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Realty Executives Cooper Spransy

Realty Executives Cooper Spransy

Our Story


In 2006, Dan Spransy started Cooper Spransy an independent real estate company where the only realtors were the friends he had met in industries ranging from property management to insurance sales.  Their first office was located in the storage room of a mortgage company.  It was a pretty humbling beginning.  They still remember how, every time the phone rang, a nearby compressor seemed to go off at the same time.  It was almost like the two were connected to each other.  


In the time since Dan started the company, it has merged with Realty Executives and has seen the partnership change the face of the Dane County marketplace and has the intention of continuing to grow through relationships, just as we did from the start.


As a company, we believe that anyone who is willing to work hard and has a humble attitude can be a successful realtor.  We invest deeply in everyone who walks through our doors and we desire to see each realtor at our office be successful in whatever goals they set for themselves.  


Our Mission


Our mission is to empower real estate agents to be strong, independent leaders who have developed successful businesses that reflect their strengths and passions.  Our hope is that through these agents the way the real estate industry is perceived will be changed for good.  




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