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(Published on - 3/11/2019 11:37:00 PM)

Earle Shroyer attended the 60th Anniversary of the TV Show Bonanza and relives the days working with the TV Show Bonanza and the Ponderosa Caravan.  Earle shared his caravan stories with a group of over 130 Bonanza diehard fans for three days in Mesa that came in from Norway, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.  They all gathered at Lorne Greene’s former Ponderosa Ranch house in Mesa.  The very first color western TV Show “Bonanza” spanned 14 years and was aired weekly in 17 languages and still reaching around the world today to 90- countries.  Being that the show was so popular, Lorne Greene and NBC Television formed a joint venture to build a portable 2,000 SF Ponderosa Ranch House.  Earle had the privilege of helping to build this portable traveling ranch house.  The Bonanza Ponderosa Caravan had its grand opening at the Arizona State Fair in 1967, following that, the caravan toured all over the United States and even to the Calgary Rodeo and Stampede in Alberta, Canada.  Earle drove one of the 40’ semi’s that crisscrossed America from LA to Florida, San Antonio, TX north to Canada and even the Indianapolis 500 Races.  While at the Indianapolis 500, over 5,700 people toured the Ponderosa set.  On various locations the stars would join the caravan and always attract a demanding crowd.


The Ponderosa II Ranch house in Mesa is now on the historic registry.  Other guest during the Saturday night event was Rex Allen Jr.  Mitch Vogel and his wife attended the event, Mitch, an American former child actor. Having begun his professional acting career at age ten, Vogel is widely known for his role as the red-headed orphan, Jamie Hunter-Cartwright. The Ponderosa Pickers musical group from Canada


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