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Shelly S. Smith


Negotiating For the Benefit of My Buyers!

(Published on - 7/7/2015 8:32:37 PM)

Each time I have the opportunity to work with a buyer I am reminded of the tools available to we agents.  Tools that help us do our 'best' job. 


I was recently fortunate enough to work with a wonderful young couple who were excited to purchase their first home together.  They were very instrumental in the hunt for their home engaging immediately with a portal I created in our multiple listing system.  The portal allowed them to look at all of the homes that fit their criteria; it included a number of different home searches.  Together we were able to find the perfect home for them! 


That transaction allowed me to:

  1. Negotiate to have all of the buyers' closing costs paid by the seller!
  2. Negotiate a sales price in the buyers' favor; a price that was BELOW the appraisal price!  That resulted in instant equity for my clients.
  3. Negotiate for repairs on the home based on the inspection.  The seller agreed to fix all of the items we requested!

Sometimes we'll ask for closing costs in the contract and sometimes we'll negotiate for that later depending on inspection results.  Or...maybe we've already negotiated closing cost assistance so we could ask for the replacement of a major item (i.e. A/C).  The key is having the tools in my toolkit. 


I would be pleased and would welcome the opportunity to represent you in the purchase of your new home, too!  I care a great deal about the quality of my work and the care with which I provide my service.  I look forward to representing you in your home purchase or that of a friend or relative!  Referrals are valued and appreciated.  Please visit me on Facebook for updates in the market.



Financing A Purchase - Avoid Common Mistakes That Put Your Deal At Risk

(Published on - 6/30/2015 8:49:57 PM)



The latest lending requirements are designed to protect buyers, the lending industry and the real estate market.  This can mean a complicated loan application process for buyers of which they have very little control.  Understand the five most common mistakes that can put loan approval at risk.  Potential risks most often are uncovered right before closing and after everyone has loaded up the moving truck.  Here are some tips to read before we get in the car to look at homes!


  • DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MARITAL STATUS - How you hold title is affected by your marital status. Be sure to make both your lender and the title company aware of any changes in your marital status so that documents can be prepared correctly.


  • DO NOT CHANGE JOBS - A job change may result in your loan being denied, particularly if you are taking a lower-paying position or moving into a different field. Don’t think you’re safe because you’ve received approval earlier in the process, as the lender may call your employer to re-verify your employment just prior to funding the loan.


  • DO NOT SWITCH BANKS OR MOVE YOUR MONEY TO ANOTHER INSTITUTION - After the lender has verified your funds at one or more institutions, the money should remain there until needed for the purchase.


  • DO NOT PAY OFF EXISTING ACCOUNTS UNLESS YOUR LENDER REQUESTS IT - If your Loan Officer advises you to pay off certain bills in order to qualify for the loan, follow that advice. Otherwise, leave your accounts as they are until your escrow closes.


  • DO NOT MAKE ANY LARGE PURCHASES - A major purchase that requires a withdrawal from your verified funds or increases your debt can result in your not qualifying for the loan. A lender may check your credit or re-verify funds at the last minute, so avoid purchases that could impact your loan approval.


If you have questions about any of the above recommendations please feel free to contact me or your preferred lender!  I look forward to representing you!


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