Alysia Heun

Alysia Heun

Vice President

Realty Executives International

8322 E. Hartford Drive,

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Languages Spoken: English

Alysia Heun - Biography

Alysia Heun is an MBA graduate with a diverse background in hospitality, education and marketing. She joined Realty Executives International as a Franchise Support Specialist in 2013, quickly advancing to Director of Franchise Services. In her time at the company she has built a comprehensive support and concierge services system, setting the pace for the industry as this department answers 3x the requests in half the time compared to the industry average. Heun was recently named in Franchise Business Review’s Women in Franchising report.


Alysia's current responsibilities at Realty Executives International cover a broad scope:  customer support, technology, business partnerships, communications, and more.  Her background in education and marketing have prepped her to interact with brokers and Executives throughout the network, as well as external customers.  She enjoys meeting new people, presenting, and helping others build their business- all 8000 of them.  There isn't a challenge that is too overwhelming!


As an Arizona native, Alysia enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors (when she isn't working and the temperature is below 115).  Scuba diving, hiking, and travelling are passions.  Her friends and family describe her best as a wine-enthusiast and adrenaline junkie!