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How to Get your offer accepted in a competitive Seller’s Market

(Published on - 6/8/2021 9:49:21 PM)


How to Get your offer accepted in a competitive Seller’s Market


You have investigated the market, searing day and night online and your finally ready to make a offer on your dream home.  You have perfect credit or plan to pay cash, will this guarantee you get the home?  Maybe not. 

A seller’s market means that there are more buyers than there are homes available for sale. It may mean that your full-price offer may not cut it. So, what can you do to get that perfect house you have diligently searched for?  These tips may push your offer to the front of the line.


Make Your Offer As Clean As Possible

A clean offer should not be contingent on the sale of another property or have other financial constraints. It should also be free of seller concessions, which are things that a buyer asks for outside of the offer price. Concessions can be asking the seller to pay for closing costs, etc.

Cash is king.  Dealing with cash offers proves that a buyer is serious and has the financial means to expedite closing. Cash offers allow the buyer to be in control instead of letting a lender dictate the closing process.

If your obtaining a loan, do not just get loan pre-approval from your lender.  Ask your lender to provide underwriting approval prior to actual house hunting. This way your offer will hold great confidence to the Seller that you will be able to complete the sale. Obtaining a lender from out of the area may be an issue for a seller as they may not know the Prescott and Quad Cities properties or there may be delays obtaining an appraiser.  As an agent, we have all had issues with out of town or online lenders.  Please allow me to introduce you to some reputable lenders who are local and proven to close sales on time, we can reach by phone or stop into their office when needed. 

 You can consider giving up your inspection contingency. If the seller has provided inspection reports from reputable companies, this you can do this with little risk involved. If reports are not available, I would highly recommend completing inspections.


Avoid Asking For Personal Property Not Included In The Contract

Love furnishings that the seller has omitted from the listing? Pass. Focus on the offer as these items the seller has omitted may have significant personal value to them and you are just mudding the water.  Your offer could be financially similar to another offer that isn’t asking for items that belong to the seller. Asking for these items could weaken your offer and set you back out looking for another home. 


Offer Above-Asking Price

This is not the market for making lowball offers and hoping someone will bite. You may lose the home and the seller may not counter, just mark the contract with “REJECT.” You will have to make your offer strong enough to beat out a multiple-bid situation. If you want the house, you’re likely going to have to go above the asking price. Sometimes, you only need to offer a few thousands over to make your offer attractive.  As your agent, I will run sale comparables to assist you with your sales price. 

Making an offer above asking price won’t end up costing you much in the long run. What you put down and what you pay monthly on your mortgage will only change significantly if you offer an unrealistic amount above asking. Keeping your offer aligned to the home’s value, while still above the asking price, will help you secure the home you are interested in. With today’s historically low interest rates, you can afford more of a mortgage than you could of last year. 


Beef Up Your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

Your earnest money deposit is proof that you are a good-faith buyer. If your offer is accepted, your EMD will be placed with the title company who is a neutral party, and it will contribute to your down payment and closing cost. On average, EMDs are about 1% – 3% of the purchase price of the home. If you put a larger amount down, it may show that you are a serious buyer and that your intentions are genuine.


Make A Larger Down Payment

No matter what type of loan you choose, offering to pay more down is another sign of good faith to your seller. As we’ve indicated with several of the previous points, anytime you can showcase that you’re in a good financial position, you should do so.


Add An Escalation Clause

An escalation clause means that your offer will outbid other offers up to a maximum price. This means that you make an offer saying you will pay X price for a home, but if a higher offer comes in, you will increase your offer to for instance $5,000 more than your offer that has been presented to the seller.  Even if you offer an escalation clause, the seller may counter all contracts that they are considering.


Find Out What The Seller Needs For A Moving Date And Why They Are Selling

It will be very helpful for your agent to find out what are the needs of the seller for re-locating.  Selling and buying can be stressful and the seller may need to rent back for a month after closing.  This could work with your moving details and make your offer more desirable.


Ready To Put It All Together?

Establishing that you are a serious buyer, with the financial capabilities to meet all obligations, is the way to a seller’s heart. Be willing to go the extra mile, both in your intention and in your financial offerings. If you do so, the seller of your dream will notice your effort and give your offer a second glance.

I specialize in Buyer’s Representation. I work for you, not the seller, at no extra cost.  I am paid by the Seller at close of escrow as per the listing contract. Working with the seller’s agent is like hiring the same divorce attorney, no one is really working for you.


Let us work together and get you your dream home. Please call me if I can recommend lenders or other professionals to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

Don't see what your looking for?  Call me and let me send you some properties that fit your lifestyle. 



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What's going on in Prescott in the Beautiful month of June?

(Published on - 6/7/2021 8:15:44 PM)


Our event schedules are opening up with Prescott and the Quad Cities thriving.  Spring and summer are my favorties seasons.  I love being outdoors, enjoying some of the cleanest air in the nation. It's time to shake off the fears and start enjoying the beautiful palate of life we have been given. 

If your planning on visiting Prescott in the month of June, following are links of our community calandar:

Events and Concerts

City of Prescott events

Don't forget to visit our lakes, hiking trails and zoo.

If you need a recommendation for a hotel or restaurant, check out theses links:

Hotels, bed & breakfast and restaurants

July is the month for The World's Oldest Rodeo.  Hotels and campgrounds fill up fast.  If this is an event you want to see, make reservations immediatly. 

