Anita Spadaro

Anita Spadaro


Realty Executives Austin and South Texas

13740 Research Blvd , Bldg D Suite 2

Austin, TX 78750

DRE: 512-771-1443

Languages Spoken: English

Anita Spadaro - Biography

Born and raised in New York State and having relocated to Canton, Ohio, Dallas, Texas and settling in Austin, Texas in 1992,

 Anita is the best Realtor for anyone making a move.  “I have relocated with my family, both as a child and an adult so I am able to empathize and relate to those moving from another state or a new neighborhood.  I know what it feels like as a child to move to a new place and have to make new friends as well as a parents moving your children so they can have a better life and education.  I have lived in Austin, Texas since 1992 and feel it’s the best place to live no matter what life stage a person is in.  If you are single, raising a family or retiring and downsizing your home, there is something here for you!” 


Anita graduated from St Edward’s University with Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s in Human Services. She has held management positions in corporations such as Dell, Xerox and Neiman Marcus.  As a Texas certified educator and counselor she knows the importance that schools play in choosing a new home.    


 Anita’s personal experience in relocation, education and back ground in business and human services made Real Estate a perfect match.  In 2009, Anita became a Texas Realtor.  Since then she has been earned her certification as a Negotiations Expert and Corporate Mobility Expert.  Anita finds satisfaction in building relationships with her customers and in helping them reach their goals in home ownership. Whatever your real estate needs are, be it leasing prior to purchasing a home or considering the feasibility of upgrading or downsizing your current home, Anita is willing to dedicate her service and time to your unique individual needs.