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Chris Quiazon

Chris Quiazon


Tips for For Sale By Owners

(Published on - 1/31/2018 10:34:18 PM)

A lot of real estate agents will tell you:




" You'll never be able to sell your home without an agent."

--Not true!  Selling your home without an agent is very possible, especially as the market recovers in Las Vegas.


"You won't save any money on commission because buyers will just offer you less or at a discounted price."

-- You are not obligated to accept any low offer, and if you receive an offer that is in acceptable terms, then you will have saved money on commissions.


"You'll never be able to complete the paperwork."

--The paperwork can be extensive, you can either be extremely careful or find someone like an attorney or real estate agent who will help you for a flat fee.


"You can't get your home listed on the internet or MLS where the qualified buyers are."

--These days, you can list your home on Zillow, Craigslist, and even Facebook.  


If at any time you have any questions regarding the home selling process I would be happy to help however possible.  There are many things to consider such as disclosure, buyer financing, marketing, and pricing.  You will also find that most home buyers are working with an agent because there is no cost to the buyer for these services.  If you haven't already done so you should consider whether you are willing to pay the buyer's agent a commission.



The Only Ideas That Truly Exposes Your Home.


  • Take beautiful photos
  • Post the listing on Zillow with the beautiful photos
  • Post the listing on with the beautiful photos
  • Share it with your friends and family through Social Media
  • Run Facebook Ad for as little as $1 a day to get maximum exposure
  • For Sale sign with Flyers


Sure there are more ways to expose your property to potential buyers, but the best way to truly expose it and leverage your time is running a facebook ad.


Below is a Facebook Ad I ran and the results were amazing.



The above Facebook Ad I ran for 10 days.  I exposed the property to over 5,000 people in a matter of 10 days.  We had plenty of showings and received multiple offers.



When you hire a real estate professional, the majority will tell you everything they will do to market and expose the home to more buyers.  Ask for proof!

I hope you can consider my services now or in the future.  There are a lot of ways homes can sell, and every transaction I've been a part in Sells!

First Time Home Buyer

(Published on - 1/31/2018 12:40:01 AM)





The best way to make sure that you choose the right home is to properly prepare yourself.  The purchase of a home is a tremendous investment, both monetarily and emotionally.  The purpose of this letter is to provide you with some tips that will help your transaction progress go smoothly and result in you being a happy homeowner.

1. Contact ME.
Chris Quiazon
Realty Executives of Southern Nevada.
2. Save
* Down Payment
* Closing Cost
* Home Inspection
* Appraisal
* First Payment
Save as much money as you can.  Even though there are programs such as the Down Payment Assistance, and my ability to negotiate and have the Seller pay for your Closing Cost, there are instances where you might have to pay half or almost all of the down payment or closing cost.  It's good to be ready!
* Stay current on bills.
* Avoid major purchases
* Don't cancel any credit cards.
* Higher credit score = lower interest rate.

If your thinking of buying now or in the future, having a good Credit Score is always a plus.  
Avoid using your Credit Card for major purchases specially once we find your dream home.  It could set us back.
4. CALCULATE what you can afford.
* Calculate
* Calculate
* Calculate
It is very important that you calculate your income, expenses, debt. 
- What is the minimum you want to pay for a mortgage monthly?
- What is the Max I will pay for a mortgage monthly?

Situations almost always change when you find your dream home.  You will fall in love with a house and the story that comes along with it.  You'll let emotions take over and you might be ok with paying for more than what you plan to.  And that's when I come in.  I'll help you decide based on what's best for your situation since I won't have any emotional attachment to the home.
5. Get PRE - QUALIFIED by a Mortgage Lender
* Shop for the best deal.
* Choose primary and backup lenders.
* Know your numbers ( Affordability, down payment, interest rates, closing cost, etc.)
* Find any issues.
* Get consulted.

Meeting with a lender and getting your Pre - Qualification completed is at most importance.  This is the time where you'll find out what you can afford, what programs are available for you, and any issues that needs to be dealt with.  

Either your ready to buy now or later, meeting with a lender should always be a priority.  The lender will let you know exactly what is going on with your background and will inform you if there are issues that might stop you from getting your dream home.  It gives us time to fix any issues before we get in a emotional buying transaction.  Trust me, it will get emotional both good and bad.  But... I'll be by your side for guidance and emotional support!
6. DECIDE what you want in your dream home.
* Make a Cheklist (
* What must the home have?
* What can you live without?
* Ask yourself these simple questions.  It's your dream home!

Only you know exactly what your looking for!  In finding your home, it's always a hit or miss.  Consider that you will never really find everything your looking for in a home.  But there are instances where you will find everything in your checklist.  But be prepared to sacrifies a few of wants and needs.  It will all depend on the market conditions. 
7. MEET with ME, your Realtor.

* We'll go over the current market
* Define your Criteria in the MLS
* Narrow Choices ( Builder, resale)
* Preview Homes  (3-5 Homes per showing)
* Make an offer
* Negotiate ( Closing Cost, Close of Escrow, Price, etc.)
* Close Escrow

Congratulations on the success in purchasing your new home!
As your Realtor, I will represent you in the best way I can, putting you and your purpose first before mines and my company. 
I'll make sure you get everything this market has to offer as well as make sure you get the best investment for your money and your future.
~ Chris Quiazon


Las Vegas Average Home Prices

(Published on - 12/19/2017 10:35:34 PM)

November Resale Average Prices $250,000



New Construction Average Price $350,000






Home owners should be aware of their home value.  If you're interested in my Market Snapshot please contact me and I will subscribe you on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis on your homes value.




Just Sold!!! Bosa Nova Drive

(Published on - 12/4/2017 6:18:39 PM)

Another Happy First Time Home Buyer!

Congratulations to the Viedas Family!


Property was originally listed for $275,000.  We were able to close this property at $265,000 with the seller contributing  $5,000.  I was able to get the clients downpayment assistance of 5% and Seller contribution of $5,000.  At closing, the buyers received almost $2000 back.


I'm very happy to be part of this transaction and was able to help my clients succeed on the purchase of their home.  


This transaction was a big deal to me because if we succeed, the Viedas kids will get a new puppy!  And that is a great purpose to pour my heart and soul to this transaction!


People and Purpose First!!!


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