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(Published on - 4/1/2021 4:04:00 PM)

Why Working from Home May Mean It's Time for a New Home

One of the biggest changes 2020 brought was a major switch to working from home. More and more employees are working remotely, either temporarily, or even permanently. But with this lifestyle change come other things that may no longer fit, like your house. 

Your home may have suited your needs when you were working in an office, but if you’re suddenly having to bring your work home, you might find that you no longer have the space or the comfort you crave. Here’s why it may be time to buy a new home.


Your Home Needs to Be Multi-Functional

If you’re working from home 8 hours a day or studying remotely, then an office space is in order. You can use your kitchen counter, your sofa, your bed, or your coffee table, but your productivity is probably not going to be the same as it would be in a dedicated space. Plus, this kind of improvised arrangement tends to lead to blurred lines between work and home life.

Having a separate office space not only helps you physically contain and separate your work from your personal life, but it can also act as an effective psychological barrier. You know that when you step into that space, you’re in “work mode” and at the end of the day, you can lock the door behind you and allow yourself to transition back to a “home” mental space. 

Your Home Needs to Be Conveniently Equipped

If you’re going to be spending time at home and relying on your own amenities for work, then you might need to step up your devices and plans. Since you’re relying on Wi-Fi for all your work needs, it’s a good idea to check who covers your area and what your best options are. You might be surprised to realize that you’re stuck in an area with spotty coverage, in which case, a move may be imminent. 

There’s also the issue of cost – you have to make sure you’re getting the best deal, since you’re paying for your own internet, phone, electricity, etc. You may be also thinking about upgrading other aspects of your home, like your lighting, thermostat, or even your security cameras. Smart devices can save you a lot of money in the long run, so it makes sense to prioritize that feature when looking for a new home. 

You Could Use Some Outdoor Recreation

If you were living in an apartment before, or in a home with a small backyard, you are probably craving a patch of grass and some sunlight, and with good reason. Most employees who work from home want that outdoor space for recreation purposes – or even working outside in the sun.

A yard with some space to lounge in and some fun amenities like a pool and some lounge chairs turns your backyard from a drab suburban space to your personal party pen. Imagine being able to go out for a swim and a cold coke on your lunchbreak – that’s taking full advantage of the remote work lifestyle.

Add a grill in a corner and you can cook your own homemade burgers and hotdogs, whether it’s for your family or a group of your friends. You just have to finish sending that last email, head out, and you’re already at your cookout. 

You Feel the Need for More Entertainment

Since you’re spending so much time at home, you probably feel the need to have more entertainment within reach. Especially if you’re moving away from the city, where you’re a stone’s throw away from restaurants and cinemas, you’ll want to bring some of those experiences home with you. 

A new home can accommodate exciting amenities like a hot tub in your backyard for those late summer nights when you want to relax with a drink after work with your partner or friends. Add a rustic wooden table and a string of fairy lights and you can create a dreamy entertaining space.

A lot of people like to invest in a huge living room, home cinema, or outdoor firepit and conversation lounge. If you’re keen on inviting your friends over to hang out, then you’re going to need the space. Bring in a big screen TV, and some smart speakers, and you can replicate the best parts of going out with your friends right at home.

What’s the Bottom Line?

A lot of us have made the big switch in 2020 and started working from home. However, you may come to realize that it’s not as comfortable as advertised, and you feel the need for more space – for work and entertainment. That’s why the best solution might be to look for a new home.

Any major lifestyle change comes with its specific requirements, and when you’re working from home, your space has to suddenly accommodate a lot of different activities. From work to hanging out with friends or relaxing, a new home can meet all your needs.



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