Worlds Oldest Rodeo-Prescott Arizona



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Remembers our Heros on Memorial Day!

(Published on - 5/28/2021 8:29:26 PM)

Memorial Day


A day to honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives in war and some that died returning home from the horrible lingering effects of war.  These wars were fought to keep our freedom of living in a country with freedom of speech, religion, and the right to protect to live and love the way we believe is best for us and our loved ones.

I honor those who have and will continue to make great sacrifices for our freedom and pray for world peace. 

May you and your families be blessed abundantly as you celebrate Memorial Day!



Debra K. Pauley, Assocaite Broker



Picturesque, Serene Lakes in Beautiful Prescott Arizona

(Published on - 5/7/2021 11:21:16 PM)



Prescott is well known for its cowboy history, World’s Oldest Rodeo, Whiskey Row, surrounded by National Forest, great indoor and outdoor entertainment, clean air, restuarants and friendly people, Prescott is not always mentioned as a lake destination.  Check out some of our lakes which are perfect for fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, and camping in most areas. Prescott and the Quad City areas are very dog friendly as most everyone has one, two or more furry family members.   Call ahead for availability for campgrounds as they may be booked or closed for winter months.   


Willow Lake


Located right off Willow Lake Rd., beautiful Willow Lake.  The lakes water level fluctuates throughout the year depending on the amount of rain fall each year.  If you have never been in one of our summer monsoon’s you’re missing a treat.  The summer temps cool down to almost where you want to put on a sweatshirt.

Willow Lake is great for bike rides, hiking, kayaking, canoe or boating on a non-motorized boat. Willow Lake has the same types of fish as Watson; largemouth, sunfish, bluegill and channel cats. When the lake is full it can reach upwards of 500 surface acres.    Many people come to this area for bird watching. 






Located right off Willow Lake Rd., beautiful Willow Lake.  The lakes water level fluctuates throughout the year depending on the amount of rain fall each year.  If you have never been in one of our summer monsoon’s you’re missing a treat.  The summer temps cool down to almost where you want to put on a sweater.  Willow Lake is great for bike rides, hiking, kayaking, canoe or boating on a non-motorized boat. Willow Lake has the same types of

 Picture of a Javalina and her baby


Watson Lake

 Kayak on Watson Lake

 This majestic lake oasis is perfect for a day trip for our Arizona cities who want to escape the desert heat.  Many Phoenix area residents buy second homes in Prescott to get away even just for the weekend during the summer months.  Watson Lake has a campground with restrooms and showers.  Surrounded by a shore that is strewn with rough, granite boulders and rocks on all sides, the calm, blue waters of Watson Lake lie in stark contrast to the rugged landscape that surrounds it. No motorized boats are allowed on the lake.    The smooth-surfaced, tranquil lake is ideal for kayaking, boating and canoeing, while its bountiful stock of crappie, largemouth bass and bluegill ensure that fishing enthusiasts will find plenty to keep them happy. The Watson Woods Riparian Preserve is located nearby and boasts hundreds of bird species, including eagles and pelicans.


Lynx Lake

  Lynx LakeStop in and have an early breakfast or lunch at the Lynx Lake Cafe and enjoy a day of hiking, biking, picknicking or rent and boat and fish or sunbath.  You will find a variety of fish including carp, bream/bluegill, large mouth bass, rainbow trout, crappie, brown trout, catfish and brook trout.  You can fly fish, baitcasting or use your spinning skills. 


 Goldwater Lake


Gold Water Lake

Goldwater Lakes is approx. 15 acres. Picnic, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and boating.  Only electric motors are allowed on the lake.  You can rent a kayak or canoe and enjoy some beautiful scenery.  The lakes is stocked throughout the summer, including blue gill, rainbow trout and channel catfish.  Goldwater Lake was named after the esteem uncle of Arizona Sen. Barry M. Goldwater.  Morris Goldwater was a long time mayor of Prescott and he held many other political offices in his lifetime. 


Granite Basin Lake

 Granite Basin Lake

 Nestled among pines and boulders lies the iconic Granite Mountain and the Granite Basin recreation area.  This are offers year-round hiking, back packing, horseback riding, rock climbing, picnicking and fishing in a non-motorized boat.  Granite Basin Lake is a small (5 acre) lake. It is not stocked with fish, but patient anglers may catch bluegill, largemouth bass and catfish.


Get ready and plan your getaway to visit and explore Prescott and the Quad Cities.  We are popular and growing but still have that hometown feeling.  Call me prior to your visit so in between family time, I can show you some great homes or building sites as many buyers are choosing to build their own dream home. 


Here are some homes available in Prescott and the Quad Cities:

 Follow this link to see the page:

Homes in Prescott 70k<

Homes in Prescott Valley


Homes in Chino Valley

Homes in Dewey/Humboldt



Debra K. Pauley




Newer Home in Granville Community in Beautiful Prescott Valley Arizona

(Published on - 9/13/2020 5:18:05 PM)

Seller had pulled this home off the market due to COVID concerns and is now back on the market and ready to sell!


Beautiful Prescott Valley, Arizona. Views,Views, Views!


Mr. & Mrs. Clean live here, built in 2019, 3/2 oversized 2 car garage. Environmentally friendly EZ landscaping, 3 athletic centers, hiking trails, close to shopping, medical and convention center. Great primary, second or investment opportunity. $404,900


Debra Pauley, Realty Executives Arizona Territory 928 713-3426


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