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The Alexis Chavez Team

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The Making of a Top Producer

(Published on - 7/18/2022 7:33:11 PM)

Hey everyone!


As many of you may already know, Alexis was recently featured in her own Tucson Real Producers article. This is a huge nod from the community as Tucson Real Producers is our local branch of publication you cannot simply buy your way into, but must instead must earn a spot in by being a top producer. In case you missed it, you can now read the whole thing here - where Alexis shares details all about her rise in real estate and other big challenges she's faced so far!


Click here to be taken to the article: Tucson Real Producers: Alexis Chavez


The Last Month Filled With Firsts

(Published on - 1/13/2022 5:01:08 AM)

Howdy everyone, 


If you are reading this blog and wondering what the Alexis Chavez Team was up to last month, you're likely already familiar with myself, the author, and in the right place. If you were Googling us, just clicked a link, or happened upon our real estate website through some other means, allow me to preface the rest of the post with this: although I have grown up in Tucson I am not, in fact, an Arizona native. So this month's post was inspired by the first-time experiences I had last month - experiences that many might consider to be common Tucson activities!


I finally got around to Mount Tumamoc Hill, to start. It began as a normal work day, with Alexis and I having a listing appointment in the afternoon and chatting over lunch before we were to head out. When I asked her what her New Year's plans were, she replied, "Maybe I'll go to Tumamoc like I did last year." So I asked her to invite me if she does, as I'd never been and heard a lot about what a good workout it can be. Suddenly I hear, "Why not today?" and "Do you have sneakers in your car??"


Turns out it was near our listing appointment and anyone who knows Alexis (or even knows OF her) knows how much she likes to exercise. "Way steeper than expected or... way more out of shape than I thought," went through my head as we trekked up the mountain hill, Alexis chatting the whole way up while I could barely gasp a reply now and then.


For anyone who hasn't gone, I will say this. If you go in the evening and you're not already out of breath when you get to the top, then the view will take your breath away. The sparkling city lights springing up into the sky and all of Tucson shimmering beneath a gorgeous, painted sunset will instantly melt away any regrets of ever agreeing to work for Alexis Chavez in the first place and ending up on this mountainside as a result. If you have any regrets, that is, and which I, of course, do not! ;)


I also finally made it around to Mr. Ans, a poppin' Asian restaurant on Oracle that I had stopped by once, but not long enough to go inside or have more than just a drink. Well let me tell you, this place is more like dinner and a show, what with the talented teppanyaki chefs. The filet mignon, lobster, and scallops were mouthwateringly succulent and the cooking style, highly entertaining. Let it be known, I did attempt to catch a piece of food in my mouth! I didn't want to and totally knew it was just going to hit me in the face, but getting out of my comfort zone is what I am all about now, since this last year getting started in real estate! And trust me, nothing feels better. (Getting out of your comfort zone, I mean. NOT talking about getting hit in the face with food)

And, finally, I went to my FIRST U of A BASKETBALL GAME!!! This might come as a surprise to some of you, especially since I did attend the U of A, but I had never been to one in person before until now. And now, I can't wait til the next one! Even if you aren't a total sports fan or you occasionally don't know what's going on (like myself), it is a completely different experience in person. You can see the communication between the players, feel the danger of the cheer squad's balancing acts, practically hear the "swish" of every ball in the net, and being part of the Wildcat crowd, it's impossible not to get swept up in the moment! How do I go back to just watching on a screen?!

Who knew I was missing out on so much? And who knows what adventures next year has in store? Nobody!!!

...except, maybe...the grand coordinator of all these activities... Alexis???

Happy 40th Birthday, Ronald McDonald House of Southern Arizona!

(Published on - 11/30/2021 12:05:41 AM)

Hey friends,


For those of you who didn't know, this year was the 40th Anniversary of the Southern Arizona Ronald McDonald House Charities, a charity we at Realty Executives AZ Territory hold near our hearts. The RMHC makes a BIG difference on families already going through a lot - they provide a place to stay, free of charge and near hospitals, for families that come to Tucson for cancer treatment for their children. Their House is a home-away-from-home for these families that are already struggling with hospital & travel bills, juggling other children & pets, all the while worrying about diagnoses, job accomodations, what to eat, and how to stay close to their child. Could you imagine?!?! That is why our team wanted to help make this anniversary extra special!


Throughout the months of October and November, we donated a portion of our commission to the RMHC with every transaction we closed. We just wanted to say thank you to our clients who, by doing business with us, help us help others!! And not just during the months of October and November. :)


We also participated in a WONDERFUL volunteer program the RMHC has, called Chef-For-A-Day. This is where groups of up to 6 vaccinated volunteers can come to the Ronald McDonald House to make dinner for the families staying there - which is a VERY do-able feat for small organizations (like the Alexis Chavez Team) to get hands-on with and take helping out to the next level! On Wednesday November 10th, Alexis, myself, and our helpful recruits made dinner for the RMHC families consisting of elevated Italian fare. Our volunteers consisted of Alexis's little brother with a big heart, Alex Chavez, and their lovely and talented friend Yamin Ostler, along with my ever-helpful best friend Paul Lackey and my sweet, first-time-volunteer boyfriend Vlad Lisetskyy. We could not have done it without them!! On the menu were three different kinds of lasagna - meat, cheese, and veggie. We also served up garlic bread and a hand-crafted salad (an Alexis Chavez signature dish) and completed our meal with strawberries and bananas covered in white, milk, and dark chocolates, a la mode. Our strategy was to split into teams of two to conquer the three lasagnas, and then meet up to tackle the sides and dessert while the main meal was baking in the oven for an hour. Cooking in the spacious, beautiful, and recently re-modeled RMHC kitchen felt like being on a cooking TV show or competition! What an amazing opportunity it was - we were even lucky enough to meet one of the families currently staying there. 



For those of you who can help out, I highly recommend participating in this fantastic program. You get to gather close friends, co-workers, and family to work as a team towards an important cause - like taking away the stress of figuring out "What's for dinner?" for a night. I included a link to their main page below and thanks for reading about our latest adventure!


Chef-For-A-Day Main Page


Your favorite Tucson Realtors,

The Alexis Chavez Team



Shiny New Website!

(Published on - 8/2/2021 5:21:47 PM)

Hi friends!


We are TOTALLY updating and revamping the Alexis Chavez website in order to keep in

even BETTER touch with you all for the busy upcoming months! Now you can check back here for the

latest Alexis Chavez Team updates AND get your real estate needs MET -- ALL in one place!!!


First up, meet the team!!

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