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(Published on - 4/5/2017 6:46:46 PM)


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Executive Feature - Dana Lazich

(Published on - 3/29/2017 5:02:31 PM)

Dana Lazich: Real Estate with a Personal Touch



Dana Lazich has always had an affinity for real estate. It was four years ago when she joined Realty Executives Integrity and decided to follow her passion into a career.  With her success in sales, it is obvious to anyone she works with that Dana choose the right path. “I don’t think I could have found another career that fits me better!” she says. Her choice makes perfect sense to those who have had the opportunity to work with Dana. They often describe her as genuine, kind, friendly, and trustworthy. These attributes are not only a benefit to her clients, but the foundation of her success.

When asked about her favorite part of real estate, it comes as no surprise to hear Dana reply, “The people! I love having the privilege of helping wonderful people buy or sell their property. The hard work involved in seeing a transaction from the beginning to a successful end is extremely rewarding to me!” Dana’s joy and passion for the industry are truly contagious as she differentiates herself from the competition by being available to her clients. “I earn my client’s trust by being proactive and providing them with the best communication. I want them to be fully involved through each step of the transaction.”

Dana spending time with her family

Dana’s work ethic, coupled with her passion to learn and improve have given her plenty of knowledge about the real estate industry. When asked about the current market conditions, Dana shares her insights, “Inventory is low right now. Homes that are in good condition and priced right are selling very quickly!”

Yet, no matter what the market conditions may be, there is no doubt that Dana’s approach to real estate is creating success for her and for her clients. When asked about the factors that have attributed to her success, Dana talks about developing relationships of trust with others. “My clients are a great referral source for me! It’s pretty simple. I give people my best service and they in turn refer me to their family and friends. My top lead generation sources come from personal referrals and by connecting with consumers on social media.”

When asked what led her to Realty Executives Integrity, Dana replies, “The flexibility and commission structure in this brokerage are far better than anything else other companies have to offer.” This allows Dana to be herself, to run her business in a way that reflects who she is, and to provide exceptional customer service to her clients.

Dana on vacation with her family

Outside of real estate, Dana’s favorite activities include cooking and spending time with family and friends. True to her humble and grateful personality, Dana reflects, “I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.” Likewise, we here at Realty Executives Integrity also believe that we are very blessed to have amazing people like Dana Lazich in our company.


For more information, visit Dana's website 

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Staff Spotlight - Lake Country!

(Published on - 3/20/2017 6:44:46 PM)


Welcome to our Lake Country Office!



Set in the heart of Lake Country, our Hartland Office is home to many Sales Executives as well as an incredible front desk team.  The moment you walk in, you are greeted by smiling faces, pleasant surroundings and soothing music. This atmosphere is cultivated by two exceptional Front Desk team members who serve our Sales Executives and their clients in this location.

Angela Riemer serves as a Front Desk Service Associates in the Hartland office. She has a hat for every outfit and a talent of taking care of the people that surround her, not only when at work but in her personal life as well.  She has been, and continues to be, an anchor for the office, a valued member of our Leadership Team and a trained Certified Marketing Executive with Realty Executives International. When asked what she truly enjoys about her role, she says “my co-workers feel like old friends and I love being able to come to work to see their smiling faces every day”. This company truly has an at home, family feel and you’ll know it the minute you walk in the door. The look on the faces of the Executives and their clients when a transaction closes is one thing that makes Angela smile, “moments like this are what make my job rewarding, because I know that I played a small part in it” she says. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family which surrounds her with love and support in her dreams and passions. A few of which are photography, DIY projects and renovations on their new house. She or her daughters are always mid creating something interesting!


Kimmy Seipel, our other Front Desk Service Associate in this location, recently told me that “the generosity that the Executives and other office members have shown me is out of this world” and it’s true. This way of being gushes from our staff and our Executives and is woven in the threads of who we are. Our front desk team embodies this generous spirit as they greet people and serve the Executives. If generosity is the thread, opportunity is the heartbeat of our company and Kimmy has been eager to grow since her start at the front desk. Having recently completed her Certified Marketing Executive training through Realty Executives International, she has the knowledge base to equip our Sales Executives in our proprietary suite of technology tools called PrimeAgent. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, boyfriend and her dog Otis.  She has also begun to pick up cooking, so be sure to swing in and ask her what her current favorite recipe is!  Kimmy is also a self-proclaimed travel bug, “I love seeing the world and what it all has to offer” she says.

The foundation of our Hartland office is a strong one that these ladies build upon every day. We invite you to stop in, say hello and share your story with us.

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Executive Feature - Pam Burki

(Published on - 3/17/2017 2:05:34 PM)

Pam Burki: An East Troy Anchor with a Passion for Helping Others


Upon first meeting Pam Burki, words like humble, sincere and wise immediately come to mind. This active community leader has been in real estate since 1990, serving East Troy and the surrounding areas with knowledge and expertise. Having opened a Realty Executives Integrity office in the East Troy community over eleven years ago, Pam found the timing could not have been more perfect. She recalls, “A friend had connected me with the Broker/Owner, Dale Schaechterle, about opening a new location in East Troy. Several acquaintances at Integrity were heavy hitters in the East Troy area and individuals in the industry who I respected and looked up to over the years.” Since that time, Pam has been the anchor of our East Troy office, serving not only as our Designated Realtor, but also a trusted member of the community.


