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Denise van den Bossche

Denise van den Bossche

Paradise Valley Gateway Neighborhoods


Neighbors, we need your support.  We near 57th and Shea are opposed to ANY zoning changes to residential lots on Shea. There is a current application at 57th and Shea, a past application at 58th and Shea and what we believe will be coming soon at 56th and Shea.


The home owners on the closest adjacent parcels believe the current Application is self-serving to one property owner looking to profit. The lot purchased on the corner of 57th and Shea was purchased inexpensively as a residential lot.  Any changes to the existing residential zoning will reduce all of our home values, introduce new traffic on to our residential streets and cause additional traffic congestion on Shea near our homes. We do not need to make any concessions. There is no need for additional office buildings in our community, there are plenty of vacant offices at Tatum Blvd at Shea and north towards the PV Mall. The application is self-serving. Changes will significantly effect our neighborhood. We are very concerned it will cause a domino effect at both 56th and Shea and at 58th & Shea.



The Paradise Valley Gateway neighborhoods are located between Shea and Mountain View. They have a PV mailing address and are located in the City of Phoenix or City of Scottsdale.

The homes at 56th, 57th and 58th Streets are in the Paradise Valley Urban Village. Phoenix has 12 Urban Villages (the most well known is Awhatukee).  Each village has its own village planning committee which represents the interests of local residents and are a vital link between the community and city decision makers. Members are volunteers appointed by City Council who represent the people who live and work in all segments and geographic areas of the village. The goal is to offer a variety of housing, job opportunities, education, recreation and shopping facilities.



The current Application was "continued" from the original September 12 meeting due to opposition. It was again continued at the October 3 meeting. It is now continued to the November 7 meeting. Public Notices can be found here and we will continue to update this page.  


Making any change to the current zoning does not meet any of the Paradise Valley Village goals, which are described in their mission statement as concerning job opportunities, education, recreation, shopping and housing. The last criteria is housing. Making any changes in the existing zoning would in fact negatively effect housing by reducing the values of our homes in the neighborhood.

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