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Patriot Day

(Published on - 9/15/2017 10:35:47 PM)


Patriot Day is an emotional day for many people and a day for reflection in America.  The events that occurred years ago, for many, are like yesterday – and for some, it feels like a vague bad dream that  you’re not really sure what you suppose to do about . . .  either way, it’s a day that makes you think.


In Tucson Real Estate it means we are back in full swing sales.  All of the kids have been Back to School, even the University of Arizona & Pima Community College students are settled into the school year, as well as all the parents.  Even Labor Day activities are done being talked about.


What does it mean that Real Estate sales are back in ‘Full Swing’ for you if you want to sell?.  Well, all the excuses for waiting are over.  And, the anticipation of the annual rush of ‘snow birds’ has people either preparing to be For Sale, or are being listed for sale right now!  (Note:  if you want to sell this year or winter-time, get your home on the market ASAP!!)  Thankfully values rose consistently all this year and our current inventory remains LOW. 


Buying?  Well, interest rates seem to be dictating that now will always be the right time when they’re hovering near 4%.  Lock in!!


If you love the outdoors like I do, then you’ve been teased with some cool mornings and late evening clouds making you think it’s cooling off.  Yep, temperatures are dipping under 100, which feels great … and when morning lows are almost 70, getting up early feels amazing!  Some of Tucson’s best sunsets are actually sunrises!!   Go see some.  Inevitably you’ll also get so see some native wildlife, coyotes, javelina, maybe a bobcat and of course dozens of rabbits doing whatever rabbits do.


I’m a Tucson native (almost…) and recently bought my first painting.  Really?!?  Yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually picked out a piece of art.  It’s about 2 ½ feet x 3 feet and feels like ME.  Picacho Peak has been a landmark near Tucson and I’ve been able to see it from my home for over ½ my life, driven by it countless times go to and from Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  On my way home . . . it means I’m almost there.  Two other things I’ve loved my entire life are semi-trucks (which even today I think . . . I would totally sit and drive cross country . . . back and forth, back and forth) and maybe I would actually do that if I were driving a Porsche 911 ?? because that’s MY car.  I don’t own one and never have, but . . . I know I will.  Commit to buying a piece of art by the end of the year and see what happens!




The sun is rising, my coffee is almost done and I’m headed to get my exercise – a swim at the pool here in Oro Valley!  Maybe I’ll see you there.




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