Pam and husband, Bill

After making the transition to Realty Executives Integrity, Pam could take her business and community influence to new levels. Pam has plenty of insights to share when asked about giving back to the local community. She is constantly networking within her community by volunteering, organizing events and meeting new people. In fact, all her lead generation comes from referrals, repeat customers, and actively serving the town of East Troy. It would be a difficult task to find a member of the East Troy community that doesn’t know Pam Burki. Often at the mention of her name, you will be met with a smile and hear sentiments shared about her character and integrity.

It’s obvious how much Pam cares when you hear her specifically share what she’s involved in locally. “I have served on East Troy Chamber of Commerce Board, volunteered for community events such as ‘Corn & Brat Roast’ and ‘East Troy Bluegrass Festival’, chaired ‘East Troy Community Expo’, and our office recently was a host of artwork for the ‘1st annual Art Walk in East Troy.’ Currently, I also serve on the Chamber Scholarship Committee, the Parish Council Board for St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and the Stewardship Committee at St Peter’s.” It is quite clear that Pam’s investment to her local community and her clients are second to none. 

When asked about her favorite part of real estate, this experienced leader speaks simply and from the heart. “I love helping people! I love meeting new clients. My favorite part of working in this business is making the dreams of home ownership come true for families and seeing them grow.” Pam then adds with a bit of candor and humor, “Plus, I am very organized and kind of a control freak, so this job suits me well as I run my business on my own terms.” This heart and charm are just a few of the reasons for her incredible success in this industry.

As a local expert in East Troy, Pam understands the current market conditions better than anyone.  To this point she says, “The inventory is really low right now. This is a seller’s market! Properties are not lingering on the market for long.”


Pam Burki and her family

Always looking for a new challenge, Pam has taken up stained glass as a hobby in life. Outside of real estate, it has become her favorite activity. It makes perfect sense to those who know her best. She has always been full of energy and creativity. Pam also loves spending time with her family and you’d be likely to find her with her family, enjoying many of the local restaurants and community festivals around East Troy.


For more information, visit Pam's website

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Executive Feature - Sarah Smart

(Published on - 2/27/2017 10:17:08 PM)

Sarah Smart: A Marketing Specialist with a Wealth of Knowledge 


Sarah Smart is one of those rare individuals who could have succeeded at anything in life. But at a young age, this talented, hard-working woman from Wales, WI decided that she wanted to pursue a career in real estate.

“I think it was fate!” Sarah says, “For three generations, my family has been living in Wales, WI and my parents have always been involved in new construction. The day I was born, my dad was supposed to take the test to get his real estate license, but never made it in. Years went by. When I was in high school, my family was working with Dale's Home Selling Team to purchase land for development. While meeting with Dale, my dad told that story and within a week I had an interview to work at the front desk. I figured it would just be a temporary position while I finished school, but two years later, I got my license and sold each lot in their development!”


Sarah and her husband, Nick

Sarah’s favorite part of real estate is the freedom and flexibility to build a business around her own priorities and goals. She says, “Not many careers offer the ability for my business to complement where I am in life. This industry has allowed me to work as much or as little as I want, based upon where I am needed outside of my career. “Keeping my kids and my family is at the top of my priorities and Realty Executives Integrity has encouraged me in this.”

Not only is Sarah a hometown expert when it comes to marketing and selling homes, she also has a vast knowledge of the construction industry, title industry, finance industry, and all other services related to buying or selling a home. She is more than equipped to handle each and every scenario that may come up as part of the home buying or selling process. Sarah is friendly, sincere, and authentic, but also very detailed and systematic – allowing her to efficiently serve each client as if they are her only client.


Sarah and her family

Sarah’s involvement in the communities she serves comes naturally to her. She loves helping local business owners connect with one another by developing relationships of trust. Sarah’s vision for the importance of a having a solid foundation for local businesses to interact and support each other, has helped create a strong social media presence for local groups and businesses. Through her community efforts, Sarah’s business has been blessed in the process with a consistent network of referrals. When asked about her top three lead generation sources, Sarah smiles and replies, “referrals, referrals, referrals!”

In addition to her many other talents, Sarah is also a skillful artist. When she’s not busy with real estate or spending time with her family, she loves to collect and create. “I have a workshop dedicated to refurbishing and up-cycling garage sale and antique store items – weathered wood, rusty metal, old books, and antique cameras are some of my favorite things to work with.”

While, it is hard to keep track of all the things Sarah Smart is so talented at, we are so grateful for her dedication to her family, her clients, and her local community. It is an honor to be in the business with people like her! 

For more information, visit Sarah's website, and you can also find her on Facebook. 

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