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What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying!



“The Gundrum Group was very attentive and thorough.  They are the Best!  The Gundrum Group took care of everything start to finish, keeping me in the loop the whole time.”


Edwin and Julie

“The Gundrum Group is helpful, patient, and they work incredibly hard for their clients.  Also, every home is important to them, no matter how much it costs.”



“The Gundrum Group provides excellent service, and always kept us informed!  They are easy to work with, and willing to help in all possible areas. We highly recommend them to anyone.  They are the best we have ever worked with!”


David and Antoinette

“We greatly appreciated The Gundrum Group’s flexibility and dedication.  We can be very demanding on very short notice!  They always found a way to accommodate us without making us feel at all burdensome.  We think you call them “Grace under Pressure”.



“The Gundrum Group was in constant contact and on top of all the issues and situations to my benefit.  They are consummate professionals.  The Gundrum Group was a significant asset to me as a customer and to Coldwell Banker.”


Michael and Laura

“The Gundrum Group kept in constant contact with us throughout the sale of our home and were always quick to respond.  We felt like we were in great hands with their knowledge and professionalism.  We were so happy we had them on our side to guide us through the process!”


John and Moira

“The Gundrum Group was/is on top of everything.  They take the stress out of selling.  The personal approach and market knowledge was amazing.”



“The Gundrum Group is honest, caring, punctual, and realistic”


Jerry and Faye

“The Gundrum Group has incredible knowledge about the market.  Their eye for details and diligence in keeping us informed was great.  We interviewed three Realtors when the decision to sell our home was made.  The Gundrum Group was “heads above” the other two agents we spoke with in having researched the market and how best to market our home.  They provide valuable knowledge and advice!”


Deborah and Paul

“The Gundrum Group always got back to us in a timely manner with all of the information that we needed.  They are caring, intelligent, compassionate, professional and their approach to helping us find a home was awesome.  Their team made everything easy for us and had total control over our home purchase.”


Neil and Joyce

“The Gundrum Group was amazing.  They answered all of our questions and would return calls and emails immediately.  The team was amazing!  They really did handle everything very professionally.  The best part of the whole experience is that they made us feel comfortable with all steps.  They did a great job!”



“The Gundrum Group is professional, sharp, warm, and fun to work with!  I can’t imagine a more excellent team to work with!”


Jeffrey and Cynthia

“The Gundrum Group gave us consistent updates; they were completely up front and honest throughout the process.”


John and Claudean

“The Gundrum Team explained everything in great detail and they were a joy to work with!”


Stephen and Raquel

“The Gundrum Group is an exceptional, positive, and knowledgeable team to work with.  We look forward to working with them again in the future!”


Gary and Linda

“The Gundrum Team understood our needs and worked very well in finding what we needed in our new home.  They are Excellent!”


William and Colleen

“The Gundrum Group was great.  They kept us focused on our top priorities and they were always available, honest, and helpful with feedback.”


Vicki and Jonathon

“The Gundrum Group did a great job.  We wanted to work with a team that was honest and reliable, we couldn’t have found a better team!”


Jordan and Julie

“The Gundrum Group was simply amazing!  We truly enjoyed working with them and all the help that they provided.  The team was so accommodating and helped us with our home!”


Elizabeth and Bryan

“The Gundrum Team was great to work with and we would/will recommend them.  They were so quick on responses and were consistent and eager to get the job done!”


Kenton and Janice

“The Gundrum Group was on top of things if not above; they communicated well! They did a great job guiding us through everything.  We last moved 14 years ago and appreciated their encouragement and gentle reminders that we had to pack everything when we moved and how to improve how the home looked to sell.  The Gundrum Group knows the market, knows how best to guide people through the entire process of selling a home.  They were encouraging to us, helped advise us on improvements to make and to declutter-stage things to maximize the space.”


Patrick and Rebecca

“The Gundrum Group are excellent Realtors.  They gave great advice on both buying and selling our house.  We recommend them highly to friends and family.  We couldn’t be happier with their services.”


Gerald and Jamie

“The Gundrum Group was very professional, honest and delivered a great deal.  They were great at communicating with us.  They were also a strong advocate for us.  We truly could go on and on about how much we appreciated working with them.  They are the best!”


Nicholas and Christina

“The Gundrum Group made the process enjoyable, comfortable and unforgettable!  Their communication, efforts and knowledge all were fantastic!  We are recommending them to everyone!”



“The Gundrum Group really helped our renovation business grow to the next level – top notch!  Thanks Gundrum Group!”


Tara and James

“The Gundrum Group is excellent!  We were so spoiled with them as our Realtors.  They were fantastic!  We love them and would recommend them to anyone looking for awesome Realtors!”


Scott and Bonnie

“We would highly recommend The Gundrum Group to anyone selling or purchasing a home!”  We appreciate the personal attention and great communication!”


Neal and Melissa

“The Gundrum Group was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to present our home despite lack of furniture. We appreciated the professionalism and confidence that The Gundrum Group demonstrated throughout the process.  They encouraged the buyer to take a look at our house even though it wasn’t the ranch style she sought.  We’d work with The Gundrum Group again in a heartbeat!


Brenda and Nathan

“The Gundrum Group is great, professional, honest and great at communicating.  They went above and beyond!  They were very attentive to our needs and helped out as we had already moved to Texas.  We love The Gundrum Group and miss them!”


Wilmer and Janice

“The Gundrum Group always responded timely and in an efficient way.  They have a calm and assuring manner and gave us good guidance.  They extended themselves to be of service in every situation.  We feel confident that we were well represented.  The Gundrum Group is super!”



“The Gundrum Group was absolutely outstanding.  They were my guardian angels.  The Best!”

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