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5 Mistakes not to make when listing your home

(Published on - 10/10/2018 1:10:46 PM)

The housing market is on fire.  Houses are selling eight percent faster in 2018 compared to 2017, according to  The market is good for sellers, but before you decide to list your house there are 5 mistakes that you need to be aware of.  These mistakes could cost you a profitable sale.

Curb appeal is important.  This is the first thing potential buyers see.  If the lawn is overgrown, bushes not trimmed, and there are brown patches of dead grass, make it appear as if the home has not been taken care of.  This is an immediate turn off for most buyers.  This is an easy fix.  Mow, trim, plant some colorful flowers or put some flowers in nice pots, and take car of the brown spots by planting some grass.

Bathrooms can either make or break a home sale.  According to, 75% of buyers want at least 2 full bathrooms an at least 1 tub.  Some homes have taken out tubs in lieu of showers only.  This is an issue for people with small children or babies, and don't forget the relaxation factor.  The price of installing a tub can vary depending on material and the cost of installation.  This is something you would need to discuss with a professional.

Outdated, busy wallpaper and popcorn ceilings were great in their day, however buyers are now looking for a clean neutral look.  Old popcorn ceilings may contain asbestos and will need to be removed professionally.  It would be to your advantage to remove the old wallpaper and give the room a fresh coat of neutral paint.

Odors and pest are a big deal breaker.  Most people no longer smoke, and this smell will get into the drywall and carpets.  You can have a professional company come out a run a machine that deodorizes the home land cleans the ducts.  Carpet can also be deodorized.  Make sure that the home is free of pest by having it sprayed.  Law requires that pest be disclosed to potential buyers.

Do not leave a to do list for a potential buyer.  Fix dripping faucets, touch up paint, clean carpets, and completely clean your property.  Buyers are paying more and expect a move in ready home not one they will need to drop more money in.

If you follow these simple rules you will make more profit from the sale of your home for a minimal amount spent to get it in tip top shape.

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