home

While windows keep your home well ventilated, they also let sunlight inside which raises temperatures inside your rooms. Use blackout curtains and shades to block the sun from streaming into your home.  Placing plants in front of your window and using tainted windows can also be a useful way of keeping the sun away.

2. Check your appliance usage

Electrical appliances such as dishwashers produce heat. Limit the use of these appliances during summer and adopt alternative ways of getting work done such as grilling and drying laundry outside. Doing these activities outdoors will save your home from heat generated by dryers and ovens. Also, ensure that your appliances are unplugged when not in use, as they still produce heat even when not in use.

3. Find a cheap and convenient air conditioner

Find an affordable and efficient air conditioner such as LG 8000 BTU portable air conditionerreviews that serves both as an air conditioner and a dehumidifier thus saving you money.

4. Insulate and ventilate your attic

The attic maintains comfortable temperatures in homes during any season. In summer, it traps hot air and thus keeps your home cool. It is therefore essential to vent this space to let the hot air outside. There are several attic fans available in the market that are effective in ensuring that your attic is well ventilated.

Insulating the walls of your attic is also a convenient way to cool your home. This insulation minimizes the heat that flows to your home from the attic as well as the heat that enters the attic.

5. Use Fans

Fans are cost-effective ways of cooling your home during summer. Make sure to turn off your fan when you are not at home to save energy and money. Since moisture makes cooling tough, ensure that your fan is on when you shower and when cooking.

6. Get a Dehumidifier

Eliminating moisture from air lowers the temperatures in your home and makes it cool and comfortable. Air conditioners work more effectively on dry air than in a humid environment. A dehumidifier will, therefore, boost your air conditioner’s performance and hence cool your home.

7. Clean your air conditioner.

It costs a lot less to maintain your A/C system than to install a new one. Have your A/C professionally checked and serviced annually. Using an electrostatic filter and changing it after every three months is also a convenient way to maintain your A/C as it saves you the high costs of repairing a damaged air conditioner or buying another.

In conclusion, surviving the heat during summer does not necessarily require costly advanced technology. Simple habits such as taking cold evening showers, using cotton sheets and keeping the windows open in the evening can go a long way into ensuring that you stay comfortable.

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