EXECUTIVE SPOTLIGHT: WMW Homes, Realty Executives Saskatoon

Each year, Realty Executives International recognizes the leading Executives across our network through our annual awards program. As we celebrate 50 years of real estate excellence in 2015, we’re highlighting the achievements of some of our most successful agents, (we call them Executives) sharing important keys to their incredible productivity in real estate.

WMW_Homes-72dpiThe WMW Homes team consists of three REALTOR® teammates, Kris Miazga and brothers, Morgan Wotherspoon & Blaine Wotherspoon of Realty Executives Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. Working together since 2010, the trio has scored a host of commission-based achievements and attributes their success to keeping customer service as their top priority.  In the following interview, they tell us why Realty Executives Saskatoon was the perfect match for their entrepreneurial team culture… and share about how clients, (even as young as four years old!) continue to refer friends and family to WMW Homes.

Areas and cities served:
Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville and surrounding areas

What are your specialties and designations?
We specialize in residential real estate. Resale homes, new builds and acreage developments are our main focus.

How many years have you been in the real estate industry? How many years with Realty Executives?
The three of us have a combined 18 years of experience, with 6 years each. We have been operating as the WMW Homes team for almost 5 years with Realty Executives. Morgan Wotherspoon started with Realty Executives from the beginning of his career and his friend, Kris Miazga and brother, Blaine Wotherspoon later joined a year into their real estate careers.

Which factors most attributed to your success in 2014?
We see our real estate practice more like a relational business, as opposed to a one-time transaction based sale. We’ve developed a business plan and system for our success. Over the years we have changed the original plan, adding to it, and taking elements out as needed — all the while, maintaining growth and keeping up with the latest technology trends. Our main focus, which we rely on hugely, is customer service. We have learned from our clients that customer service is the one attribute they value the most.

Did you have an “aha” moment in life – an experience that made it clear to you that real estate was the right career path for you?
We each left our steady mainstream Monday-Friday careers, and realized that an “entrepreneurial spirit” lied within each one of us. For me (Morgan Wotherspoon) being able to work with your best friend and brother and be successful makes every single day rewarding. I (Morgan Wotherspoon) was told by a mentor of mine, “find something you enjoy and that you’re good at, and then find a way to make money doing it.” We just sincerely love what we do and are appreciative of this.

What’s your Realty Executives story? What led you to Realty Executives?
Leaving the profession of teaching, it was important for me (Morgan Wotherspoon) to choose a brokerage that cared about its people, that cared about its future and its brand. Most importantly, we looked for a brokerage that offered training, education, and coaching to build a solid foundation for a successful real estate agent. After interviewing almost all of the local brokers in the city, it became apparent, that our Broker, Wayne Zuk of Realty Executives Saskatoon, offered everything we were looking for and more. It was an easy decision.

How has your brokerage supported your success in 2014?
The team that Wayne Zuk has built at Realty Executives Saskatoon is like no other. He is one of the few brokers in the city – perhaps the only –- who isn’t a Broker/Realtor but instead, Wayne’s pure focus is about being a broker and offering education, training, coaching, and most importantly, retention. Our brokerage offers weekly sales meetings, which include up-to-date market stats and trends, the latest news, and other unique information only found at our office. Apart from this, there are weekly and monthly training sessions available to us all. Additionally, there is a huge support staff that assists in marketing and development and conveyancing that is like no other — it is a fail proof system. All of this absolutely contributed to the success of our team.

What differentiates you from your competition?
We are a team. We are always around and available, because there are three of us. You do not get just one of us – or the “team-captain-that-you-hired-but-never-ever-got-to-meet.” We have created systems that are proven by our success and we continue to learn and grow. We focus on how to best relate to our clients and our clients’ needs. Potential clients are going to buy a home with or without you — so we focus on making home buying a positive experience, one that clients will want to experience with our team.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a client?
Nothing is better than being invited back to a client’s house warming party or BBQ. This has happened on numerous occasions. To be treated like family following the transaction, there is no greater compliment.

What do you think keeps your repeat and referral customers coming back?
The thing that keeps our repeat and referral clients happy, is simply the service that we offer and consistently keeping in touch. We want to be regarded as the team people want to refer their family and friends to. We have learned to simply give them the level of service that we would want and expect. We’ve found, if you achieve this, the result you want will be there, waiting. The main thing is to be true to yourself and just be a real person, armed with the information, education, and guidance your client needs. We are not a flashy flamboyant team, and our clients respect that.

Do you have a “favorite” testimonial from a past client to share?
One of our absolute favorites came from our client, Amy Derbowka’s daughter. She was just 4 years old at the time. We always leave a “Moving Day Package” with a self-addressed return letter, asking our clients to rate our level of service. This young girl wrote, “I tell all my friends to use WMW Homes to help them find a house without monsters because my house has none.” We found out we have skills and talents above even our own imagination!

With the rise of social media, how do you see that impacting your business?
Social media has burst into the business scene in the last couple of years. For some, it has been a wonderful tool to help grow business, and that has been our experience.   But for others, it has been a horrible experience, often, career ending. We tread carefully and use it to our advantage, but definitely do not abuse it. The younger generation will give you an opportunity to voice your business on social media, as long as it is not intrusive and stays within the invisible boundaries of being “attractive and appealing to them.” This is a debatable topic and could carry on for lengthy discussion. One thing we’ve learned from others is… respect social media, it can make or break you.

Is a life/work balance something you have achieved in your career? How do you manage the demands of working in real estate?
This is something we continually strive to work on. The three of us began our careers in real estate with no children of our own. Now, each of us have two children and life has definitely changed, business has changed, goals have changed, and the importance of finding that work/life balance is forever evolving.

As award-winning real estate professionals, you’ve obviously had to work hard to achieve success. What keeps you coming back to your work in real estate, day after day and year after year?
Simply put, we love what we do. It does not feel like a “job” to us. It is hard, maybe impossible, to fake passion. If there is something our team has… it is passion for real estate.

To contact WMW Homes call 1-306-381-7178, email wmwhomes@gmail.com or visit www.wmwhomes.com

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