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Mickey Mignot - Owner of Realty Executives - Philadelphia Suburbs

And Founder of PayOffYourHomeIn5-7Years.com

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This is where you can find Philadelphia Suburbs Real Estate

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in Bucks, Montgomery and Chester Counties. 


 Information on How you can Pay Off Your Home in 5-7 Years! 

If you’re looking for this website….. 


You’re in the right place! 


If you’re here, I’m assuming you're curious about how to pay off your home loan within 5-7 years AND you may be thinking this can’t be true, but it is possible! 

You only need to switch your thinking!

With a little training and some discipline, you can pay off your home loan OR multiple loans within 5-7 years all without increasing your income, without increasing your monthly mortgage payment AND without decreasing your monthly expenses.  


We know…We hear it all the time…Why don’t they teach is this stuff in school?

Most people have never been taught the fundamentals when it comes to money. 

But your banker has!  

Education is power, and that which you don't know can ruin your life!  I know!  I’ve been there!


Budgeting, paying yourself first, needs vs. wants, retirement, compound interest, asset types, emergency fund, credit score, identity theft, education, mental contentment, and personal health... sound like topics you should know about?  But do you?  I know…it all sounds overwhelming!


This advanced training is designed for kids of all ages!  Kids, from 18 to 80 years old! Hahaha ??


And we all know it's never too late to learn critical financial information that can transform your life!


As a realtor of 37+ years, I've been obsessed with finding a way to help my clients figure out how to pay off their mortgage faster than the typical “30-year process” that we are being told is “the only way to get a home loan”.   


You see, the banking industry doesn’t want you to know about this mortgage education because they don’t make as much money off of you and your mortgage unless you do it “their way”!


If you have a traditional mortgage, you're over-paying $100,000's in interest to the bank, but you already know that, as evidenced by the contradictory “Truth-in-Lending” statement that you sign when you buy your home…You know, the paperwork that you sign at closing where the mortgage guy tells you not to look at that number!  And you just sign it anyway!


AND then there’s the yearly amortization schedule that you reluctantly glance at every January...you know the form where the bank shows you how much money they made OFF YOU and how much MORE you’re going to GLADLY pay or they will take your home!  It’s mind-blowing and frankly, depressing!

BUT, what you don’t know is that there is a better way!  A way that the bankers and mortgage lenders aren't going to tell you about!

You’ll find that it's just math... and the numbers don't lie!

Without increasing your income, or decreasing your monthly expenses, or increasing your monthly mortgage payment you can implement this Loan Strategy and pay off your home in a fraction of the time! 


No strings attached!  No smoke and mirrors! 


It’s a training course that will show you exactly what to do, what to say and what questions to ask so you can restructure your mortgage and pay it off WAY faster than 30 years!  


In fact, you can even use my “Savings Calculator” to plug in your own numbers to see exactly how much you'll save before enrolling in the course!


This concept and training, which will help you re-structure your thinking about how you should pay your mortgage payments, is so NEW that I don't have my official website set up yet, but it will be available soon!


In the meantime, I have an easy phone app that will show you the basics of how it all works to include an e-book that you can download and read AND it even includes my “Savings Calculator” so you can use your own mortgage information as a guide to see if this training can work for you! 


If you want to find out more, you can either send me an email, or give me a call, or shoot me a text with your contact information and I will send you all the information with no obligation and at no cost! 



Or my Cell # is 610-584-3009


If you're willing to share your email AND your cell phone number that will give you the best overall experience, but one or the other will work too. 


I know some of you don’t know me, but I’m not a pesky or pressuring person. 


I won't call and bother you.  I won't sell your information. 


I'm just a realtor who wants to help you - mortgage holders and homeowners - get out of debt faster, so you can be the person you want to be - helping others while enjoying a life of passion and purpose, by becoming Financial Free! 

If this works for you, just think of what you can do with the extra money each month!  It’s definitely worth checking out! 

So don’t wait to see if this training will work for you. 


It’s no cost and no obligation to at least give me a call, shoot me an email or a text to get started on your way to unburdening yourself from 30 YEARS of costly mortgage payments!


AND if you need to buy or sell any real estate,

in the Philadelphia Suburbs,

please check out my credentials below..... 


Mickey Mignot - The Realtor 

A knack for marketing, devotion to serving others, an outstanding work ethic and a longtime passion for education are the hallmarks of Mickey Mignot’s real estate career.


As early as her first days in the business and now, Mickey, a Listings Specialist, applies groundbreaking techniques to real estate marketing and business development.


“I’ve always been an early adopter; I pour myself into my career and do as much education and research as I can in order to stand out.”


“I’ve done things differently than other agents for a long time,

marketing from the ground up and staying ahead of the curve.”


As other agents grow frustrated with the surge of technology, I embrace it, educate myself regularly and implement what I learn. I thrive on giving my clients what, unfortunately, most fail to.  I run my business like a business, not a part-time hobby.”


Her multiple designations and her consultative approach to client relations prove that, if there’s something to learn, Mickey will embrace it.


After all, she says it’s more important now than ever for buyers and sellers to hire an experienced agent. “The more I know, the better off my clients will be,” she says.  Mickey places such great importance on marketing that she takes extra steps to embrace digital marketing training from outside the industry to have become a true marketing specialist.


She also hires specialists that help her optimize the various Social Media platforms to target market to the masses.  “I market my homes as if every home is a million-dollar listing or more,” says Mickey, noting that every house gets the full package, whether priced at $50,000 or $1Million+!


All of this effort helps Mickey achieve her primary goal – happy clients.

“I love being able to educate clients and to help people,” she says. “It’s about the person, not the money.


Around our office we say, ‘People before things,’ and we know that as long as we’re taking great care of people, the best will come.”


Having sold numerous homes over her career, Mickey’s vast experience enables her to be proactive, not reactive, during each transaction. “I’ve been in this business more than 37 years and closed so many deals that I know what can go wrong!” Mickey says with a self-deprecating laugh!  She and her team create the best possible outcomes with the utmost professionalism. Clients notice, telling Mickey that the experience of working with her is smoother and more enjoyable than they expected. As a result, clients spread the word about Mickey as can be seen from the mass number of positive reviews.


When You Do What You Love…People Love What You Do!


If you are looking for a real estate professional you can trust to act on your behalf, provide impeccable service, and who has personally negotiated and closed nearly a thousand transactions, then look no further.


Please take the time to review my credentials as well as look at the testimonials from past clients and my peers. I sincerely look forward to working with you and counting on your referrals.


Certifications & Recognitions-Current and Previous:

Owner Agent Realty Executives – Philadelphia Suburbs

GRI - Graduate Realtor Institute

CRS - Council of Residential Specialists

REIME – Realty Executives International Marketing Executive Board Member

SSFS - Short Sale Certified and Pre-Foreclosure Specialist
CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert
E-Pro - Technology Designation
BPOE - Broker Price Opinion Expert

ABR - Accredited Buyer’s Agent

ABRM - Accredited Buyer’s Agent Manager

NAR Member – National Association of Realtors

TRI-County Member – Tri-County Association of Realtors


If you made it this far!  THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

You are AMAZING and for that patience and stamina alone.....


If you give me a call, or shoot me an email or a text, you will be entered into my monthly drawing for a Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card that I give away on the first of each month!


I announce the winners on my social media pages!  

You can find those links on this site to see if you win! 


Have a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL rest of your day!  -----Mickey 

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