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Krista Bergh - Biography


I am so glad you have come to my page.  Please let me introduce myself.   


First, I am almost an Arizona native; just three years short to be exact.  This is almost unheard of because Arizona is one of those destination states that attracts millions of residents from all over the country.  People move here for many different reasons, but, let's be honest, it's really cold in the mid west and we have awesome weather!  When I was in college I used to think everyone in Arizona was from Iowa, haha!  Funny thing is, I actually ended up moving to Iowa for a few years.  I spent my childhood growing up in a small town in northern Arizona in the White Mountains.  I have fond memories of building make-believe-forts out of stacks of pine needles, riding my horse and playing kick-the-can in the street.  I love the beauty and wildlife of the mountains.  I still get to travel there quite often because my parents still live there, in the same house!!


Some of my favorite things to do is boating, traveling with my family, watching football with my husband, reading (so much information, so little time), decorating and attending church. I am also an animal lover. I have rescued more furry things than I can count.  I have one tiny little dog and two beautiful cats. Nothing compares to the most important thing in my life and that is my beauty family.  Let me brag for just a minute.  


 My oldest daughter is living in Iowa, yes Iowa, where she works as an ICU nurse at the University of Iowa   Hospital.  She also teaches Critical Care at a community college there. My son-in-law is a dental student at   the University of Iowa as well. 



 My second daughter is a florist and runs her own business, "Fig and Poppy Florals" in Jacksonville, NC.   My son-in-law is proudly serving in the Marine Corps. in special forces.  They just recently had our very first grandbaby. 


 Our youngest, our son, graduated from Thunderbird High School and then attended a very specialized 

 leadership school that serves as a gap year between high school and college, in Georgia. He is an avid   athlete and soccer player.  He is now at Grand Canyon University in pre-med and hopes to be a dentist.


Last but not least, my wonderful husband of thirty-three years.  He has been an entrepreneur for his entire adult life here in the Phoenix area.  He is also a pastor and founded KDWR 92.9 Bible Station which broadcasts a dramatized reading of the Bible 24 hours a day.  He is an excellent cook and everyone loves his happy personality.  He and I enjoy our family, first and formost, but we also enjoy buying and selling homes, watching cooking shows, and politics.


I have been living in the Phoenix area since 1978.  I can remember when the edge of town ended at Baseline and the US 60 ended at Alma School.  So much has changed.  


So, now that you know a little bit about me, what may I help you with?  


Are you bursting at the seams in need of more space since so many of us work from home now. Or, are you thinking this would be a great time to downsize?  Maybe it's time to move Mom & Dad a little closer. Does the family dog need a little more room to run. Whatever your situation is, I am confident I can help you navigate through the roller coaster of selling or buying your next home!

Please give me a call.  I would be honored to help you in any way.  


Thank you again for stopping by,

Krista Bergh





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Questions? Need Advice? Complete this form for more information.

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